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Flight Delays & Cancellations – The 5 Main Causes

If we were to choose the perfect way for us to travel I am sure it would go a lot like this; arrive at the airport, breeze through check-in and be handed your boarding card, stroll through security, make it on to the plane and fly away. If you are someone that travels every now and then this might be how every flight has gone. When it doesn’t go to plan what went wrong?

There are a whole of host of things out of your control that could affect your flight. When flights are delayed or even cancelled at airports it is usually down to one of the following main reasons. So let’s take a look at what happens to get your trip off to a bad start and in some cases leaving you ready to claim your flight cancelation compensation.


We’ve all been stood in a huge line that is slowing snaking it’s way through security – at this moment we all have the same thing in our mind, will I miss my flight? There are certain times of the year such as school holidays which will increase the among of people traveling, but there are times when security delays happen in explicably. The staff do their best to point travellers whose flights are part to depart in the right direction for shorter queues but sometimes they are simply overwhelmed and can’t carry out that role. When there are these major delays it’s 50/50 if the airline will hold the plane for people stuck in line – this decision also has a big impact on those passengers who have to wait on the runway.



There are many types of storms that can keep your plane grounded, they are prevented from taking off because it simply is not worth the risk. it’s always a good idea to check the status of your flight before you leave home if you know that the weather is bad or a storm has been forecast. Usually the airlines will book you on to the next available plane once the weather has improved – in some cases when there have been huge amounts of cancelled flights they will offer refunds.


Congestion In The Air

In the USA alone there are over 80,000 flights each day, that seems like a massive number of flights to deal with. Air traffic control are amazing and are well able to deal with this, but sometimes when the traffic increases there can be issues (usually around holidays or major events). These issues will lead to flights being delayed.



When you go to check in to your flight and see a huge queue it will mean that there’s going to be a lot of luggage that needs to be loaded. With a large amount of luggage the staff will be loading the baggage on to the plane up until the last moment. Of course the delays can be frustrating but the aim is to make sure your luggage arrives with you. I can personally say that your luggage does not always arrive at the sometime, sometimes you arrive with just your cabin bag. Make sure you know your rights if they forgot your bag because if it’s going to take a while to reach you you will be entitled to some form of compensation.


Computer Issues

It’s amazing how even a very minor computer glitch can cause havoc with flights around the world, more often than not leading to cancellations and huge delays. Anytime an airline has a computer issue thousands of passengers will be affected. It really doesn’t matter which place you are flying to or from, the bottom line is that if your flight has been delayed or cancelled because of the airline’s computer failure you are entitled to compensation.

Even though sometimes we do get delayed or have our flights cancelled, airlines still provide us with the opportunity to get out and see the world – I do hope you guys have had more positive than negative experiences. I would love to hear all about your best or worst flight stories, all you have to do is pop everything you want to share in the comment section below. I’m really looking forward to reading them!


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