Hot Basketball Markets to Bet On

The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. It has a huge following that extends beyond just basketball fans and into casual bettors as well. The NBA has a long history, with plenty of stories to keep you entertained even if you’re not watching for the game itself. Still, there are some great opportunities to make money on basketball games if you know how to wager on them properly. We’ll cover everything from futures bets through props and moneylines in this article!

Futures: How to Bet on the NBA

Futures are a type of bet that allows you to wager on the outcome of an event before it occurs. While futures bets are available for many sports, they’re most commonly associated with American football and basketball.

Futures bets can be placed at any time before the event takes place, but there’s no guarantee that your particular choice will be available when you want it–especially if there are only a few days left before kickoff or tipoff. You’ll need to do some research beforehand so that you have an idea of whether or not there will be enough time for your favorite team (or player) to win its championship title before making your final decision!

Point spreads

While there are many ways to bet on basketball, one of the most popular is the point spread. The point spread indicates how many points a team is expected to win or lose by their next game. For example, if you bet on Team A and they win by 10 points then your bet will be considered a winner because they won by more than what was predicted by their opponent.

The following chart shows some common terms used when discussing betting lines:

  • Money Line – This type of wager is based solely on who wins or loses without taking into account any other factors such as total points scored or time remaining on the clock at game’s end (the time at which odds change). In other words, it’s simply whether Team A beats Team B or vice versa; nothing else matters!


Moneylines are the most popular way to bet on basketball. They’re also known for being more complicated than point spreads, but if you know what you’re doing and can handle the math, moneylines can be a great opportunity to make some cash!

When betting on a team’s win or loss, moneylines don’t use a point spread–instead, they quote two numbers: one representing how much you have to risk in order to win $100 (the “underdog”) and another representing how much someone else will pay out if they lose their bet on that same team (the “favorite”).

Odds on totals

You can also bet on the total points of a game and whether or not it will go over or under that number. For example, if you think there will be more than 100 points scored in a game, then you would bet “over” 100 (or “o”). If not, then you’d select “under” 100 (u).

The same goes for halves: You can place your bets on how many points will be scored in each half of play. For instance, if you think both teams will score at least 20 points during halftime but less than 40 points in regulation time (first half), then this would be considered an “over/under.”

Props and futures

Props and futures are the two most popular ways to bet on basketball. A prop is a one-time bet, while futures are bets that can be placed on teams who will win championships (such as the NBA Finals) or specific players who’ll score certain numbers of points in a game. 

Futures have different odds than props because they’re based on future events rather than present ones–this makes them riskier but also potentially more profitable if everything goes right! In addition to futures being riskier than props due to their longer timeframes, there aren’t always as many options available for each market either: some betting sites only offer props or futures while others may have both types but with fewer selections than others sites might provide – so make sure before placing any bets!

Home team score

The home team is the team that plays in the arena of their hometown while the away team is the one that plays in another city. The home team score represents how many points were scored by each team during a game.

For example, if you bet on “Home Team Score” for a basketball match between New York Knicks and Washington Wizards and New York wins with 100 points, then your bet will be successful and you’ll get paid 1:1 (one dollar for every dollar).

Away team score

The away team score is the score of the visiting team. They can also be called away points or road points.

The away team score is typically expressed as a negative number, like -7.5 or 7-3 ATS (against the spread).

Total points in the game

You can bet on the total points in a basketball game. You’re basically betting on how many points will be scored by both teams combined, so if you think one team will win by 20 points and another team will lose by 10, then your bet would be for 30 points total.

If you want to get the best odds on this type of bet, it’s important to shop around until you find some good value. You’ll notice that different sportsbooks offer different prices for their props (propositions).


We hope you enjoyed learning about the different ways to bet on basketball. We know it can be a little daunting at first, but we promise that once you get the hang of it, it’ll be so much fun! If there are any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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