Left Ireland in 2006 broke, taught English in Thailand and Korea, travel A LOT, worked in Australia, started my blog, monetized, started more blogs, made $2m+ from my laptop, visited every country in the world, now climbing the 7 Summits and hitting the North and South Pole….

Johnny Ward


Hey guys, my name is Johnny Ward, a normal Generation Y, Irish-guy who just knew that there was more to life than a 40+ hour work week, a bland social calendar and a 2-week break in the sun each year.  Now I work 20-hour-weeks from my laptop as I travel around the world, initially whilst I undertook my 11-year mission to visit every country in the world (if you’re curious how I managed that, read my FAQs here), and now while I try to be the first person in history to visit every country in the world (done), the North Pole (done – I ran the North Pole Marathon!), the South Pole and climb the 7 Summits (what are the 7 summits?). I even rowed across the Atlantic Ocean for a couple of months once. I’m a huge advocate of lifestyle design, so I’ve redesigned my lifestyle to allow me to follow my dreams, now I’m hoping I can help you follow yours.

When people hear my story they often quickly assume I’m just another white guy from a rich family, traveling around on daddy’s credit card. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I grew up poor, taught English in Thailand and South Korea so I had the means to travel. Then I started my blog, and starting my travel blog completely transformed my life. It has allowed me to live like this, from being a broke English teacher  in Chiang Mai, Thailand making $650 per month, to making over $1million USD from blogging, and buying multiple properties in London and Bangkok, now I’m free. I honestly, truly believe EVERYONE needs to have a personal blog, and anyone can make money blogging, travel the world and inspire others. There’s enough space online for all of us! If you want to know how to start a travel blog of your very own, and do the same thing as me, check out how to do that here.

NOTE: If you wanna read about how I made $1,000,000 dollars online in 3 years BLOGGING, I wrote about it here.

And if you want to see some of the media stories by CNN, BBC, Forbes etc, you can check out my media page here:) 


I don’t come from a rich family, quite the opposite in fact. Born in Galway, Republic of Ireland, due to a pretty heavy family situation we fled to the County Down, Northern Ireland where I grew up in a single-mother-family with my sister. I lived in Ireland for 18 years, for the first 13 years we were on welfare payments, no car, no central heating, no holidays but I was happy and to this day I have a great relationship with my mum and my sister. At 18 I moved to England for 4 years of university to graduate with a degree in International Economics, which as a budding entrepreneur, I’d soon find entirely redundant. I loved my childhood, and I love Ireland but I always dreamt of the open road. I wanted to make my mark on the world. People don’t dream of being average, so as soon as I was free, I was gone. My last university exam was on a Thursday at 3pm, by 9am on Friday morning, I was gone. One way ticket to New York City to work on an American summer camp.


Having no trust fund or anything similar, there was no way I could just ‘travel’ indefinitely either before or after university, so the whole ‘gap year’ thing wasn’t possible for me. My solution was to head to the USA to work on summer camps. Working with disadvantaged kids in upstate New York was an amazing experience, and traveling around the USA, I felt like finally I was living the dream. But soon I was broke again, a quick return to Ireland where I signed up for ‘Medical Research’ where I was locked in hospital for five weeks while they tested experimental drugs on me, with that money I was off with a one-way ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study my CELTA TEFL and teach English. That was the first step to changing my life.

So I taught English in Asia, saved, travelled, ran out of money, back to teaching, saving, travel. Rinse. Repeat. I managed to travel for around 2 years throughout Asia on a budget around $10-$15  a day, but soon my bank account was empty once more. English camps in South Korea helped extend my travels, but I was 26 years old, starting to worry about my future, and with online business dreams rumbling around my brain, I headed to Australia to work and save. was born during those 12 months of lost hours spent in an office in downtown Sydney. Never again. Life wasn’t meant to be lived in an office, working 5 of 7 days, asking bosses for permission to go on holiday. No thanks. So although I loved my time in Australia, I wanted more from life. With my blog now live, I left on a whim. Booking a one-way ticket to Zimbabwe, Africa, and took blogging more seriously. Fast-forward more than 190 countries later and I don’t need to ‘work’ for anyone anymore. As soon as I started making money online from blogging, then I decided to visit every country in the world, and it’s been the most amazing journey imaginable.

So what’s next for me? Since finishing my journey to every country, my big dream is the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents. I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa, I’ve climbed Mt Elbrus – the highest mountain in Europe, I climbed Puncak Jaya – the highest mountain in Australasia, tried and failed to climb South America’s highest mountain, but then went back the following year and summited Aconcagua too.  Just to clear up any arguments I even climbed Mount Kosciuszko – the highest ‘mountain’ in Australia, and climbed Mont Blanc (because I used to think it was the highest mountain in Europe!). I am booked to climb Denali  in summer 2022 (the highest mountain in North America). And I’m booked to climb Mount Everest in 2023 next! Oh, and I also ran 6 marathons in 6 days across the Sahara during the Marathon Des Sables last year, a crazy experience.



If you’re not happy, a good salary isn’t progress, it’s financial prison. Life is meant to be lived, not sold to the highest bidder. Social conformity, the media, our education systems dictate that we should go to school, go to uni, go to a city, work in an office, save for a retirement that we’ll be too old to enjoy. Personally, I don’t want to do that. Not one bit. I want to live now, today so I make sure I do exactly that. Every single day.


I started a non-profit called Mudita Adventures, where I bring people who want to come on an adventure, to local communities, we help finish a development project and then go travelling together. We’d donated over $250kUSD since starting that a few years ago. When I’m bored, or when you guys ask, I also offer some crazy opportunities to go to places that normal people don’t go, I’ve taken groups to Syria, Iraq and Yemen in the last 18 months. And running another tour to Socotra, Yemen next year if you want to join! So when I’m not running my charity, or traveling to off-beat destinations, or climbing mountains, or doing some physical challenge, then I’m in Thailand, where I’ve been based since my blog could fund my lifestyle.

After proposing to my partner in Bora Bora, I’m getting married, and building a house in Chiang Mai, Thailand where I hope to start a family. But marriage, nor kids, means your life turns boring. I’d love to row the Atlantic (EDIT 2021 – DONE!), cycle across the US, climb the highest peak in every country in Europe during 1 summer (and break the world record!), and who knows what else. Right now all my money is going to building my house, and climbing the 7 summits. After that, let’s see. Thanks for coming along – check my to get daily updates on what I’m doing.


I have hugely limited technical abilities at all (signing in and out of facebook can prove too stressful for me). I outsource everything, I manage my amazing staff from my laptop and I travel the world indefinitely. When I get too tired of traveling, I go back to my ‘home’ in Bangkok, Thailand where I bought an apartment (in cash)Each year I spend around nine or ten months travelling around the world and two or three months in Thailand. Thailand’s in my heart, I love going back, throwing my dusty backpack on the floor and kicking back, getting healthy, building my businesses and pretending to be a normal person! But Traveling’s got me now though, I’m lucky if I make it a month before wanderlust kicks in, and then I’m off again.

How can you afford to travel so much?

The question I get asked more than any other. I understand it seems crazy that this average Irish blogger guy can travel the world, anywhere he wants, in gorgeous hotels all year round. But it’s the truth. The basic answer to this question is, I started my travel blog, started making around $7,000 per month from that site, so I started a few more blogs, and hired a couple of writers, before long I was making $50,000 per month. I invest my money, mostly in property, and I’m careful with my revenue. That’s it. You want to do it too? It’s so so possible, and not even that difficult, the first stop is starting your own blog. From there, you can learn the ropes.

I wrote some FAQs here if you want some more detail, or there’s EVEN more information in my free ebook. Just sign up to my blog (also for free) and you’ll get that. There a box to pop your email in just below this.

Have you really visited EVERY country in the world? What about North Korea, Somalia etc?

Yes, all of them! I promise. Check out or and you can check for yourself!

But, there are so many blogs, can mine be successful?!

Yes! Absolutely yes. Write from your heart, write about subjects you’re passionate about. You don’t have to travel full time to be a travel blogger to make money from blogging, you can blog about your holidays, about your home area, you don’t even need to blog about travel – fitness, family, food, any topic you want. And yes, there are a lot of blogs, but most people quit within a year, whereas the ones who succeed suck it up, work hard for 1-2 years, and now they’re living the dream. Imagine living the life you always wanted to live, and talking about it online – that’s your job. Amazing, and worth all the hard work.


If you’re reading this on your smart phone/laptop/ipad then you can speak English, and you have an internet connection. The internet doesn’t care what colour your skin is, what your sexuality, religion or nationality is. If you have access to sites like mine, then you’re luckier than most people on the planet so you can live the life you want. No excuses, no chips on your shoulder, you can take action, or not. It’s up to you. Starting literally changed my life, so my advice? Start a blog, TODAY, from there doors will open and before you know it you’ll be swimming with sharks, sky diving over volcanoes, visiting every country in the world and hiring staff. It all depends on how much you want it. Signing up below is a good way to start. I’ll be writing a course about how EXACTLY I did what I did, so if you wanna stay in the loop, read on.

Want to travel the world indefinitely like me? Do something about it. Sign up here and learn more…

What are you waiting for?

You don’t have to be rich, win the lottery or rob a bank. You can live the life you want to and you can start right now, and not wait for the retirement that may never come. Redesign your lifestyle, as I redesign mine and we can enjoy the ride together…

If you need to get in contact with me, feel free to email me on johnny ‘at’ onestep4ward ‘dot’ com


You can ‘like’ my Facebook page and my Instagram page

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If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced ~ Vincent Van Gogh


Johnny Ward.

How To Make Money Travelling Contin...
How To Make Money Travelling Continuously

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  7. I just discovered your blog few days ago when I was making my Thailand itinerary and you became amazing inspiration for me! Thank you very much Johnny! I can feel great energy from your posts, you seem like very wise person.

  8. I was touched by your story. I was actually has started creating a blog but I was stuck in the middle, I can’t proceed to what is the next best thing to do. I lost the spirit and it seems like I have to delete everything I’ve started and get started again creating content. I was confused. But now after reading your blog, a kind of inspiration is now thriving inside my heart and it feels like ” this is it.” I hope I can follow your blogging path even if I am at a different niche. But how I wish also to travel the world.

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  10. When I was reading this I realize that this is the best blog as compare to others. Its really appreciated.

  11. Hey mate love your blog and your story… very inspiring indeed! I’m at the beginning of hopefully creating something similar and would love your feedback of my site Look forward to hearing from you and I have just subscribed so look forward to following along

  12. We’re drooling while we imagine ourselves in those gorgeous scenes.
    We have dreamed of doing this too. Your DIY trip seems like the way to go for sure.
    Thanks for sharing all the details that can make it a reality. Very cool.

  13. Hi Johnny, very inspiring website. Its like a dreams came true. I think all we need is a good hard working and just don’t give up is it. Although sometimes we hit the bottom and its so frustating. I hope I can walk the same path like all the other blogger/traveller/digital nomad soon. Its a dream.

    Btw.. this comment section has a little bit of negativity, maybe you want to sort them out.


  14. Oh sweetie, you taught english? I only read one post but the grammar etc is shocking! By the end of the post I was convinced you were english as a second language and your writing had been translated by google.

    Good for you getting so far with your blogs, though – it shows skill with words doesn’t matter as much as gumption and forward momentum. That in and of itself is a great lesson!

    1. I love that you are criticizing him and you yourself neglected to capitalize the word English. Further, I truly enjoyed your sentence, “I was convinced you were english as a second language” …..haha! Really?! Apparently Johnny is “english as a second language”. Ha!

      Perhaps your time might be better spent hitting the books than criticizing those of whom you are jealous………..??p

  15. If you say you have traveled to every country in the world, have you being to my country, Nigeria? I would love to hear about it.

  16. Such an inspiring story Johnny, not only about travelling but sharing about how you built your site and brand.
    I visited about 30 countries early on, but have a baby at home now so now I try to live through others sharing their stories.
    I started my site at to share travel stories and now I’m totally gonna learn from you. Thanks Johnny, keep on being awesome my friend!

  17. Your websites pop up ads are horrible and annoying g. They prevent me from reading or or even writing f and editing this message correctly.

    Your blog may be great, but ican’t tell. Your pop ups and ads are the worst. Take up 3/4 of the screen.

  18. Great information!!! I have been thinking about doing this forever but was always afraid I needed to have everything in place to get started. Your advice to get the basics setup in place and then content, content, content frees me to do the things I know how to do. I can worry about the making money part and more technical parts little by little after I get some content and followers in place. Cheers!

    You have made it very simple for me:

    1. Name – domain
    2. Basic site
    3. Social media accounts
    4. Google analytics
    5. Content for atleast 6 months

    I travel all the time and have content filing up my hard drive and oozing out of my cranium. Take care!

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  20. Hi Johnny,

    Nice to read about your experiences. I presently live in Ireland 🙂 but I’m from India. The Irish are nice people and I can see you are one too. I want to travel and dream big as well. Thanks for giving that inspiration. Hope I cover at least half you did!

  21. Proper inspirational man. I am around 20% mark of what you have done without the money bit though. One of your friends Carl recommended your blog. The site and what you have done is unreal, nice one. I have emailed you. Keep living it

  22. Hi Johnny,

    due to my job I’m going to be sent to Georgia for a year (yes, the country not the US state ;)) and since I was really impressed by what you accomplished, I wanted to take a look on what you were saying about Tbilisi and the country but… I didn’t find anything! You posted something from Tbilisi once but nothing about the city, the people, the sights or the country :-/ and I must admit I find that a little sad… So, is there actually nothing special about Georgia in your opinion? 😀

    Best wishes and thanks for your inspiration,

  23. Hi Johnny, I guess I just want to share how I got to your blog this morning. I was awoken by a misscall from.. Nauru at 6:56 am. Yes, from the least visited country on the world!!! How odd that is??!! so I googled Nauru to learn where the country is located and what’s it like. And this is how I came across your post about the half-marathon with the wild dogs . Two hours later, I am still reading and I can’t seem to stop… funny enough, when you were leaving Ireland, I was leaving my home country (Poland) to live in Ireland. Did not read about Poland yet (as I somehow could not find any post about it – can younprovide a link? ). I was keen to see however what your impression about Montenegro was and I could not agree with you more!! Kotor Bay is my number one in the world! Stunning place!
    Greetings from Cobh, Ireland

  24. Hi Mr. Ward. It so nice and encouraging to fully read your story from where you start and where you are now. It was exactly the life I wish I had, but I know it’s never too late for a 24year old woman like me to reach what you reached or more. Hope you can help me how. Thanks and God bless! 🙂

  25. Woow, this looks really amazing,
    This is really on my have to do list before i get into my 40’s

    Keep posting,
    Kind regards

  26. Hi Johny

    I stumbled upon your blog while sitting in office and planning my central/ eastern Europe vacation, .Thanks for making me so jealous! (also a person weak in mathematical tables would still be considered a robot?;))

  27. I was browsing my feeds through Facebook when an article caught my attention linking this site. I have been reading travel blogs and all its shenanigans and YOUR story slayed it. Congratulations for having the courage to travel every country in the most adventurous way.

    I am at a cliff ready to jump but feeling ambivalent since I needed to be equipped with my skills to ensure that i’ll be able to pull it through.

    I’m into Sales here in the Philippines and how I’d wish to leave and travel full time but the truth of the matter, its my livelihood but assure you I’ll get there pretty soon!

    More so, I am somewhat reminded of Timothy Ferriss on some of the principles you have been sharing.

    Bless you!

  28. Hello,Jonny!
    I”m from Cambodia. I think this blog is very interesting. Was it easy for you to communicate with the other people around the world? Could you speak the other language when you travel? Is it hard for you or not?
    I hope one day i can travel like you, too. Wish you all the best of your travelling. Especially Northway that you’ll visit. Good luck for you!

  29. Very inspiring story, thanks for the follow on twitter. I blog about fashion and travel, been at it for 3 years…still working a 9-5! The techy stuff KICkS my butt, and hiring it out is not always an option…

    I’m finally making progress but its slow goin!


  30. I’m so glad to have found your site! I worked in a 9-5 job in the U.S. for 5 years before leaving and booking a one way ticket to Spain to teach English. Like you said, I traveled the world on weekends and visiting 13 countries and 3 continents during that time but I wasn’t making enough to save anything. I started a blog halfway through mostly as a diary so I knew where to go back to one day, then decided to try to become free by blogging from anywhere. It’s been a little over 2 years now and I still haven’t made a dime off it. But I keep trying! When I feel like it’s just not going to work out ever, I read inspirational blogs like yours and get uplifted again. I hope to one day get to where you are and visit every country in the world and not have to go back to the corporate world!

  31. Hey. Incredibly inspiring. You deserve every success. It would be great if you gave a TED talk, Johnny. It’d no doubt go down a treat, inspire countless more people and would attract even more visitors to your blogs. Food for thought anyway. Peace, stay safe.

  32. I really liked your Introduction Johny. Actually, I am also planning to start Traveling as my profession as I love so much.

  33. Currently TEFLing in Italy after 3 years in Thailand and travelling around other parts of the world. Interested in making a blog soon with my wife about travel, food and art. Hope we can make it happen, I love life in Italy and will do anything to build a future for myself and avoid going home to the UK!

  34. Hey Johnny! I was researching about Kilimanjaro which i intend to climb next year. cant believe that it would cost me close to USD4000!
    so i happen to pass by your blog and after reading your experiences now i’m wondering if I should save money for this trip!
    what do you think?

  35. I was googling ways to travel by land from Mozambique to Egypt and your blog appears! I also quit my 9-5 rat race job and am going to Africa to live my life (funny coincidence) . Not sure what will come of it, but unknowns are exciting! The only thing I’ve booked is a one way flight . Good inspiration man, cheers!

  36. Hello how are you crazy Hahaha achieved Miracles Can I travel around the world free of charge with you. Please post this my mail is

  37. Hi Johnny!
    I have been following your adventures for some time, and the inspiration I get from your blog and a few others has motivated me to make the jump! I am launching an online business to break free from the 9-5 grind and I have never been so excited in my life!! I just had to write a quick note to say thank you! For me, it’s not about money, it’s quality of life that is pushing me forward into this and the belief that there is a different way of life that is available to us if we are open to it. You are proof of that! Thank you!
    Cheers! ~Melissa

  38. Great , I came to your site from CNN and that for sure will lead more deserved good reputation.

    Good job man

  39. I got to this blog when reading about Myanmar. My name is Johnny too and I have a pretty similar lifestyle as a digital nomad. I’d really like to check out your home place Northern Ireland. Cheers

  40. This is the 1st time I read that phrase you wrote at the end and I give it a new meaning… I aletas genar a códice that tells me “you can’t get a life full of adventures” I must silence some voices in my head!

    Greetings from Paraguay!

  41. i visit your page everyday. someone like me learns so much from your website
    i am writing blog about my is in Turkish. When i saw your blog,i start to write in English. i hope people like my first page my home town fairy land with fairy chimneys and rock formations used as a house,storeroom or hotel.I call it the flintstones, STILL PEOPLE LIVES IN A CAVE. Do you believe it?

  42. Hi, Johnny love your website. Recently been very interested in this and your bucket list is amazing I have about 50 things I want to do before am 35 and only done about 5. I recently sent a email to you hoping you can help me.

  43. Johnny you are doing great.i visit your page everyday. someone like me learns so much from your website
    i am writing blog about my is in Turkish. When i saw your blog,i start to write in English. i hope people like my first page my home town fairy land with fairy chimneys and rock formations used as a house,storeroom or hotel.I call it the flintstones, STILL PEOPLE LIVES IN A CAVE. Do you believe it?

  44. how did you do all this things with satisfaction of wages and fulfilling life adventure? Can you help me to be like you?

  45. Hi there, I found out about you from your comments in Vagabonding (I read it all in one day yesterday). I like what you had to say so I looked you up, and I love what you have to say here. I’m excited to keep reading and start my own slow world travel by moving to France next month!

  46. Hi Johnny,

    I just literally discovered you and am just exploring your site. But this page alone is inspiring, so is Van Gogh’s quote. Gonna keep reading and learning from you. My number one passion is travelling… all the rest are second.


  47. Hi Johnny, great story. Well done!

    If you need to get to Libya, let me know. I might be able to help you out.

  48. Hey Johnny i saw you on Turkish news 2 days ago.They were talking about how successful you are.And more about you

  49. Visit India …….nature, love, religion’s , people,food,roads, village, cities, animals,weather, rain, Sun,moon,night, each nd everything will make u feel loved …..Nd rest I love ths world , it’s big, it’s Awsum, it’s love, it’s taste tht keeps us here, or people cud hav taken other planets….Stay blessed

  50. Hi Johnny,

    I just came across your blog while surfing the internet at work in Sydney. I would love to start a blog (and have been wanting to for ages). I look forward to reading about all the advice you have. Thanks for the inspiration!

  51. I’ve always chosen “experiences over money” EVERY TIME. And here you are doing both. Glad to see it is possible! I am a marine biologist, but maybe I could save the world via blog 😉 Also, if you are ever looking for a traveling buddy or a wife…. haha

    Keep it up!

  52. Congrats Johnny, 4 your courage that change life and to became a realy freedom man.Tks sincerely for share yours life’s experiences.
    I’m Brazilian, live in Salvador, 34 years old, I’ve wife and one daughter, owner a small building company.
    I just have been dream with a life like yours and have been made plans to move to Florida.
    Can you give some ideas?

  53. Nice blog! Hope to see you in Manila. I’m going back to Europe this September. You inspire us with your blog. I’ve been wanting to start a travel blog.

  54. I absolutely love your blog, this has inspired me to travel 🙂 I hope you come to my country(Namibia) very soon

      1. Hello Johnny; It’s a pleasure to have found your blog! I want to redesign my life also. It has been a dream of mine to travel the world and live life for today. do you have any training or how could you help me to achieve this? Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!

  55. It seem to me that living your dreams, really. In the first month of next year will leave home for the world. I shaped this plan before but can’t make it happen. Hope it’ll be… Again inspired by Onestep4ward.

  56. Hey there J! I was researching about Budapest (Heading there in Sept) when I came across your blog. At first I thought you were Johnny Blair, than I saw your pic and like, “oo.. another Johnny ; ) “. It seems a lot of Johnny’s have travelled more than 100+ countries. ; ) In the future I have a son, I’m definitely gonna call him Johnny ; ). You really are living the dream man. I have this bucket list, in my head and reading your blog, makes me wanna start a blog too on my bucket list.. ; ) It’s really nice man, getting to live the life of a traveller through your blog.. ; )


  57. Fair play for following your dreams and all that, but I think the huge gaping flaw in your whole philosophy is that your lifestyle is only an available option if there are people in the world who choose to do more with their lives than lie on a beach all day. I think you need to give some credit to the poor fella in china who slaved his arse off working in a sweatshop to manufacture your shiny Apple Mac so that you can live your dream.

    1. Hey Rich, there are people all over the world who started with nothing and made something better with their lives. Admittedly it’s more difficult in some countries than other, but with an internet connection and a laptop, the sky is your limit.

      PS I hate sitting on the beach all day 😛

  58. Your story is so inspiring! This is exactly what I want in life and I really admire you for getting there. I’ll be following your adventures!

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  61. Hi Jonny, Like the website. I came across it whilst looking for a handy, quiet, beach within easy reach of BKK. We, my partner & I both of us old goats in our early sixties, are staying in BKK in Feb 15. I travel widely for work but have never been to Thailand. My partner has never been to a tropical beach & she’s looking forward to crystal clear waters. I’d like to show her the delights of snorkeling too. I’m fed up of flying so would prefer a bus or train ride to this hoped for paradise. It’ll give me a bucket full of brownie points too! Hope you can help, thanks JJ PS where is the beach, on one of your photos, with the tall, covered, rocks towering out of the sea? Cheers for any advice JJ

  62. Hey Johnny,

    You’re the reason we started our travel blog 2.5 years ago and today, it’s completely sustaining our life of travel. Now we’re enjoying press trips, a steady income and a blog that we love to continue to build. After seeing your redesign, we even hired the same guy! (Scott’s awesome.)

    Anyway, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time but never checked out this page, or at least, never read it right through. Very inspiring stuff. Love the way you worded everything here. You’re still an inspiration.

    Keep up the good work. I hope one day we can meet up somewhere on the road.



  63. Hi Johnny,

    Sounds like you got it all figured out! What are you doing work wise that you can pull in a decent wage… I been a web designer for over 8 years and I’m still working on trying to make things happen! I live in BKK too, maybe when your back I can pick your brains over a pint?

  64. Hi….today i came acrosed ur web site..i liked ur web site…evn i want to start a blog lik dis…so if you could help me with following things den dat would be great:

    > how to start a blog

    ..which includes…from where can i get creative site designs…whom to contact…who vl help me to develop and structure my web site…

    > how much intitial money is require to start a interactive web side..where users can sign up and post there comments
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    > please help me with the helpfull links
    > how to earn from my website

  65. Bloomin’ marvellous website Johnny! tres inspiring. Keep up the adventures and here’s to many more to come in 2014!

  66. Wow, this is the most inspirational website I’ve come across… EVER! your lifestyle is what I want for myself, as I’m sure most people would! I did Cambodia this summer and actually just quit my job and (in 9 days) I’m going to travel across South America for almost 2 months, so I’m getting there 🙂

    watch this space for the next place I visit!

  67. Totally agree, normal jobs and lives are for suckers! We just kicked off our nomadic lives earlier this summer! Keep it up and keep going!

  68. Hi – great site and posts. My travel blog has been going for the last 4 months or so while travelling through Africa. I’m happy with the content but I’m starting to think that the layout and design is a bit poor. Any tips or thoughts how to up my game? I’m not an HTML expert or anything…

      1. Hi Johnny, is envy someone like you who has managed to turn the pleasure of traveling in a lifestyle … congratulations. I really love your blog!

  69. Hi, great site and blogs posts. I’ve had travel my blog up and running for the last 4 months while travelling through Africa. I’m quite happy with the content but feel the design etc is basic. Any tips on how to revamp travel blogs relatively easily?

  70. Hi dude,
    sitting in Bangladesh and going for the Sundarbans, soon. Waiting for the last permission. I think you know what can happen there… I mean, this country is one of the most intense countries that I ever traveled in my life!

    But the beauty is so obviously! It is good that you putting words to your thoughts. Many people just staying on their place, and they waiting to get picked up by some one… you and me knows that it will be not someone else, who will pick them up – to show them the world…

    It is always the inner drive and the own motivation.
    And it starts to grow, if you make the first steps…

    I did it 2011, so nice to met you – maybe our paths will cross one day.


  71. Mate, I’m a 46 year old guy who had a similar epiphany to yours back in 1991. Leaving Australia for the first time (from Darwin to Kupang in West Timor), I had the same kind of psychological orgasm as you. Now, twenty-something years later, I have manipulated my life to suit me (perhaps not as fully as you seem to have done, but certainly in a way that serves my desire for freedom AND financial security I guess). I gave up a career as a TV producer, went back to uni, and now teach English as a second language, not because I want to be a slave to the man, but because it affords me a fantastic lifestyle. I’ve volunteered too, been to almost every corner of the world, and live/love every minute of it. We are the masters of our own destinies. Master them. Good on you, mate. Johnny Laing.

    1. hey john, awesome mate! I loved Kupang, and it must have been even more remote 20 years ago! English teaching is a great way to redesign our lives, it gives us a level of freedom that normal jobs can never. Where are you based now?

      1. I’m based in Abu Dhabi in the UAE at the moment. I’ve worked my way up the TESOL ladder, you might say. 😉

  72. Johnny I couldn’t comment on your rants so I’m doing it here.

    They made me laugh out loud. You’ve got a knack for humorous writing, bravo sir.

    On flip flops: I’ve always gone for hiking style sandals, a bit grandaddy I know but sturdy mofos. So sturdy in fact when I was last in Beijing I tripped on the edge of said footwear and over a ridiculously high kerb. Instant duck egg on my ankle. Hopped onto the bus my friends and I were running for to be informed in a cheery tone that “this bus stops outside Beijing’s top bone hospital.” To which I replied “What a stroke of luck.”

    Good luck on your travels mate.

    1. Hmmm, odd about the comments but thanks for letting me know Chris! I feel your pain on the flipflop front bro, both figuratively and literally – i’m sporting many a scar due to similar mishaps!

  73. Happy for you, really, but I disagree on that everyone can do it just by wanting it, or daring to. A dream like this is banned for the majority of the world population indeed. To know English clearly facilitates the entire process. To have a bachelor degree also. To being born in certain countries is an advantage above others, for example in the case of the Working Holidays Visas, which are granted only for a few countries. Not to mention having family, kids, etc. About me, I’m one of VERY lucky ones also, but I think it is important to just make the point about is not THAT easy. In fact, it is easy only for the priviliged ones.

    1. true buddy, but i’m writing an english-speaking blog, so the assumption is that my readers can speak English 🙂 If you can do that, then you can make money online, and therefore travel – it all depends on how much you want it.

  74. Really it’s simplification and clarification about yourself. I have never been seen before such kind of writing. I have realized at every word as well sentence. So also from me “Redesign your life” which is repeatedly you’ve told. Traveling is the only way to get out of depression. It’s very true that I am also a blogger. So I can understand your every pulse of mind. Thanks for sharing your views.

  75. I have the same dream since i was young.
    I’m going to thailand within a week first time on my own.
    If your in asia maybe we can meet and share stories

  76. What up Johnny!
    I left Ireland in 2009 and have been on the road since.. Love it, live your dream.

    Wish you all the best with your travels and keep up the good work with the website!


  77. Johny i believe in one thing we are just a visitors of this planet so before i die i just need to see this beautiful planet . i really love u man

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