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One Step 4 Ward is a travel blog designed for anyone who dreams of traveling. I share my own traveling stories along with tips, advice and recommendations from across the globe.

Also, this blog is designed to show people anyone can travel and do the things they dream of, you don’t have to be rich to live rich, that message is conveyed throughout the blog as whole.

Product review policy

As a adventure and luxury traveler I want my opinions and recommendations to remain credible, so while I am open to products offers/trials/press trips, I am careful to recommend only products that I think are relevant and affordabe for budget travelers. If you represent a company with a relevant product or service that you think is a good fit for One Step 4 Ward, email me (johnny at onestep4ward dot com) to have it considered for review.


For any other travel bloggers who’d like to write for OneStep4ward, I would love to feature you guys, so any guests posts will include a description of your blog and a link back to your site. Contact me for more details if you’re interested in guest writing. I’m open to regular contributors too.

Site Statistics

I am now blogging full-time, with exponential traffic growth.

My DA is 47+

The site receives more than 500, 000 unique visitors each month (and increasing). *

My f acebook page currently has 90, 000+*

I have over 10000 twitter followers*

*April 2016


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~ The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time ~ Thomas Jefferson

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