8 Reasons to Choose Ionian Islands for Your Holidays in 2023

Greek islands are not only known for the variety of landscapes they offer but also for the delicious food and drinks, stunning beaches, reliable and amazing weather and the epic nightlife one gets. If you are looking for variety, Greece is one of the best places where you can go island-hopping and explore the diversity you can find in terms of geography and scenery. Mykonos already has been quite popular with tourists who love to party and have fun. Similarly, Paros is a great destination for those who love to put their feet up and unwind. 

If you have plans for island holidays you can look out for the Ionian Islands in Greece where you can spend your summers. The weather here is pretty reliable and therefore you can make the most of the sunny climate. While there are 20 islands in all, many of them are uninhabited islets. However, the ones that are habited (Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxi, Ithaki, and Kythira) can provide you with an exceptional holiday experience. To begin with, you can enjoy the Ionian villa holidays which would allow you to find the best accommodation when you are visiting these islands.

The Ionian Islands are known for their lush landscape, spectacular beaches and coves and crystal-clear emerald-green waters. Hence, it would be a great idea to spend holidays on the Ionian Islands and make the most of your holidays. 

Let’s take a quick look at 8 reasons why you should opt for the Ionian Island holidays.

Easy Connectivity

One of the main challenges when you are visiting Ionian Islands is easy accessibility. Most of the smaller Greek islands are accessible only by ferry and this can cost you additional time and money. However, when you are planning holidays on the Ionian Islands you can save time as Corfu, Zakynthos and Kefalonia have international airports as well as they also have connectivity via domestic flights from Athens. This makes them one of the easy-to-reach islands which can help you save time. Lefkada and Kythira also have domestic airports which makes them easy to access islands.

Stay Away from the Crowd

If you are someone who loves to stay away from the crowd you would enjoy holidaying on the Ionian Islands. Unlike Mykonos where you can find plenty of tourists partying and enjoying the nightlife, the Ionian Islands of Corfu and Zakynthos and even Ithaki, Paxi and Kythira are relatively quieter. This allows you to enjoy your holidays without having to worry about being in a crowded destination. If you are interested in a peaceful holiday trip the Ionian Islands can provide you with the right experiences that you deserve.

Gorgeous Landscapes

While the Ionian Islands might not be as popular as other Greek islands they certainly offer spectacular landscapes and views that you expect. Kefalonia is among the largest of the Ionian Islands and home to magnificent scenery allowing you to click those gorgeous pictures for your Instagram handle. Lefkada, Corfu and Zakynthos would also offer excellent landscapes and views that would make your trip to Greece worthwhile. 

Stunning Beaches

It would be hard to miss the beaches when you are exploring the Ionian Islands of Corfu, Zakynthos, Ithaki and Kefalonia. When you are exploring Corfu you can explore the Glyfada Beach, or take a stroll through the beaches of Pelekas and Halikounas. Similarly, when you are in Kefalonia you can enjoy the beaches of Myrtos which is among the best beaches in Greece and the Ionian Islands. 

Kathisma Beach in Lefkada is also one of the popular beaches where you can do plenty of water sports activities. Zakynthos already has the popular Shipwreck Beach, but you can also explore Gerakas Beach on the island. Keri Beach in Zakynthos is equally picturesque and offers an excellent landscape. Gidaki Beach in Ithaki is also one of the popular beaches on the Ionian Islands.

Variety of Accommodation

Also, when you are exploring the Ionian Islands you can enjoy the variety of accommodation options you can get. Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Zakynthos can provide visitors with multiple stay options like apartments, villas, hotels and traditional houses. If you are planning to enjoy a luxurious holiday in Greece you can look for various villas which would allow you to stay in comfort and convenience. However, you should also know how to choose the right Greek island for your holiday as different islands would offer you different experiences.

Outdoor Activities

While the Ionian Islands would provide you relief from the crowds and allow you to bask in peace and comfort you can still go ahead and do outdoor activities and adventures. This is a great way to make the most of your trips to any of the Ionian Islands. When you are exploring Zakynthos you can look out for various water sports activities like scuba diving. The clear emerald waters provide a perfect opportunity for tourists to snorkel and scuba dive. 

Corfu is ideal for those who want to hike and explore the Old Town and do village-hopping. Apart from Corfu, you can also look out for hiking in Zakynthos, Lefkada and other Ionian Islands. Kefalonia is quite popular for its food and therefore you can try tasting the cheese, olive oil and wines here. Similarly, you can explore the shorelines of Lefkada, Ithaki and Paxi.

Food and Drinks

When you are exploring any Greek island you are sure to have the best Greek cuisine. The Ionian Islands are no exception and therefore you can find many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the best meals you can get when you are here. 

Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and other Ionian Islands can provide you with excellent Greek food which would add to your overall experience. 

History and Geography

Many of the Ionian Islands like Corfu still have old buildings and structures. You can explore the Old Town which can take you back in time. You can explore the old Greek architecture and the landscape which makes this trip worthwhile. 

Also, from the landscape point of view, you can find diverse landscapes which ensure that none of the seven Ionian Islands feels identical. They all offer a different experience when it comes to the geography and terrain.


If you are planning a Greek trip you can head for the lesser-known Ionian Islands which can provide you with a unique experience. These islands are less crowded and therefore a perfect spot for those who want to unwind and relax. Also, these islands are easy to connect and you can hop to multiple islands using ferries and flights. These islands also provide you with breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. You can also find plenty of accommodation options allowing you to choose from a variety of villas and homes that suit your needs and budget.

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