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Travelling Without Money

If you would ask anybody to state one of their hobbies, most would tell you travelling. We all love and desire to travel the world. Strangely, most people believe travelling is expensive: the thought that you can travel to any place when you have money. Lack of money seems to be the main universal reason that holds people from travelling. However, you do need to have money to travel. Some people like Heidemarie Schwermer from Germany have lived in caves for more than 17 years without touching a penny. Naturally speaking, the free-money world is a free-debt world. Therefore, it is possible to survive and do anything without money, leave alone travelling.

The tips on how to travel without money are addressed in this paper. We all tend to choose to do things that demand little efforts in our lives like how a student would go to freelancing sites to seek dissertation writing help because it demands a lot of effort and time. Travelling is nothing different to student’s effort to find help: dedication, more effort, good strategy and time are the necessary ingredients. There are more lessons to learn from the obscure cult of benevolent deviants who live without money since the contemporary generation have been brought up with deep-rooted values that moneyless creed is barely a radical. There is a need for us to change the attitude towards the idea of money to change the assertiveness towards travelling.

Tips for Travelling Without Money

   A well-organized and planned travelling is easier even without money than living. If you recall our ancestors didn’t have money but they travelled across continents. The methods of propulsion for travelers requires just food, shelter and moving ground, no money. Discussed below are some of the best tips for travelling without money:


  • Shelter with locals or in hostels for free


   With little skills and ideas, one can exchange with a place to shelter on in a hostel. The idea of paying with money is gradually being put in the past. The worldPackers, for example, would allow you free accommodation in exchange for skills like web design, wall painting and any other innovative idea.  In addition, there are websites such as that have generous people who would offer to host you for free.


  • Walking


   A natural and totally moneyless means of travelling is walking. Walking keeps one active, fit and healthy at the same time, exploring new places. In addition, walking gives one a chance to interact with nature and talk to locals. Just imagine being lost in a narrow street: you get to see places you wouldn’t see and experience local cafes.


  • Look for a job in overseas


   If you desire to enjoy the beauty of travelling and at the same time building a career, then landing a job abroad is the way. There are many jobs are incredibly remote friendly such as WorkAway or offering tutoring services through provisions like Preply. 


  • Do homework research on how to find free food


   According to research, there are many ways to obtain free food while travelling. Look for the tips on how to find free food from the journals and articles published from the internet and bloggers. In addition, one can also ask for more food at a restaurant and other clients who are likely to throw surplus food away. Another means of getting free food is walking through an organic farm where one can gather the fruits and vegetables that are consumed directly. You should be cautious about the organic you pick to eat on your way because some are poisonous. You can also help on those farms for the exchange for food and shelter from the farmers.

   Travelers from various part of the world have experienced at one point or another moving from one point to another without money. Some have shared their experience through testimonials and websites, for example, Liftsurfer website has been a promising factor for travelers who reside in America, Canada and Australia. It is objectively designed for travelers and offers a feature that allows one to post their ride and experience. A number of people who have travelled without money include Heidemarie Schwermer from Germany.

   Heidemarie Schwermer makes trips from continent to continent to attend conferences and give a talk to others about her lifestyle. She confessed that she always find a means to travel for free of freights on trains in Austria country. Here, a man is allowed to take on individual with him and pay for the ticket because he is blind or nearly blind. Heidemarie would take that opportunity and help the man with an interesting talk to keep him happy. The same applies in Germany. She would ask for tickets with promotional free rides or ask around for any blind man that needs her assistance.

   Another interesting person who enjoys moneyless travels is Daniel Suelo. Suelo trusts his instincts and asks for rides along the way, even if it is just for a mile. The instances he has felt unsafe are when the drivers were intoxicated on school and drugs, but his age and size would give him advantage and confidence. Suelo narrates that he uses the sign to get a ride: a sign on the road to signal the drivers that he needs help. He would carry a sign until a point he could not if it was easier to use it or not. He recommends accepting any ride if you are up for the challenge to travel without money.

   The above individuals among many others have proven to the world that money is not the prime factor for travelling. The notion that one will travel the world if he or she gets money should be a point to dust. It is a good experience to try something new. Besides travelling without money can be fun and enjoyable. There are many ways to earn free tickets. Travelling provides a good experience, for instance, you can be able to learn the cultures of local people, taste different food and be able to interact with nature. Nevertheless, one will be able to gain experience and build their career from observing what is happening in other places. All these do not necessarily require any amount of money: it needs commitment and effort.


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