Virtual Reality Vacations: The Next Step in Travel and Technology

Vacations were always limited by time and money. You only had a certain amount of time to explore your destination before leaving. And only so much money to spend before it was time to hitch a ride back home.

But now, new changes are on the horizon. Virtual reality means that people can scratch their travel itch from their own homes. You’re not constrained by anything. Instead, you can spend as long as you want visiting the places that matter most.

As VR tech advances, virtual vacations are becoming more lifelike and exciting. Even if you are heading away soon, VR travel can allow you to research and get a lay of the land before your trip.

But the world of tech is fast-moving and can be expensive. It can be difficult to know what tech tools are worth your time and investment. Read on to discover seven of the best VR vacations you can take right now.

Brink Traveler

Brink Traveler is a VR travel experience like no other. It offers breathtaking 3D experiences with incredible detail, scale, and immersion. Innovative 6-degrees of Freedom (6DOF) technology allows you to explore locations like in the real world. Simply step into a postcard and be transported across the globe. 

A huge benefit of using Brink Traveler is its accessibility. It works on all phones, tablets, VR headsets and more. You can take a virtual trip to Death Valley or Mount Cook, regardless of your device. Moreover, you can share your experiences with friends and recreate a group adventure. 

Blueplanet VR Explorer v2

With over 100 locations, Blueplanet VR Explorer v2 is a unique way of exploring the planet. Whether sacred temples or nuclear reactor sites, places you visit are brought to life in vivid detail and full spatial perception. This allows you to feel and explore like you’re there in person.

Some areas even allow for hang-gliding flights. This allows you to glide across beautiful terrains to take in the landscapes in all their glory. And if you enjoy the tool, a series of different expansion packs are available to tailor your holiday destinations to your travel interests.


Love nature? Want to blend travel with learning? Then ecosphere from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is your go-to virtual vacation tool. From the rain forests of Borneo to the coral reefs of Raja Ampat, travelers can see up close all the animals and biomes the charity is working to protect.

And who doesn’t love a personal tour guide? Your trip will be narrated by Emmy Award-winning actress and ambassador to WWF Anna Friel. She will teach you all about the animals they see and the conservation work the charity is focused on.

When We Stayed Home

The global pandemic of 2020 stopped the world in its tracks. And COVID-19 essentially shut down the travel industry. This meant that travelers had to stay at home, and most of the world’s most famous sites and attractions lay empty.

However, the pandemic offered a unique opportunity for people to document the world. When We Stayed Home takes a VR look at some of the most popular destinations worldwide, including Paris, Tokyo, Venice and Jerusalem. No crowds or queues in sight. Instead, travelers can enjoy front-row seats to the unspoilt sights of these cities.


Wooorld is a collaborative VR tool you can experience alone, with friends, or with a group. Create your avatar and explore hundreds of cities and landmarks in vivid, 3D detail.

With body tracking technology, you only need to grab the map and manipulate it to your liking. Scan, pan, or zoom—this tech tool allows you to visit any location and play games that test travel knowledge. It can make planning a trip not only effortless but lots of fun, too!

National Geographic Explore VR

National Geographic is famous for documenting the best of the natural world, so it’s no surprise that National Geographic Explore VR is an excellent VR tool to consider.

There are two unique locations you can venture to right now. These include kayaking around Antarctica’s icebergs or scaling Machu Picchu. All the while, you can learn about and interact with these locations.


Whether London Bridge, the Great Pyramids, or a home address, Wander is an amazing app that allows you to teleport around the world. Once you decide on a location, you can sit back and enjoy 360-degree still images of your location.

Integrated with Wikipedia, Wander allows you to draw up lots of information in real time. This way, you can learn as you travel. It also uses image data from Street View, allowing you to travel across different periods in one spot. This means that virtually any spot you land can be its own little history tour.

More exciting tech that takes travel to the next level

Virtual reality travel is not the only innovation that is changing how we travel. Besides VR, there are other tech tools making trips easier, such as eSIMs. These virtual SIM cards allow you to change local networks hassle-free with the help of an app.

But how do they work? Well, when you download an eSIM app, you will see a list of local service providers that offer the best service at your desired destination. Simply pick a data plan that suits your needs. Activate it just before you leave. When you touch down abroad, you can enjoy immediate and guaranteed connectivity.

With the help of an eSIM, you’ll have peace of mind that you can connect to the internet and keep in touch with loved ones. You’ll also be able to avoid costly roaming charges, helping to keep the price of your trip low.

The final word on virtual reality vacations

Virtual travel is an exciting new way for everyone to explore new places around the world. With the click of a button, you can teleport to somewhere totally unexpected. It’s an experience that is worth trying out.

But if, at some point, you’ll want to pack your bags and camera and go see these places in real life. Tech tools like eSIMs can help you enjoy your vacation by ensuring you stay connected no matter where in the world you find yourself.

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