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Socotra Tour, Yemen 2021

(& Cairo, Egypt)

TRIP 1: January 4th to 14th, 2021 – 6/16 Spots Left



After running 2 tours to Socotra in February and March 2020, I knew this was a place I had to help the world discover. Tours to Socotra are hard to come by, and it’s such a privilege to visit this amazing island, that I’m delighted to be able to share with you guys. So here we are, and the next group trips are in January 2021, so come and join me. If those dates don’t work, I can organise private groups too, email me if you want to do that too.

Tours to Socotra
Tours to Socotra 2021, pic from Scott Wottrich from my last group!

So, Socotra then? The most beautiful island on the planet in my opinion. One of the last untouched pockets in the world. Tours to Socotra offer something that no other destination does, you’ll be one of just a handful of people who have traveled here in the last 5 years or so, and with the UAE and Saudi taking more and more control, this is your chance to experience paradise before the hotels, the coffee shops and the charter flights being. It’s time for an adventure, so let’s do it. 

In 2017 I became the only tourist in Yemen, but I had to hitch a ride on an illegal Indian cement cargo ship for 4 days to access it. Thankfully, Yemenia Air have started a once-weekly flight to Cairo again, except it can’t be booked online. It needs to be paid cash. In Cairo. Crazy but true. But don’t worry, I take care of all that. Even better, I take care of your visas too, no need to visit any embassies, just send me your passport and meet me in Cairo. 

Tours to Socotra
My group on one of my tours to Socotra in February 2020


So it’s your turn to see the other-wordly Dragon blood trees. It’s your turn to roam the 200ft sand dunes, and swim from the sandbanks of Qalansia beach. It’s your turn to REALLY travel. Your old friends don’t understand you? They don’t know why you would want to visit Yemen? don’t worry, join me and my group, and you’ll make some other crazy friends who want an adventure just as much as you do.  

My group tours offer something slightly different from any other tours to Socotra. Firstly, people who follow my blog here, or my, are adventurous, fun souls! They know my travel is a little crazy, and they’re ready for the trip of a lifetime, so expect a great group of international people!

Secondly, unlike may Socotra operators, we don’t camp every single night. We do 4 nights in a guest house, and 3 camping. With never camping 2 nights in a row. This gives you the chance to keep everything charged, it gives you the chance to shower every single day, it gives you the chance to escape the heat and sample a little air conditioning (power permitting!) every other day. The guest house is basic, but going to bed clean and showered every 2nd day keeps the energy levels up, and in my opinion, is the best way to experience Socotra for a week.

Finally, (for better or worse!) I’ll be on the trip! I know tours to Socotra are expensive, I know it can even be a little scary going to Yemen, so I don’t farm you out to any other company. This is my operation, and I’ll be there. You deal with me directly, questions, emails, WhatsApp, and then I’ll personally be there for the trip too. No language barriers, and a friendly face (I hope!) throughout the whole process.

Is it Safe to Visit Socotra? Isn’t Yemen dangerous?

As someone who recently ran trip to Iraq, where everyone told us we would never be able to visit Baghdad and Babylon in Iraq as a group, but we did it, and it was epic! Or when we traveled to Syria with a group last year, and that was beautiful too, well let me tell you that Socotra is 10 times safer than that. In fact, it’s safer than New York, London or Paris. Socotra Island is detached from mainland Yemen, but physically and culturally. The heartbreaking Yemeni war hasn’t touched the island, nor will it. The people are welcoming and warm, and the island needs tourists to return. So is Socotra safe? Yes, 100% it is.

Socotra Tour 2020
16 of us in Baghdad, Iraq in 2018!

Of all the places in the world you can visit, I can safely say Socotra is THE most unique place on the planet. Endemic plant species like no other, untouched landscapes, a real feeling of real travel and adventure and 15 other people to share it with. It’s the trip of a lifetime.

Where Is Socotra exactly?

Socotra is an island belonging to Yemen, but closer to Somalia than Yemen itself. It’s in the beautiful Arabian sea and far enough away from any coasts to ensure the water is pure, clean and crystal clear. And the nature of the island means no war has touched it at all.

How Do We Get to Socotra?

Thankfully, we don’t have to repeat my trick of spending 4 days on an Indian cargo ship! This time, we will fly to Socotra, from Cairo. The flight isn’t bookable online, it’s not searchable online either, but with our contacts in Socotra, and in Cairo, I take care of all those procedures. The flights are expensive as only one airline (Yemenia) fly there so they have a monopoly, but the flights from Cairo to Socotra are included in the price of the trip, so don’t worry. And if those flight prices increase, don’t worry, I’ll guarantee the price within the cost of the trip.

What about the Yemen Visa?

Don’t worry. One of the best bits about traveling to Socotra with me is that I take care of your Yemen visa 100%. You don’t have to visit any embassy, or pay any money. I take care of all the paperwork, so when we all go Cairo airport together, it’s all ready to go. Our fixers stamp us in when we arrive in Socotra. We have a 100% success rate. 



January 4th to 14th, 2021


EARLY BIRD: (deposit paid June 1st): £3180GBP/$3899USD


  • 20% non-refundable deposit (£636/$780) to secure your spot. Refunds, minus fees, expenses, and exchange rate costs, will, of course, be issued if the trip is canceled due to security issues, or the flights to Socotra are canceled. 
  • All funds to be paid in GBP (not USD)
  • $100 discount if you’ve been to Iraq, Syria or climb Mount Fuji with me.
  • Full balance to be paid 2 months before the trip (November 4th, 2021).
  • Price based per person sharing.
  • Single supplement priced at $450 extra
  • PAYMENT PLAN available upon request

Qalansia Beach, Socotra Island Qalansia Beach, Socotra Island



  • Round-trip International Airfare from Cairo, Egypt to Socotra, Yemen ($1300+)
  • Cairo City Tour, including the Pyramids
  • English speaking local guide in Socotra, Yemen
  • Johnny will be our international guide throughout
  • 4*4WD and drivers.
  • All Cairo accommodation
  • 4 nights guesthouse in Socotra, Yemen
  • 3 nights camping in Socotra, Yemen
  • Camping materials: Tent, mattress, pillows, blanket
  • Protected areas entry fees
  • 3 meals per day in Yemen
  • Cave and mountain local guides
  • Yemeni visa cost ($150)
  • Yemeni visa work (no need for you to do anything!)


  • International airfare to Cairo
  • Travel insurance
  • Any additional food or snacks
  • Egyptian double entry visa
  • Airport transfers in Cairo (I can assist you here though)
  • Snorkeling rental equipment
  • Tips
  • Sleeping bags
  • Lunches and dinners in Egypt 
  • Additional entrance inside actual pyramids, and additional entrance to the Mummies room in Cairo Museum
  • NOTE: There’s always a risk of cancellation when taking trips to Socotra. Flights and visas can be cancelled last minute, with no advance warning. Partial refunds will be given, minus any costs incurred. A full refund will not be possible if we are already in Egypt by the time of cancellation. 


Email me on, or send a message on or

Socotra Tours 2021
Socotra Tours 2021

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4 thoughts on “Tours to Socotra 2021

  1. This place looks incredible, can honestly say I’ve never heard of it. I don’t think I’m disciplined enough to think this far in the future about a holiday but I’ll keep it in mind thanks so much for sharing!



    One of my friends and clients is wanting to take the Socotra trip. Do you work with travel agents? If not, I understand. I just want to get some info to her so that she can start planning. Thank you in advance.

    Bryan Mondy

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