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If you’ve been following my blog over the last year you’ll know that I’ve switched to the Vegan lifestyle and signed up to do some pretty awesome challenges – both decisions I can honestly say have made my life much better.

Being a vegan these days can be easy when in a major city because you’re never too far away from a quality new restaurant serving up an Acai bowl or other awesome food (although back in my hometown of Kilkeel my mum rustles up amazing vegan treats when needed!). It can be a bit more tricky when on the road or running a marathon for example. To make things easier I decided to research for weeks about the best vegan supplements out there on the market.

After hours on the internet, endless Skype calls with friends and recommendations from fellow vegan travellers, there was one name that kept coming up – VITL. I thought that there had to be a reason why everyone was raving about VITL, so I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. The hype was real and I don’t think I’ll go a day without it from now on!

So Who and What is VITL?

The good people at VITL have created a huge selection of top class vitamins which are thankfully available to all types of budgets and requirements. They aim to make sure they give your body the kickstart it needs at the beginning of day.

Of course when I was doing my research I had to make sure that they were 100% vegan and good for the environment too. So after reading how they are a member of the Vegan Society and source all of their non GMO vitamins in a sustainable way, I was in. Pretty much all of the packaging they use for their products is made up of recycled materials.

What you’ll really love about VITL is that they create a personalised set of daily vitamins for you, this makes sure you’re getting the most from your nutritional programme. They even have a variety of payment plans, so you can sign up to the one that suits your wallet – I love the fact they’re not pricing people out of being healthy.

What’s their mission?

If you head over to the VITL website it’s really easy to see that they have 3 very clear aims:

– Simpler For You: They’ve made it super easy to use and follow, everything from doing the consultation to actually having them in your hand is simle.

– Better For You: Only the top ingredients are added to make the vitamins, there’s no GMOs, it’s all sourced sustainably and furthermore, they’re filler free (which means they absorbed by the body quickly.

– Made For You: All the supplements you receive will have been created for your specific needs.

Are they working for me?

Easy answer – YES! I was so used to taking multivitamins and other pills each morning – VITL has made the whole process so much easier. When I first got the box I noticed how professional it was. It’s actually hard to miss when it’s sat there on my kitchen shelf, that helps me to never forget them in the morning. Once you get the box open you will find the tablet strips plus a booklet explaining exactly what each tablet does and how it’s going to benefit your body. I think it’s always nice when I have a little info about what I’m going to be taking each day, it also gives you more confidence.

Remember the little tablet boxes our grannies used to have which we then used as our daily vitamin box? Well, you can forget about those because VITL has put all of the daily tablets in one easy strip. All you do is people off the strip and take the tablets – they even have the days of the week on the front – it doesn’t get much easier than that folks.

I can honestly say that I feel like I have more energy each day and are a huge improvement on what I was taking before. At first the tablets can seem a little big, but that’s just because they’re packed full of goodness!

After the vitamins worked so well I decided to try out their vegan pea protein, that has proved to be an absolute winner too! I’m really excited to try more of their stuff and see what they come up with next. Even if you’re not vegan I’d highly recommend you give VITL a go, it’s working for me.

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