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When movies, bars and restaurants become a little too familiar to fill your evenings with, it’s time to branch out and experience something new. I was in this situation in Bangkok myself recently, so I googled what to do in the evenings – I ended up taking my girlfriend to one of the most awesome shows I’ve ever been to. This sparked my interest and I promised to endeavor to see some more around the world, check out my top 5 places to see a show around the world:


1)   Broadway, New York, US:

Probably the most famous destination to see a show anywhere in the world, with more than 40 professionals theatres featuring venues with 500 seats or over. You can grab yourself a cheap ticket on the afternoon of the show by turning up to the huge white and read TKTS booth at the end of Time Square (47th street) where tickets run at 25%-50% discount, yes please! I was lucky enough to see the Lion King here a couple of years ago.

Broadway newyork

2)   London’s West End, UK:

No trip to London is complete without checking out a show in the west end. With around 15 million people attending shows each year, this place is hiving every day of the week. The West End is the most expensive place in the world to rent office space to tickets don’t come cheap, consider arranging one of your theatre breaks before you come to save some cash. I saw the Wizard of Oz here a few years ago, magical.

West End London

3)   Sydney Opera House, Australia:

The only UNESCO World Heritage Site to make it onto the list, the iconic opera house is a great place to watch any show. Located in Sydney harbor, the site alone is worth a visit but you haven’t really been to Sydney until you’ve sat in the Opera House and watched something. I saw a ballet show here in 2009, very cultured indeed (read: I had no idea what was going on). This is one of the landmark buildings across the globe, yet you can pick up tickets for as little as $15 depending on the event.

sydney opera house 4)   Siam Niramit, Bangkok, Thailand:

Not anywhere near as famous as it’s 4 contemporaries but as a Bangkok resident, and with it being the inspiration for this article, I thought it deserved a place. Located in the centre of Bangkok, Siam Niramit is a state-of-the-art 2000-seat theatre, open every day, presenting one of the world’s largest stage productions. It comes complete with waterfalls and rives on stage, truly breathtaking and it runs every day. Tickets run around $30. You can purchase them online.

Siam Niramit 5)   La Scala de Milán, Italy:

Built on the former site of settlement of the church of Santa Maria alla Scala is the most famous opera house in the world, an unmissable landmark in the visit to Milan. 
It has represented many of the most famous operas of all time. Each year, the seasons start on December 7th, try to book tickets in advance, La Scala is predictably popular.

La Scala Milan

I’m no theatre expert, far from it, but if you’re in the area of any of these five places – try to check them out. They’re part and parcel of a trip to any of the cities, and they’ll be a memory you’ll always cherish. Happy travels!


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