Here are some of the travel tips i’ve learned the hard way through various scams, stupidity and general lack of common sense – i hope they help you avoid the mistakes I made along the way…

It is more easy to be wise for others than for ourselves ~ François Duc de La Rochefoucauld

7 Tips for Working On An American Summer Camp

OK, so having worked at 3 summer camps in America over the years and having unforgettable times, meeting unforgettable people and seeing unforgettable things – I want to impart onto you some of the hard earned knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years… READ MORE

16 FAQs About Teaching English Overseas

I’ve had a bash at thinking about all the questions I had when I was about to set off teaching english in Thailand and South Korea – so here are the answers (most of which I learned the hard way :S ) If you have any more questions, just email me at  johnny ‘AT’ onestep4ward.comREAD MORE

5 Tips for Cheap Travel in China

Cheap travel in china,   the forbidden city China is a great place to backpack in especially if you are traveling on a budget (like me!) but you still have to watch those dollars because Beijing and Shanghai will take them from just as quickly as London or New York. So from the months I have spent in China here are a few tips to help you navigate… READ MORE

What is a TEFL C ourse Exactly?

So you want to teach English overseas, you want to travel the world while you work, you want to live in far flung and exotic countries, you want to enhance your CV and learn a language, you want to have a host of small Asian children running around with an Irish accent (OK that bit’s just me)…  READ MORE

5 Tips to Help you Barter

cash when you travel

So as you make your way around the world it is inevitable that you will find yourself bartering for pretty much everything you need to buy – accommodation, taxi rides, generic touristy goods that we all seem to fill our rucksacks with! Sure, it can be part of the fun but you don’t want to get taken for a cash rich tourist now do ya?!? Here are 5 tips that you should try to keep at the forefront of our mind the next time a local…  READ MORE

5 Tip to Save Money On Food When You’re Travelling

delicious seafood in MozambiqueIf you’re on a long backpacking trip then naturally eating 3 times a day will take its toll on your bank balance. My initial solution to this was simply not to eat 3 times a day, but excessive weight loss and pain-inducing hunger soon lets you know that’s not a sustainable solution! It was time to think of some more effective (and less rudimentary) solutions to this – so here they are… READ MORE

10 Things to Pack When You Travel

cheap backpackIt’s always a huge dilemma – you’ve got all the stuff you want to bring placed on your bed at home, you stare at it then glance at your tiny rucksack, then back at your bed and back at your rucksack once more…. Nope, it’s just not gonna fit! So, in an attempt to refine the arduous task of packing your backpack – here is a list of things that you absolutely, categorically, unconditionally should… READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost To Go Traveling?

how much does it cost to travel?I must have googled this 100 times before I first set off traveling in 2006 and only now, 4 years and 50 countries later, do I feeling truly qualified to answer it categorically. The  answer is reassuringly simple –  not as much as you think! I know, I know–you want cold hard figures so I’m going to try to give a quantified answer in the most rudimentary way possible for one sample gap year trip. READ MORE

How Much Does it Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro?

climbing kilimanjaro on a budget Africa’s highest peak (5895m) and the highest free-standing mountain in the world, climbing ‘Kili’ is a huge highlight of any trip to East Africa. I’m going to dispel a few of the myths about the costs involved and give you all the lo-down on how much it costs to climb Kili on a tight budget.I guess everyone here wants to climb Kilimanjaro on a budget so let’s get down to business: How much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro?… READ MORE

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