Traveling the world sounds scary, I remember that feeling all too well. The most difficult thing is booking those tickets and committing. After that, it’s all amazing people, beautiful countries and new friends.

I’ve been traveling full-time for pretty much a decade, I’ve been in too many hotels, airports, bars, police stations and hospitals to count. I’ve made the mistakes so you guys don’t have to.

I reply to every email I get too, so if you want to message me via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, that’s cool too

Here are some resources and website to help you out:

Websites I use all the Time


Wikitravel Maybe my favourite travel resource of all time. It's not as sexy as Lonely Planet but it's super helpful. No matter how obscure the place you're going, this site will have your back. I check it literally before I go anywhere.
Lonely Planet Forum This forum reminds me i'm not the only person doing epic things around the world. The forum is full of amazing tips and tricks to get around the trickiest travel problems. Visas, routes, advice, it has everything.


Momondo Momondo kinda changed my life. I used to use the same old flight search engines that everyone else used, them someone showed me these guys. They also show budget airlines from countries, meaning you can really save your money.
Skyscanner The old faithful, worth a check before going over to


Travel Insurance One word. Hey Mondo (LINK). Don't ever travel without travel insurance. I should know, I used to do it until it cost me big! Now, with new start-ups, it's so cheap. I recommend using Hey Mondo. You can do single trip for a quick break, or a yearly multi-trip (that's what I do)
The Best Digital Nomad Insurance Travel insurance can be a nightmare. Fighting with paperwork, companies telling you you've been overseas too long etc. SafetyWing doesn't play those games. Proper coverage for all travelers. Boom.

Exchange Rates Been around since the dawn of the internet! Make sure to check with before you start switching currencies on the street in your new country. Oh, and get the app on your phone, so good. It's exchange rate perfection!


AirBnB Fed up of hotels and hostels? AirBnB has taken the travel world by storm with people renting out snazzy apartments for super cheap prices! If you don't use it yet, you should be. Check it out.
Agoda Asia's best place to book your hotels. Super cheap rates (like 5* hotels for $60!), and you earn points on your stays so you'll be staying for free quite a lot too. Doesn't get much better than that. If you want to rank hotels, is a winner. Sort by price, location, ratings. It's been around forever, and does a lot of things well.
Couchsurfing I used Couchsurfing a lot in my twenties when I was broke and traveling, and I use it to this day to meet locals rather than stay with them. But crashing on a locals couch, or spare room, for free is pretty amazing.
Hostelworld A lot of pretenders but there is only one portal to book your hostels through, and it's these guys. They have the biggest selection of hostels in the world, really user friendly site and app, AND they're Irish.


I to I Tefl In an ideal world, you'll do your TEFL diploma in person (CELTA or Trinity are best), but if you want a back-up qualification that will qualify you to teach English around the world, do it online, cheaply with these guys, they're legit.
Help X Work for your bed. Basically a site where you apply to do whatever work is required of you in exchange for room a board, an amazing way to travel on a tight budget for a long time, and some crazy experiences to be had.
Workaway The same as Help X, it's tough to say which is better, try them both before you agree to work anywhere, there could be better options on either.
Daves ESL Cafe The daddy of English teaching websites. If you want to teach English ANYWHERE, spend 1 hour on here and you'll have a job in Nicaragua, Korea or Japan in minutes. Unbelievable but true!
How to Work on A Cruise Ship (wandering earls affiliate, cool book A great guide to how to work on cruiseships from a great guy and a top travel blogger, Wandering Earl. If you want to try something new, working on a cruise ship, travel and making money is a dream!


Bluehost Starting a blog can be complicated, hosts/servers/FTP. Confusing i know! Bluehost allow you to buy your domain, pay the monthly rental fees and design your blog all in one place. And they're cheap.
AWeber If you have a blog, or a website, you need to collect your readers emails. It's the best way to connect with them personally, and in the future if you want to make money blogging, this is key, trust me.


Compare and Choose A popular campervan rental search site which provides you with all you need for your favourite road trip, with locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and many other locations around the globe.
Be a Globe Trooper is an online portal that discusses and helps travelers around the world find places, flights, and fun things to do. Our travel guide such as the Bali Indonesia guide provides information and tips for traveling and other details.

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