Travel Shows to Consider During COVID

With COVID, a lot of people don’t feel so comfortable with travelling right now! However, we still feel the need to escape from home even if it’s for a little bit. So what about shows that allow you to experience the feel of travel from your own home? 

The following are some TV series that I would definitely recommend for those who want to experience the feeling of travel but without actually traveling. 

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: 

This documentary explores the beautiful landscapes of America and the stories behind the preservation of the national parks. It involves almost two centuries of history, including stories of both public figures and unknown people who worked hard to ensure that these parks are protected. Narrated by Peter Coyote and directed by Ken Burns, this mini-series features beautiful footage of the American national park system from Acadia to Gates of the Arctic in Alaska. I definitely appreciated the hard work that went into protecting these parks so that everyone can enjoy them, not just the rich. 

The Layover:

Who doesn’t love traveling? But what if it’s with a sense of urgency like you only have 24 hours?  This is the vibe that’s seen in Anthony Bourdain’s show, The Layover. This food and travel show explores what a traveler can do, eat, visit, and sightsee in a time span of 24 to 48 hours. If you’re a fan of Bourdain’s work, you’ll love to see him interact with the locals and try out different delicious cuisines in the world’s greatest cities. Definitely watch out for the episode in Taipei, where Bourdain visits the world’s second tallest building along with the Taiwan night market.  

Conan without Borders:

I think Conan O’Brien is a really entertaining character. If you’re a fan of Conan O’Brien’s hilarious antics, you’ll love this show.  Here, late-night show host Conan O’Brien travels to different regions of the world and engages with the locals in his unique comedic style.  One of the best episodes would definitely be “Conan in Cuba” because this is the first time an American late-night host aired a show from Cuba in 50 years. And Conan really lets his humor shine in this episode. If you like to see Conan really thrive, you might want to see the episode where he “rents a family in Japan.” It’s pretty funny and also makes you appreciate the cultural differences in the world. 

Gordon Ramsays’ Uncharted:

Whether or not you like Gordon Ramsay, this show is pretty intriguing. Chef Ramsay travels around the globe to meet up with local people at remote locations. There he learns about their native cuisines and culture and also harvests new ingredients. Then, he helps the local chefs cook dishes for the indigenous people, and this time, it’s he who has to work hard to impress people. It’s pretty fun to see him going on all these adventures while still making amazing dishes. Some of the interesting things I’ve seen in the show are hunting for eels with bare hands or harvesting cactus worms. 

Dark Tourist:

This documentary series from New Zealand revolves around the concept of dark tourism. Dark tourism involves visiting places associated with tragedy. This is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is something worth giving a watch at least once.  With David Farrier as the host, we see him travel to different locales such as his trip to Mexico where a cult worships death or his trip to a bizarre museum that links Michael Jackson with the Nazis. It definitely features things that are a bit out there, but might just tickle your fancy!

Expedition Unknown:

If you don’t like the macabre tone from “Dark Tourist,” but love a sense of adventure, you might like “Expedition Unknown.”  Viewers follow archeologist Josh Gates in this travel documentary as he explores mysteries and legends around the world. In one episode, he’s searching for buried Nazi treasure and encounters undersea relics from World War II.  In another episode, he channels his inner Indiana Jones and searches for the famous Ark of the Covenant. So yes, if you love the vibe of Indiana Jones, you might like the antics of Gates in this documentary. 

Street food:

Street food can be delicious! This documentary features footage of street food from around the globe and the stories behind their creation. The first volume explores Asia. In Thailand, they show interesting dishes like Crab Meat Omelette or Hand-Pulled Egg Noodles. In Taiwan, you can see dishes like Fish Head Casserole or Tofu Pudding. The second season focuses on Latin America and we see Fresh Fruit Waters or Grilled Beef Hearts.  I like this show because it emphasizes the importance of street food in local cultures.

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