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It’s a face that we now live in an upwardly mobile world where a great deal of time is spent online carrying out those tasks in seconds that would have taken us out of our way not so long ago, yet, surprisingly it still feels as if there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything we want to, and that can be doubly amplified around this time of year.

In fact, if you took a few minutes to think about what life was like before we could dip into our pockets or bags for our smartphones, and how much time we spent organising ourselves so we could nip to the bank or to the stores in our lunch breaks?

Now we can keep up with family and friends on numerous social media sites, we can carry out our banking, browse and shop for goods and services online, we can even source our entertainment whether that is watching YouTube or playing at one of the high end Boku casinos in the UK the choice is there, and at any time and at anyplace you would like (as long as there is an internet connection.)

Actually, it was the gambling industry that was one of the first to see the whole advantage of going mobile as the industry has always been in the forefront when talking about new technologies and pioneering innovative ideas. Put that foresight together with more rigorous controls over the gambling sector, where online casinos must be licensed and adhere to the Gambling Commissions rules and regulations, and what we end up with is an environment where we can enjoy ourselves, experience some casino action, and all in an environment that is both safe and secure.

Mobile online gambling has proven to be so popular that there are now more people having a bet or a wager on their favourite games using their mobiles than those that use their desktops or lappys. A major factor in this mobile explosion is the very nature of the smartphone and the way that many casino games have been fully optimised for the smaller screen.

Not only can we enjoy games that are fully immersive using our mobile devices, we can also pay for those games using our phone bills. Being able to do this is again, another step towards being fully mobile.

Another great benefit of using your phone to pay for your games is that you can keep an eye on what you spend as the daily limit is currently £30, unlike major credit cards which can be upwards of £500.

Using your phone to pay for games either having the total added onto your monthly contract bill or deducted from your pay as you go balance is convenient, safe and totally secure as you do not have to give the casino site any banking details at all…you don’t even have to have a bank account!

Today our lives are about options, and our choices, including how we spend our leisure time, and within those choices having as many ways to pay for them is just as important as any other aspect of our mobile lives, so be wary of any site that only offers a few.



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