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Every country in the world DONE! What’s next?

So what’s next? It’s been 2 weeks or so since I left Norway, my last country on my 10 year journey to every country in the world. It’s been a hell of a ride, doing medical research to fund my flight to Asia, leaving Irelan...

Motivational Monday; Advice from my 33 year old self to my 23 year old self

It’s 5am, the sun is rising beside me as I’m writing from the rooftop of an Indian fishing boat after an epic 4 day trip through the Arabian ocean to finally see the Dragon Blood Trees of Socotra, Yemen. As I stand on the cusp of finishing...

Socotra, Yemen. Where Avatar meets Jurassic Park

There are very few places in the world who can put forward a genuine, warranted claim to be be the most beautiful place on the planet. And amongst the ones that claim, you would see only the usual suspects – The Galapagos islands perhaps? M...
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4 Days on a Cement Boat to Socotra. How I Became the Only Tourist in Yemen

*Dedicated to YahYa, without whom, I would never have been able to get to Yemen, thank you mate. I had been stuck on 194/197 countries since visiting Oman in June 2016, after really traveling through almost 200 countries over a whole decade...
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Backpacking in Mogadishu; Not the Smartest Thing I’ve Ever Done

I’ll admit it, I was scared to visit Somalia properly, and even back in 2010 during my South Africa to Syria by public transport stint, when I had the chance to ‘fake’ visit Somalia I was still terrified. After a few too m...

How Not To Visit Every Country In The World. My 5 Failed Attempts At Yemen…

197 countries in the world, it’s taken me 10 years to reach 195. Aside from a year teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand and a year in Sydney, Australia during my only ‘real’ job, I’ve been on the road, averaging ...
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Motivational Monday; My DNA Journey, Where I Come From

195 of 197 countries, just Yemen and Norway left. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel through (not just visit for 2 hours!) almost every country in the world, normally for weeks on end in each nation, often hmosted by generous famili...
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Motivational Monday: How I made $25, 000USD in 19 Days in January

Happy new year folks, it’s January, we’re back to normality after New Years, Christmas and holiday season, and personally after my 2 week charity trip to Cambodia with our GiveBackGiveAway.com foundation, 10 days in India for Ch...
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Racing a TukTuk around Sri Lanka! My brand ambassadorship with Large Minority!

RACING TUKTUKS AROUND SRI LANKA? YES PLEASE! As my audience grows, and my social media grows, brands contact me all the time asking to work together, and 100% of the time I say no, other than Momondo and FitBit, 2 brands I personally used f...

The Royal Caribbean Intern’ship’, the Best Job Ever!

THE PRIZE Fly to Barcelona, a week Royal Caribbean cruise in the Mediterranean (all expenses paid), then fly to Beijing, a week Royal Caribbean cruise in East Asia (all expenses paid), then fly to New York and a weekRoyal Caribbean  cruise...

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