Pakistani Kashmir, the Karakoram Highway and into Chinese Urumqi ROUND 2!

EDIT BY JOHNNY* – WOAH OK ok, you guys REALLY want an adventure in Kashmir huh?! The first trip sold out before I could even release it! So we’re doing it again, the BEST TRIP ON THE MARKET. Sign up quick before we sell out again 🙂

Literally, the coolest trip I’ve ever put together. A trip I’ve wanted to do for years and finally it’s happening. And also the only trip like this that exists online. Come and visit Pakistan, help fund a clinic for in a community in Sialkot, meander through the mountains of Kashmir, road trip through the ancient silk road Karakoram Highway and cross the world’s highest border crossing at the Khunjerab Pass into China, ride a train across Xinjiang and finish up in Urumqi, China. Unreal. June/July 2024, put it in the calendar!

I’m running this through our charity, Mudita Adventures as the original plan stemmed from supporting a local NGO in Pakistan that we know. So the trip will begin in Lahore, Pakistan. From here, we’re going to be funding a clinic pop-up in Sialkot, where by coming with us you’ll be funding the project.

From there we fly into maybe the most beautiful place in the world, The Pakistani section of Kashmir (Gilgit-Baltistan). We’ll be road tripping through the most majestic views you’ve ever seen, in the Pakistani Himalayas. Making our way towards the world’s HIGHEST border crossing, the Khunjerab Pass. We’ll cross into China and have another epic adventure in a part of China that few foreigners every venture. From Kashgar, night train across the country, lakes and mountains, finishing up in Urumqi. Even writing this is giving me goosebumps.

The trip of a lifetime. Simple as that. I’ll go into more details below, and then you guys can sign up. It will sell out 100000%. So be quick.


TLDR? You can book here:

If you’re keen to join, read more of the info below:

The Charity Part

As some of you guys know, one of my best buddies and I run a charity where we use travel to give back to grass-roots organisations in developing communities. We’ve been doing this for 6 or 7 years now, and donated over $250,000 with this method. You can see some of our work HERE. This Kashmir/China adventure also came about through our contacts in Pakistan, who we pledged to help.

They come from a small community in Sialkot, 2 hours from Lahore. They struggle with their funding, but they spend every last cent on projects from sanitation and working toilets, to pop-up medical clinics and dormitories.

By joining our trip, you’ll be funding one of their projects and we’ll go and visit that project before we set off into Kashmir. Right now, 9 months out, it’s looking like being a pop-up clinic in the mountains. We’re also seeing if we can afford to install functioning toilets for the community too. So thank you so much for joining us, it allows this to happen.



Karakoram Highway time. After the group visits our project site that you’ve funded, you head back to Lahore and the hard-core adventure begins. You’ll fly into Pakistani Kashmir, and get ready for the most epic views of our lives. If you don’t know this place, google image it. It’s insane. And it’s untouched. You’ll road trip all through it, and it’s going to be unreal.

Kashmir, as a region, has a tough past. It’s disputed territory, and is now split between India and Pakistan. You’ll be in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, which in my opinion is the most beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful region on the planet.


China and the world’s highest border

After 5 days in Kashmir, you’ll slowly make our way to the Khunjerab Pass, the world’s highest border at a CRAZY 15,397 ft, 4,693 m. You ride the Karakoram Highway right across the border and continue onto Kashgar.

As you make our way into China you explore another untouched region in Xinjiang Province. Lakes, monks, and then a (whisky-fulled) night train across the country until you pull into Urumqi for some well-earned comfort at the end of our trip.

Khunjerab pass
Khunjerab pass, the world’s highest border crossing

Pakistan, Kashmir and China Itinerary

The trip is 12 Days and 11 nights. We know that people are busy and life is stressful, but this place is so amazing that we can’t make it any shorter. Simple as that. Each day is a whole new adventure. I almost broke it into 2 trips – Kashmir and then China. But honestly I don’t want anyone to miss any of it, so I’m keeping it as one epic trip of a lifetime.

Day 1:

Our group will meet in Lahore. You’ll have an evening dinner and briefing about the trip, then You’ll relax in our nice hotel in Pakistan. You have to take the opportunity for comfort when you have it!


Day 2:

Long day today folks. Early brekkie then a 2.5 hour drive to Sialkot where our project partner carries out their works. Thanks to you coming on the trip, you’ll have funded this entire project. Right now, as i mentioned earlier, we will fund a pop-up clinic for a remote mountain community who has no current access to health care. This pop-up clinic will bring doctors and nurses into the community and treat all the ailments they can, for free, to the community.

After witnessing the amazing work these guys do, You’ll have a local Pakistani lunch with the community and make our way back to Lahore for the evening.


Day 3:

Get ready folks. Kashmir is calling. We’ve got the tickets ready and you’re’re flying from Lahore right into Gilgit-Baltistan’s main airport, Skardu. And so it begins. The roadtrip of all roadtrips. You start on the ancient silk road route, following the Karakoram Highway all the way to China. And it all starts here.


Day 4:

Today’s route sees up slowly make our way from Skardu to Gilgit, the capital of the region. Each day on our road-trip, we’ll stop at the small community mountain villages, eat local Pakistani fare and soak it up. The views just don’t get better than this place.

Wind through the majestic Karakoram Range, witness turquoise lakes, and marvel at ancient Buddhist relics. Discover the rich culture of Gilgit-Baltistan while taking in awe-inspiring vistas. This journey promises unforgettable memories.


Day 5:

Hunza Valley is next up. Experience the ultimate adventure on a road trip from Gilgit to Hunza! Immerse yourself in the dramatic landscapes of Gilgit-Baltistan, from rugged mountains to serene valleys. Explore ancient forts, savor local cuisine, and witness the beauty of Hunza Valley. This journey is a tapestry of natural wonders and cultural treasures.


Day 6:

Hunza to Sost. Today, we’re in for a scenic drive along the Karakoram Highway. You’ll cross the relatively new Attabad Lake, which formed in 2010 due to a landslide blocking the Indus River.

In Passu, you’ll check out the iconic rope bridges near Husseini village and explore the Passu glacier. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of Borit Lake on our way out.

Then, it’s off to Sost, the final town in Pakistan before crossing into China. You’ll bunk down for the night in Sost.

Kashmir national park
Kashmir national park

Day 7:

The most epic border crossing the world. And the highest.

You’ll cross the border into China through the famous Khunjerab Pass. Now, we’re venturing into the remote Chinese Uyghur autonomous region of Xinjiang, home to China’s large Muslim population. Upon arriving in the Chinese border town of Tashkurgan, you’ll take a leisurely evening stroll after the stress of border guards and paper work, then maybe a few celebatories chinese beers! You’ll rest up for the night in Tashkurgan

Khunjerab pass
Khunjerab pass, the world’s highest border crossing

Day 8:

Deep into China we go.

Tashorgan road trip to Kashgar, it’s about a 5 hour drive. But you make an epic day of it with stops at Karakul Lake, the White sand mountains and gorgeous Oytagh Red Mountain. Overnight Kashgar.

Red mountains
Oytagh Red mountains

Day 9:

You’ll explore Kashgar today. Abakh Hoja Tomb & Id Kah Mosques are the highlight, then a trip to the supermarket to fuel our 16 hour night train through Northern China. Some local China Baiju may be the perfect fuel to help us get some sleep on the sleep train.


Day 10:

Back to civilization. You pull into Urumqi, a city of 4 million people. You’ll check into our hotel, grab a shower and then take a half day tour in the city, including the incredible Xinjiang Bazaar. Then it’s an evening of local Chinese-Muslim food. This city is fascinating with the cultural blend of Central Asian and Chinese aspect.


Day 11:

Our final full day! We’ll make the most of being back in a big city. Proper showers, proper breakfasts, then you’ll take a full day tour to Tianshan Tianchi Lake before one final night on the town to say our goodbyes.

Urumqi has a big international airport, so this is where you’ll book your homeward journey from.

Day 12:

You’re outta here! The trip is a lifetime is OVER.

Pakistani Kashmir, Karakoram Highway and China Tour Dates and Cost

Our Pakistan tour 2024 dates are: June 23rd to July 4th

The cost of the tour is $3,499USD plus a $300 project donation.

What’s Included?

  • Project fee and funding of pop-up medical clinic
  • All accommodation
  • All transport
  • 2 International guides (Johnny and Josh)
  • Local guides in both Kashmir and China
  • All entrance tickets and fees throughout the trip
  • Sleeper cabin on Chinese night train
  • Price based on per person sharing, single supplement is available for those who want to have a room to themselves.

What’s Not Included?

  • International airfare. The trip will start in Lahore, Pakistan and finish in Urumqi, China.
  • Visa fee. We will assist with the Pakistan and Chinese visa.
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Airport transfers
  • Travel Insurance (please make sure you’re covered for Pakistan)

How to Book?

You can book it on my foundation website HERE, or click this big box thing:

If you have any questions, DM me on or email me.

Who’s guiding the trip?

With Round 2, I’m running our first (SOLD OUT) trip in June, then my charity co-founder Josh will run this second trip. I’ll also fly into Lahore to meet everyone and spend 3 days with you guys for the charity aspect then you’ll head onwards to Kashmir with Josh.

Here’s josh and I on some adventures around the world! I’m best man at his wedding next year, so we have some wild stories to share.

FAQs about our Kashmir tour

Can all nationalities join this tour?

Yes, apart from Indians sadly. Due to the conflict with Pakistan.

Is it honestly safe?

Yes, honestly. VERY safe!

Can women come? Do they need to wear headscarves/burqas etc?

Yes women can come. Actually, women make up more than 50% of my travel groups to be honest. Women can dress freely, no headscarves etc. Maybe just steer clear of the short-shorts!

Why is so pricey?

Like my trips to Central African Republic, South Sudan, Yemen etc, these countries are difficult to organise trips in. Plenty of envelopes need to go to plenty of people in order for it to run smoothly. I’m sure you get the picture.

Can I come solo?

Yes! Most of our travelers come solo. We match people up to share rooms by their gender, or you can pay for a single supplement option too and get your own room if you prefer.

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