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I’m talking about Africa, of course, the continent surrounded by the most myths and misconceptions about them all. Some of them sound so dumb that I’m surprised so many people believe them. Africa is a huge continent – it is the second largest one on the face of the Earth by land mass, and also has the second largest population of them all (Asia is the first, as you might have expected). But there are so many other things wrong among the things people believe about it. Here’s the list.

3. Africa is a country

This is a common misconception among the average human – many think of Africa as a remote country inhabited by the ancestors of African Americans. They couldn’t be more wrong: Africa has more countries than the USA has states. Africa has 54 sovereign countries, each of them with their own governments, currencies and languages. Actually, the country has over 2, 000 spoken languages, diverse cultures, mythologies and cuisines. Besides, it also has over 1 billion inhabitants, making it the second largest continent by population.

2. All Africans are black

The term “African American” was introduced in the 1980s, referring to people living in America who are of African ancestry. This has caused a lot of Americans to think that all African people are black. But they are very wrong about this one – it’s like thinking that all Americans are Native American, with a tan skin color. Actually, many people inhabiting North Africa are of Arabic ancestry (dark skinned, but not THAT dark), while South Africa has a population consisting of all skin colors you can imagine.

1. Africa is a backward place

I’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about the development level of Africa. Most people think that it is nothing more than a big safari, with tribes living in huts, no toilets, no hotels, no power, no internet connection, nothing like that. And there are few things these people could be more wrong about.

Of course, there are still people that live in conditions you imagine, in the middle of nature, living on their own devices. But inhabitants of urban areas enjoy much the same conditions than people in the so-called “developed” nations, like broadband internet, computers, cell networks and their likes. Royal Canada in now on your mobile, and you can access it from any urban area – not only in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa. Wherever you are, you can connect to the servers of Royal Canada, play its hosts of great games and redeem its great promotions and special offers. By the way, the Royal Canada has a version aimed specifically at South African.

The latest products tech companies release might not be available in African countries on the first day – but then again, the same goes for many of the countries of Europe and Asia as well.

Africa is not as poor and underdeveloped as some of you might think. It is one of the so-called “emerging areas”, with huge, mostly untapped natural resources, and people who are hungry for knowledge and advancement.


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