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I run adventure trips to places your mum told you not to visit, and also charity trips through my GiveBackGiveAway foundation

Socotra Island, Yemen

Feb 19 - Feb 26, 2020


Oct 6 - Oct 17, 2019

Syria + Lebanon

Oct 18 - Oct 24, 2019
Nov 16 - Nov 22,2019


Oct 27 - Nov 9, 2019

Dominican Republic

Jan 19 - Jan 28, 2020

Sri Lanka

March 1 - 13, 2020

Uganda & Rwanda

July 26 - Aug 5, 2020


Sept 6 - Sept 17, 2020

Join me!

If you ever dreamed of visiting destinations like Iraq or Syria but don’t know how. Or perhaps pushing yourself to climb Japan’s highest peak for charity? Or getting your hands dirty and helping us build a clinic, playground or dormitory for a rural community, then join me! I run 2 types of trips throughout each year with a different take

1. Adventure trips

Run through my blog, these are the kind of trips you don’t tell your family about until AFTER you come home! Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. You name it, we’ll go there. Syria is coming up in October, and then Yemen, Kashmir, and Somalia are on the list for 2020. Also, I run a few trips with my mum here too, showing that age is just a number. If my 70yo mum can do it, nothing stopping you – we’re kicking that off with climbing Mount Fuji in Japan, in July.

2. Charity trips

We created in 2015 and since then we’ve built schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, dormitories and clinics across Senegal, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, India and beyond. With trips to Ethiopia, Jordan, Bali and Nepal planned for 2019, the trips are just getting better and better. Join us.

16 people. Baghdad, Iraq!

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