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A holiday is the perfect time to relax and unwind, with trips away helping us recharge our batteries so we can handle the stresses and strains of everyday life when we return home.

Holidays have been proven to help your heart stay healthy and improve mental health, but it’s now possible to take that to a whole new level.

Healthy holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years, giving travellers the opportunity to re-energise themselves in some beautiful locations around the world.

Read on for our top five recommendations for healthy holiday destinations.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Visit Lanzarote in February to enjoy a relaxing retreat with ‘breath guru’ Alan Dolan.

You’ll learn all about the art of ‘conscious breathing’, helping you unlock the full potential of your lungs to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

Visit before you travel to boost your budget and get the most out of your 5-star accommodation which is arranged around a sheltered private pool.

Soak in the hot tub after your breath sessions and enjoy the stunning sunsets around one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Big Sur, California

Big Sur is widely recognised as one of the best healing places in the world, and the Post Ranch Inn is the perfect location to enjoy a healthy holiday.

Featuring organic architecture and eco-sensitive rooms with ocean or mountain views, this is an absolutely breathtaking destination.

Free activities include yoga and stargazing, and the acclaimed spa has shamanistic services including illumination, soul retrieval and fire and drum ceremonies.

Ponte a Moriano, Italy

Top yoga practitioners Adam Husler and Emma Henry host yoga classes, workshops and relaxation sessions during a week of wonderment in Tuscany, Italy.

The private estate is surrounded by the Pizzorne Mountains and features four luxury villas with three swimming pools, olive groves and stunning gardens all adding to the experience.

Take a trip to Florence and Lucca or enjoy vegan feasts under the moonlight, or simply stay around Ponte a Moriano to enjoy the relaxed Italian lifestyle as it’s meant to be.

Himalayas, India

Head to an Ayurveda retreat during India’s magical monsoon season – it’s the ideal time to enjoy cleansing ‘Panchkarma’ therapies.


The moist air and cooler climate helps to loosen the skin, improves digestion and boosts blood circulation.

The 100-acre destination spa perched above the Ganges river valley offers private yoga and meditation sessions, engaging talks on Vedic philosophy and meals designed specifically for your body shape.

Costa Brava, Spain

Perfect for yoga holidays, Pi Blau is a beautifully designed eco-villa that is situated just a 10-minute stroll from the stunning Costa Brava coastline.

The studio floods with light, and large folding doors bring the outdoors inside, allowing you to connect with the surrounding environment.

Visit Figueras to see the Salvador Dali museum or simply unwind in one of Europe’s finest healthy holiday destinations.


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One thought on “Top five recommendations for healthy holiday destinations

  1. Hi Johnny
    I’ve never been to Ponte a Moriano in Tuscany.
    I like Yoga and I follow your website a lot.
    I think I’ll take a trip. So I also see Florence.
    Thanks so much

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