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There are many travel shows on television, and they can even be split into different genres. Everyone can benefit from watching travel shows as they allow you to see into another culture. You can even watch travel TV to help get you prepared and motivated for your own vacation travel plans.

Here are three types of travel shows and how they can help get you motivated for your own trip, whether you’re going across the country or across the world. There are endless types of these shows out there. Some will help you decide where you want to go and some will help you know where you don’t want to go!


There are many great travel food shows. Three of the most popular include Bizarre Foods, No Reservations and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Travel food shows will help you find out what you’ve just got to try wherever it is that you are travelling to. Bizarre Foods may also help you steer clear of certain foods, depending on how adventurous your palette is.

Food shows like these take the worry out of where you’ll eat because their adventurous hosts try the food before you have to! Andrew Zimmern will make sure that you don’t eat any strange animal parts, unless you really wanted to. In Bizarre Foods he eats all of the things that most people are afraid to touch.


Depending on what kind of a vacation you are planning, you may want to watch some travel adventure shows, such as Dual Survival. With survival shows you can experience what it will be like if you are going on an adventurous camping or hiking trip. You’ll learn a little something on what you need to survive in the wild, whether it’s cold or hot out.

If your adventure is taking you to a certain place, such as Alaska, you may want to check out shows that revolve around that particular state, or whatever stets, country or island you’re planning on visiting.

Where To Stay

If you take some time to research travel shows you will find some that share with you the best places to stay. Say you want to go on a haunted adventure, you can check out Haunted Hotels and find the perfect place to get spooked.

OK, you can find places that aren’t haunted in which to stay too. But wouldn’t it be fun to stay in a haunted house, just once? It’s not for everyone. You may prefer a cute bed and breakfast or a giant hotel with a casino. Watching travel shows revolving around your planned place to visit can help you pick the perfect bed to rest your head on.

Your options are completely endless if you have a great cable or satellite package, especially one that consists of the Travel Channel.  Direct TV service in California has great options for sports programming as well, and there are variations of the listed satellite packages for most major cities. These services and packages can help you find the travel shows you need in order to plan the perfect vacation.



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