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Flying long haul and arriving raring to go rather than feeling like you’ve got the mother of all hangovers is an art form that most of us have yet to master. But now that I’ve done my fair share of travelling, I can just about step off a ten-hour flight straight and go straight into full explorer mode with some ease.  

Which is why I want to share with you my top tips on what essentials to pack and how to stay to prepared for all in-flight eventualities.


So, what to pack?

An eye mask is a must for obvious reasons while a big, oversized hoodie of some kind is perfect for wrapping up. Nobody wants to be that person that flies back from the Maldives shivering in a kaftan: leave the holiday behind and protect you and your tan from that savage air con.

On the theme of clothing, it’s amazing what a pair of cashmere socks or large scarf can provide in terms of comfort. A scarf is something I’ve learnt to carry with me at all times whilst travelling – it has endless uses. It can act as an eye mask, head wrap, fashion accessory and even as a makeshift handkerchief or towel.

Entertainment-wise, you can’t always rely on in-flight films, which is why it’s best to come prepared with a pre-downloaded series or movie, whilst books and podcasts will help you to switch off before you try get to sleep. I also can’t highly recommend zen-inducing apps like Headspace – just what you need after any airport stress.

Headphones may seem a given, but it’s amazing how many times I’ve forgotten these in the past. The scratchy material of the plane standard issue ones is not something your ears want to endure for 6 hours.

Next up is industrial level wax earplugs. If you’re one of those who gets grumpy if you can’t sleep – these are your life line. Though most airlines will give you complementary earplugs, I’ve never found them to be useful at blocking out all noise and snapping at the guy laughing hysterically behind you is never a great way to start your holiday.

Last up is coconut oil. In-flight aircon has the habit of zapping any moisture from your face and hands, which is why it’s important to moisturise and hydrate. This all-round multitasker can be used on the face, skin, hair, as a lip balm and makeup remover. Also use on your dry spots, sunburns and cuticles to keep them feeling nourished.

What to load up on…

Snacks, how could I leave this one out? I don’t know about you, but I don’t just get hungry, I get hangry when I got too long without food. So if you’re a picky eater and reheated lasagna isn’t your thing, a stash of snacks will see you through the long flight with ease. Nuts, granola bars or dried fruits make healthy, mess-free options.

I also recommend buying a nutrient-packed thick green juice to take on the plane. It will up the vitamin C levels before you get seated next to a coughing and spluttering anonymous other and have you feeling fresh and revitalised for the long journey ahead.

On this line of thought, I always like to feel well before I fly, never sluggish or groggy, which is why I lastly recommend to start taking supplements in the week up to your flight. It’s no secret that the conditions of a crowded airport or plane cabin help to spread cold and flus, which is why elderberry supplements are an excellent preventative measure against illness whilst travelling. I also recommend Rhodiola, also known as Rhodiola rosea. This botanical supplement will help you feel more alert, decrease stress and improve your mood – sounds like the perfect travel companion to me.

So there you have it. Do you have any other flying tips? If so share them in the comments below.



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