Pittsburgh, once primarily heralded for its legacy as the Steel City, has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. Today, it’s not just the city’s rich industrial history that draws attention, but also the allure of the best suburbs in Pittsburgh that surround its urban heart. 

These suburbs, each with its distinct charm, have become sanctuaries for families, professionals, and retirees alike. The blend of modern amenities, natural beauty, and historic landmarks in these areas showcases a diverse tapestry of living experiences that few other cities can rival. 

As a result, the best suburbs in Pittsburgh have become focal points for those seeking the ideal balance between the vibrant energy of city life and the peaceful respite of suburban living.

The increasing demand for properties in these suburbs underscores their popularity and growth potential. Each suburb offers a unique landscape, from rolling hills to serene waterways, creating picturesque backdrops for residents. 

Furthermore, the infrastructure, schools, and community events in these locales are often of top-tier quality, making them even more attractive to potential homeowners. It’s no wonder that there’s a noticeable trend of people expressing their love for moving to these areas, seeking a piece of the tranquility and community spirit they offer.

Why Suburbs?

The best suburbs in Pittsburgh offer a unique blend of the tranquility of country living and the buzz of urban life. They act as sanctuaries away from the hustle and bustle, yet remain close enough to benefit from the amenities of the city. With moving companies often reporting increased requests to these areas, one can’t help but compare the lure of suburbs to a refreshing glass of iced tea on a hot summer day – it’s where you want to be when seeking respite.

Top 15 Suburbs of Pittsburgh

1. Mount Lebanon

Regarded as one of the best suburbs in Pittsburgh, Mount Lebanon, with its historic districts and charming homes, is the epitome of suburban sophistication. As of the latest data, the suburb boasts a thriving community spirit, numerous parks, and a diverse population, making it a top pick for those looking to relocate.

2. Fox Chapel

Fox Chapel is one of the more affluent Pittsburgh suburbs. Known for its tree-lined streets and sprawling estates, it reflects grandeur. It’s no surprise that movers are frequently seen helping families settle into their dream homes here.

3. O’Hara Township

O’Hara Township offers serene riverside views, complemented by a strong sense of community. For those looking for a blend of nature and modernity in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, this locale provides a balanced offering.

4. Pine Township

When people mention the best suburbs in Pittsburgh, Pine Township often tops the list. Renowned for its top-notch schools, it’s also dotted with shopping centers and parks, making it a favorite among families.

5. Sewickley

As one of the historically-rich suburbs of Pittsburgh, Sewickley offers a distinctive charm. Its village appeal combined with its riverside location makes it a preferred choice for many seeking the best Pittsburgh suburbs.

6. Bethel Park

Nestled comfortably a short distance from downtown, Bethel Park is often hailed as one of the best suburbs in Pittsburgh. With its efficient public transport system, including the T Light Rail system, residents enjoy easy access to the city while residing in an area known for its strong community bonds and excellent educational institutions. Movers have noted an uptick in families moving to this area, highlighting its growing popularity.

7. Upper St. Clair

One can’t speak about Pittsburgh suburbs without mentioning Upper St. Clair. It’s a magnet for those who prioritize education, as its school district consistently ranks among the best. Its scenic parks and recreation areas further enhance its allure, making it a hotspot for nature enthusiasts.

8. Wexford

Wexford, with its upscale shopping centers and gourmet restaurants, offers a touch of luxury to its residents. But it’s not just about the glitz; this suburb also boasts beautiful landscapes and a tight-knit community vibe. For those seeking the best Pittsburgh suburbs with a blend of sophistication and warmth, Wexford stands out.

9. Peters Township

Families rave about Peters Township due to its low crime rates, making it one of the safe neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. The area is replete with walking trails, parks, and community centers, ensuring there’s always something to engage its residents.

10. Mars

Don’t let the out-of-this-world name fool you; Mars is very much grounded in its community-centric values. A highlight of this suburb is its charming town center, complete with a flying saucer landmark. As one of the best suburbs in Pittsburgh, Mars offers a unique mix of quirkiness and tradition.

11. Cranberry Township

Cranberry Township is frequently on the radar for those eyeing the best Pittsburgh suburbs. With its plethora of shopping options, community events, and easy highway access, it’s a blend of convenience and culture.

12. Aspinwall

For those seeking waterfront views in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Aspinwall is a prime choice. Located along the Allegheny River, it offers serene vistas, complemented by boutique shops and local eateries that ooze charm.

13. Nevillewood

Golf enthusiasts frequently lean towards Nevillewood, thanks to its stunning golf course. Beyond the greens, this suburb is known for its luxurious homes and upscale lifestyle, making it a sought-after spot among the elite.

14. Scott Township

Scott Township strikes a balance between residential serenity and commercial hustle. Its diverse housing options, ranging from cozy apartments too expensive homes, make it attractive to a wide demographic. Not to mention, its parks and community events add to its vibrancy.

15. Hampton Township

Rounding off our list, Hampton Township is frequently lauded for its strong sense of community and excellent schools. Its lush green spaces and annual community events ensure that there’s always a buzz of activity, making it one of the best suburbs in Pittsburgh for families and singles alike.

Why Live in Pittsburgh’s Best Suburbs?

The Charm of Community

Opting for the best suburbs in Pittsburgh means you’re not just getting a house; you’re gaining a community. The neighborhood events, local farmer’s markets, and communal festivities transform mere living spaces into homes.

Excellent Education Options

A huge draw to the best Pittsburgh suburbs is their educational facilities. Many of these regions are known for their top-tier schools, making them a haven for families. After all, who wouldn’t want their child to attend the best institutions?

Recreation and Green Spaces

When exploring the suburbs of Pittsburgh, the abundance of parks, hiking trails, and recreational areas stands out. It’s a testament to the region’s commitment to offering residents both relaxation and recreation.


The best suburbs in Pittsburgh are more than just residential areas. They are hubs of culture, history, nature, and modernity. As more people recognize their allure, moving companies are becoming essential, helping many find their dream homes in these neighborhoods. So, with the help of movers, which of these suburbs will you call home?

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