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Iceland is an interesting place, in fact it is a really interesting place. I am compelled more and more to go there after speaking to people about their amazing experiences there. One friend in particular had the most amazing time, seeing unbelievable things and only after showing me the pictures I thought: why haven’t I been there already? I can’t be your Iceland travel guide , but here are just some of the reasons that I would love to visit Iceland.

The Northern Lights

The extreme darkness that occurs during the winter in Iceland has one special perk and this is the Northern Lights, which is also known by its Latin name aurora borealis. From September to April Iceland has the most amazing sight to be seen in the form of colourful lights that are normally green in colour, but can range anywhere from red, blue to violet. These lights are formed due to particles emitted by the sun after solar explosions and usually only occur in areas of high latitude , for example the Arctic and Antarctic.

The lights are never guaranteed to be seen at any given time, however there are individuals who are skilled in tracking the lights and knowing certain locations that it may occur based on different atmospheric conditions. The best places to see the lights are outside of any area with a significant amount of light pollution, Reykjavik being the prime example, but it is also possible to see it within the city.

The wilderness and landscape

Over a third of the 300, 000 people living in Iceland live in the capital city of Reykjavik, making it one of the least densely populated places in the world and this for a very good reason. Most parts of Iceland are practically uninhabitable due to the cold conditions and rugged landscape, and this makes for a unique landscape filled with mountains, ice caves, fjords and lava fields.

Iceland truly is one of the most untouched places in the world as a result and the beauty has been preserved throughout the ages, this makes exploring these wonderful places even more worthwhile and an Iceland road trip would be a great option for seeing these things. Many friends hired or bought cheap cars and simply hit the road and saw things that most people will never dream of seeing in their lives.

Geothermic pools

Something about being in a cold place in a warm body of water has always been something that has always appealed to me and it seems that the Icelandic people tend to agree. They fully take advantage of the naturally heated water in various locations around the island and it has become a tradition of theirs over a long period of time, this is evident in the number of public pools in the country.

One of the most amazing and famous places to experience geothermic water is the Blue Lagoon on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which is close to Reykjavik. Many people see a health benefit in visiting geothermic pools and spas, on the other hand others believe that embracing the cold water can also be beneficial and there are a number of Icelanders that like to brave the cold water on a regular basis.


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2 thoughts on “Why I Want To Visit Iceland

  1. Iceland is a very hot (pardon the pun) destination. So is Cuba. Hey, if someone from Iceland and cuba had a baby would it be an ice cube? Anyway, best wishes for happy travels.

  2. I really really want to go to Iceland as well. And especially for the Northern Lights.
    My mum went there a while back and she called it one of the most amazing countries she’s ever been to. I’ll get there one day! 🙂

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