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Before you even think about the art, the music or the architecture in Rome, the one thing that stands out above all is the passion for food in this city, and great food at that. Italian food is so loved because it stays true to its roots, it packs in flavors and textures like few other nations can and the attitude around food is something which you are unlikely to see anywhere else on the globe. Rome for me is a food Mecca which I would urge you to check out, and here are the 5 must-try dishes when you do.

Pizza Bianca

Every bakery which you see in Rome will offer their own variation of Pizza Balnca, a Focaccia-style pizza bread which is crunchy and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy inside. A perfect snack when dipped in olive oil or balsamic vinegar.

Roscioli Baker in the Campo region offers the very best Pizza Blanca


Cliche as it may be, the very best pizzas in the world are sold here in Rome with their unique dough, beautiful tomato sauce and a range of toppings to blow you away, you haven’t tried pizza until you’ve tried it in Rome.

Best place for pizza that I have tried is Ivo a Trastevere in Trastevere itself.

Quinto Quarto

Like many dishes around the world, this meal was once that of the poor people, with a modern twist however, it has become something very special indeed. One of the most popular foods in Rome, this dish is made with offal, usually sheep’s tripe and tongue, which is stewed for hours in a beautiful concoction of herbs and spices and then mixed with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese, delicious.

Head to Mordi e Vai at the Testaccio market for the best offerings.


I would usually discourage the eating of dishes like carbonara in Italy, especially given that you get it at home and there is such a wonderful range of dishes here which you can’t. With that being said there is something very special about eating a dish like this, when it is done by those who created it. Rich and creamy, this is pasta dish which everyone loves, and when it is made in the Romano style, well, it is nothing short of perfection.

The best restaurant for this is hard to choose but I have given it to De Danilo in the centre of the city.


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