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5 Travel Tips that will Save You Money

August is always a popular time for travelling. And, with the end of summer close by, there’s no better excuse for soaking up as much of the season on a last-minute adventure before you have to face reality once again. To help solidify your end-of-summer plans, here are a few great travel tips that will save you money and make your vaca so much sweeter!


Get A Tourism Card

In many destinations, you can get a tourist card from the local tourism office in most major cities. This card can be really great for saving time and money. It will provide free entry, or at least discounted rates, for a number of different things, including tours, attractions and even some restaurants and public transit.


Avoid Eating in Any Tourist Areas

Try to avoid eating in any places that are frequented by tourists. These places are usually twice the price and not even half as good as what you can get in the local favourites. So instead of forking out for an unimpressive meal on the major strips, ask your hostel or hotel staff for better suggestions.


Use Free Wifi

Another great travel tip is to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. Today, you can find it just about anywhere – Starbucks, libraries, restaurants, and more. So don’t waste your time and money purchasing a SIM card or paying for Internet access.


Avoid Unnecessary Costs

In different countries, you can expect various expenses which you can easily avoid if you do a little research ahead of time. For example, in Paris, the tap water is entirely safe to drink. However, many waiters will take advantage since many tourists don’t know this fact. They will often bring bottled water to the table automatically with a fee added to your bill at the end. So it’s worth it to spend a little time searching through your destination’s ‘norms’ and what can be avoided.


Use A Travel Agency

Some travellers believe that travel agencies can cost you more. But that simply isn’t true, especially when you can utilize one that partners up with airlines and travel wholesalers to offer cheap flights.

At Nanak Flights, for example, you can easily find prices and discounted airline tickets for all domestic and international destinations. They can even help you plan out your trip for ideal departure dates to help save you money.


So when you’re gearing up for your next adventure abroad, don’t forget to implement these travel tips that will save you money, time and aggravation.


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