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If you’re lucky enough to be planning an Italian holiday, there are so many potential destinations in store for you. Italy is a country just filled with different sorts of places offering everything from incredible art and architecture, rich culture, city life, the ocean and of course some of the best food you’ll taste in the world! This country is a great place to visit to see some truly iconic sights and explore ancient ruins, gorgeous cathedrals and stunning coastlines. You’ll also get your fill of pizza, pasta and amazing gelato as well. Don’t miss these awesome destinations on your Italian holiday:



The most ancient city of them all in Italy is one that you must absolutely have at the top of your list when you visit. Rome is filled with iconic sights and a rich, diverse culture that will leave you spellbound. Visit the Colosseum, the site of gladiator fights in centuries past, and don’t miss St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. It’s smart to show up early to beat the crowds. You can find cheap family holidays to Rome and bring the whole crew.


If you love art and culture, you will absolutely never want to leave Florence. Here, visit Michelangelo’s David, but definitely arrive early in the morning because the line can be hours long in the high season. There are amazing street cafes in Florence, and a gorgeous bridge called Ponte Vecchio where vendors sell incredibly expensive jewelry- fun to window shop!


In the winter months, put Turin on your itinerary as it’s one of the most charming cities in the north of Italy. If you love to ski, spend some time in the foothills of the Alps and enjoy the winter sport while still soaking in Italian culture. Turin is actually the fourth biggest city in Italy, and has got many charming piazzas, museums and delicious coffee shops and cafes.

Cinque Terre

The incredibly stunning five villages of Cinque Terre tower over the coastline in Liguria, making this one place that you must visit on your trip. It’s the perfect combination of ocean views, hiking and great Italian food and culture. You’ll take a boat to the southern-most town, and then hike through the five towns back to the first one. In each, you can stop for delicious gelato and take pictures of the scenery. When you finally reach the last town, splurge on a massive seafood feast to take in all the flavors of the seaside.


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