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Despite Brazil’s reputation as one of the world’s most crime-ridden countries, it is generally safe for travellers and foreigners to visit this vibrant and naturally diverse place, especially with the security and protection surrounding them. A large country like Brazil has many people and many small towns and countrysides that are safer for tourists; that said, the latter are safer destinations as crime rates are higher in the cities. Not only should you know which specific places and paths are safest in this vast land, but how to stay safe no matter where you are in Brazil:


  1. Keep your belongings close



Tourists who are going to extremely crowded places are advised to not wear any jewelry or a money belt, and to keep all their money in an inside pocket of their clothing. Another piece of advice I can give to them is to only bring the money you’ll need for the day in a safe place around your person, with the rest safely hidden away wherever you are staying – along with other important documents.


  1. Look Brazilian


We had written several JustFly reviews about how to blend in with the locals, how to be accepted by the latter, what things to avoid in certain countries, and how to avoid looking like a tourist. These all help make tourists in Brazil safer. When they’re in the streets, they can get used to a uniform of shorts, shirts, flip-flops, ditch the extensive pulling out and boring your eyes into a map, or whipping out your expensive camera – otherwise, you’ll just attract unwanted attention.


  1. Outdoor activities


Brazilian food can be inspiring and dining in a restaurant a relatively relaxed experience, but you should always keep on guard against Brazil’s infamous criminal activities. Stop hanging your bag behind your chair while eating; keep it on the floor tied up to your feet or the table leg, and avoid withdrawing from ATM machines in the streets, opting for ones inside banks or shopping malls instead.


  1. Sun and surf


The beaches of Brazil, especially those of Rio de Janeiro, are ideal to lounge in, but they’re also the sites for gang trawling by groups who scare off the beach crowds to feast on the things they may leave behind. The whole thing can be chaotic and traumatic for travellers, who likely never experienced anything of the sort elsewhere.  As with everything else, don’t bring too many items to the beach; it’s easier to blend in when everyone’s wearing the same summer essentials.


  1. Off the beaten path


When at your hostel or hotel, ask which roads are safe to walk in if you have to go out after dark, or which ones you should watch out for as some side streets are unsafe to travel in. As with most cities, don’t wander late at night off the main walkways and stick instead to safe paths that had been recommended to you.



Read more tips on how to travel safe to other countries, what are the stories and cultural features of some, and other travel-related articles, all brought to you by JustFly reviews. Brazil is a wonderful place that is possible to enjoy without fear and hassle, if you are knowledgeable of these 5 tips on how to stay safe while having fun in it.


*All images are from CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay




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