Join my 2025 Tours to Libya – February 23 – February 28

Join my 2025 Tours to Libya! Libya tourism is safe again, and the visas are possible once more, so let’s go and explore one of the least visited countries in the world together in February, 2025! All the info on itinerary, prices, dates, logistics, visas, safety etc is below, so read on if you want to join my tours to Libya.

If you can’t be bothered about all the info, and just wanna book the trip before it sells out, you can do that HERE.

tours to libya
Me, on my last tour to Libya, in Misrata

Why Visit Libya?

Amazing ancient history, and brutal recent history, people want to see a country they’ve heard about their whole lives. To hear about Gaddafi, and how the country was under him, from Libyans themselves. To see the streets of Tripoli, and the colonial Italian architecture. To step in places where just a handful of foreigners have stepped over the last 15 years. It’s a true adventure. And that’s what makes life worth living, at least for me anyway. Also, we’ll roadtrip across the country to the cusp of the Libyan Sahara, and see how life is there. I CANNOT WAIT.

For me personally…

For me personally, I haven’t visited Libya since my journey to every country in the world, way back in 2016, when I took one of the biggest leaps of faith of my life to visit Libya while it was still a failed state. Muad, a lovely lovely guy, managed to ‘help’ (ahem) with my visa and I visited him and his family in Misrata. Home to the beginning of the uprising against Gadafi. Bullet strewn streets, and endless war paraphernalia littered the streets. Muad took me to one of the best preserved Roman ruins on the planet, in Leptis Magna, so I can’t wait to go back 9 years later.

Also, I never got to visit Tripoli on my last visit. And I feel like a fraud having visited Libya, but not it’s capital. So time to go back and explore properly.

tour to libya
Muad, the legend, and me on my last visit to Libya

Is it Safe to visit Libya now, in 2025?

It’s pretty safe. It’s not safe like Thailand or Ireland of course, but it’s as safe as it has been in over a decade. Hence the Government now introducing visas for foreigners.

Furthermore, using a trusted fixer, we will have a Libyan tourist police escort throughout the entire duration of the trip. So we’re in good hands.

Finally, the locations on our itinerary are the safest spots in the country. So don’t worry. And besides, what’s life without a little danger at least.


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Libya Tour Itinerary

The itinerary will include all these things, but the days may chop and change depending on what the Libyan police tell us.

DAY 1: Tripoli City tour

Arrive in Tripoli, Libya. We have a tour of Tripoli today, so try to arrive on an early flight (I’ll send you the flight I’m on – it will be the morning flight from Tunis, Cairo or Istanbul – it’s best if we’re all on the same).

Tripoli Old Town is the main attraction today, as we here about life under Gaddafi, and since he’s been gone. As well as visits to Assaraya Al-Hamra red castle, the Ottoman Clock Tower and the Arch of Marcus Aurelius.

Some snacks in the souq, before we check out 20th century Tripoli and it’s Italian architecture. Finishing up with Martyr’s Square before dinner.

Visiting Tripoli
Visiting Tripoli

DAY 2: 1000 year old Leptis Magna

For the history buffs, today is a visit to the UNESCO site of Leptis Magna, one of the most important ancient sites on the planet. Originally a Phoenician trading port and prospered for nearly 1000 years before Vandal invasions and sandstorms brought its downfall. We’ll be back to Tripoli for dinner and overnight.

Leptis Magna ruins
Leptis Magna ruins

DAY 3: Road trip to the Libyan Sahara

It’s a big Libyan roadtrip today team! We’re leaving Tripoli and heading to the cusp of the inner Sahara desert, right on the border with Algeria. Ghadames beckons.

En route, we’ll face a formidable wall of hard rock. That is Jebel Nafusa. The mountain rises abruptly from the desert plain of Jefara to a height of over 750 meters. This is the heartland of the Berber people of Libya.

Later we descend the mountain and head further south into the Sahara until we arrive at Ghadames, our home for the next 2 nights, and one of the most ancient towns in the Libyan Desert.

Jebel Nafusa
Jebel Nafusa

DAY 4: Ancient City of Ghadames and the Algerian Mountains

Ghadames was an important stopping-off point in the trans-Saharan caravan routes between Timbuktu and the Mediterranean coastal cities of Libya. During our walking tour today, we will stop of at some traditional houses and mosques.

Later in the day, it is usually possible to take an excursion into the steep dunes close to Ghadames to enjoy a sunset over the mountains of Algeria and enjoy some green tea and traditional Mella bread

DAY 5: Gharyan – the centre of Libyan resistance

Leaving the Sahara behind, we retrace our steps towards Tripoli.

Our main stops will be in Kabaw and Gharyan which lies at the foot of the plateau Nafusa Mountains. Gharyan was considered the centre of Libyan resistance against the Italian invasion early 20th century. And back to Tripoli for our last night of the tour.


DAY 6: 500BC (!) UNESCO site of Sabratha

After breakfast, we drive to Sabratha, another UNESCO site, and one of the most visited historical sites in Libya, dating back to 500BC! We’ll try to be back to Tripoli for a late lunch and airport transfers for people’s flight home.

Sabratha Libya
Sabratha Libya

Libya Tour Dates

  • February 23rd to February 28th, 2025

Libya Tour Cost


  • A $230 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.
  • Full payment is due no later than 2 months before the trip start (so full payment is due by January 1st or earlier)
  • We process payments via ‘WeTravel’, where all nationalities can use their credit cards etc. If that doesn’t work, you can me and we can work out another payment method if you prefer. All good.

What’s included:

  • All accommodation
  • All breakfasts
  • A Western ‘Guide’ (term used loosely!) throughout – Me!
  • A local English-speaking guide throughout
  • All supporting documents to help with the Libyan visa
  • All entrance fees and tourist site tickets
  • All transport
  • Airport transfers

What’s not included:

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance (it’s mandatory – I use SafetyWing or HeyMondo)
  • Some lunches and dinners
  • International visa fees (about $70 if eVisa works, if not, then up to $300+!)
  • Tips for the local team (we recommend $100-$150 per person, not mandatory though)
Libyan Sahara
Libyan Sahara

Libya Tour FAQ

Can any nationality join this tour to Libya?

Yes, everyone and anyone is welcome! Normally my groups are 16 people from 10+ countries, come join the party.

What about the Libyan Visa Process?

It’s been off and on for years. I went with no visa dodgily, then people had to go with biz visas. Right now, they’ve opened up eVisas. Hence me running the trip. I’ll support you with the application documents and invitations you need.

If the eVisa system fails (which it might!), we have a Plan B (we send to my fixer in Libya/Italy and he does it in Rome – about $300 or so) and a Plan C (you go to the Libyan Embassy in your home country with the documents we supply).

How Do I Get To Libya?

The easiest/best way is with Turkish Air, via Istanbul. You can also fly via Cairo (EgyptAir) or Tunis (Tunis Air). I’ll be flying with Turkish Air.

I’ll send you the flight I’m on – it will be the morning flight from Tunis, Cairo or Istanbul – it’s best if we’re all on the same.

Can I come a day early/leave a day late?

I’m working on it. Right now, I think it’s possible, for an additional $150 on either side (I too want to arrive a day or two early).

Can I join this trip Solo?

YES! In fact 90% of the people who join my trips come solo. You can either pay a single supplelment to have your own room, or I’ll pair you up with another traveler of the same gender. Don’t worry!

Can I have my own room or do I have to share?

You will be paired with someone of the same gender, or you can get your own room for an additional fee of $700.

What’s the Cancellation Policy?

The deposit is non-refundable. Full payment is due 2 months before the trip starts. You can cancel anytime in the lead-up to full payment. After that, there are no refunds (I’ll have done all your permits etc, so it’s difficult on the backend).

If your visa is rejected, I’ll refund everything minus $100 visa admin fees. And if the eVisa system changes in the interim, I’ll offer full refunds to everyone.

Do you have any other epic trips coming up?

Of course! Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Mauritania, Libya, Eritrea, Syria all coming up in 2024 and 2025! You cans see some of them here….

tour to libya
tour to libya

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