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If you don’t have any sort of travel candles/car scents in your vehicle then you need to go out and get one now! You simply have no idea how they can make driving around in your car so much better and much more enjoyable for you, you know all those funny odours that sometimes raise their horrible heads? Well with the right car scent that can all be a thing of the past. There’s nothing better than that first week when you buy a new car scent because every time you open the door you are happy with yourself and know that you made the right choice.

Here are my 5 reasons why we should have buy a scent for our car or family vehicle:

Small and convenient

One of the best things about car scents is that they are very small and will sit perfectly inside nearly every cup holder in cars. So there’s no headache wondering where you should put it or trying to force it into a free space within the car. The best part about them sitting in the cup holder is that you don’t have anything hanging from your mirror.

Long lasting

They might be small but boy do these little things last a long time! On average they will usually last for around 60 days but some may even be longer than that!

Lots to choose from

No matter what your nose prefers you will definitely be able to find the scent that suits you best. There are so many different fragrances for you to choose from that the issue isn’t finding one you like but choosing one you like the most.

Strength is up to you

You can choose just how strong you want the scent to be, this is made possible by the different lids and containers that the scents come in. So you will never be too overwhelmed by the scent unless you want to be!

Great value

The smell that these small scents provide is absolutely fantastic and makes them such great value for money. You can pick them up for such a bargain that I am sure you will never be without one in your car, ever!

If you’re ever planning a road trip or driving long distances then you should always pick up a car scent before you leave. The difference it makes is absolutely amazing!


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