YouTube Subscribers vs. YouTube Views – What is More Important?

YouTube views and their importance is an incredibly controversial topic. Some people consider them a valid metric for determining a video’s quality and popularity. Others reject the influence of YouTube views. YouTube subscribers take the second position to the number of views. But, there are different tools where you can get YouTube subscribers and YouTube views. Stormviews

YouTube Subscribers and YouTube Views Defined 

YouTube subscribers are individuals that choose to follow a channel and content to stay updated on the latest videos. Essentially, a subscriber is a fan that watches, shares, and comments about the videos that are uploaded on a channel. Building a strong and loyal subscriber base is very important when it comes to creating a strong online community. When a YouTube channel has many subscribers, it’s likely to get more targeted traffic, exposure and views. 

YouTube views, on the other hand, are the number of times that a YouTube video has been played or watched. YouTube views are a crucial measure of the overall popularity of a video. Because YouTube wants to ensure that only actual humans view a video and not a computer program, the platform has systems that determine legit views. After a video has been uploaded, YouTube might not show legit views as its systems work. It’s only after counting legit views that the numbers are updated. The duration taken to do this depends on the viewership and popularity of a video. Views are continuously validated. 

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Online marketers want to get more YouTube subscribers for their channels. That’s because having more subscribers on a YouTube channel influences how people perceive it. Essentially, having more YouTube subscribers is social proof. That’s because it reflects the channel’s popularity. This can convince more people to subscribe to the channel. In turn, your brand gets increased traffic and views on the uploaded videos. That is why YouTube users are so willing to have more views and often look for opportunities to buy YouTube views on EarthWeb.

Several strategies can be used to increase YouTube subscribers, including the following: 

  • Interact constantly- YouTube is an online community. It’s not just a place where people host videos. When you see this platform this way, you will use it to interact with people that visit it every day. Therefore, interact with people that view, share, and comment on your videos. Support other people by commenting, liking, and subscribing to their channels. Just like with other social media, the more you give on YouTube, the more you will get. 
  • Asking for subscribers- You can increase your YouTube subscribers by asking people to subscribe to your channel if they like your video. To do this, include a call to action in your video. Your call to action should be compelling to convince people to subscribe. 
  • Use annotations- An annotation is a colorful sticky note that is pasted over a video after it has been uploaded. This is an overused too, but if placed strategically, it can make a significant difference in YouTube marketing efforts. You can use a call-to-action annotation or a click-to-action annotation in your videos. 
  • Add YouTube widgets to your website or blog- If you have a website or a blog, leverage visitors to these places by asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can use a call-to-action graphic or a YouTube subscription widget to the sidebar of your website or blog. 
  • Promote your YouTube channel on other platforms- Promote your channel and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ask people to watch your videos and subscribe to stay updated on the new videos that you publish. 

While doing this, be consistent and provide value. People want to know that they can count on your channel to provide quality and relevant videos. What’s more, be remarkable by taking the right approach. Convey your video content in an entertaining and engaging format to stand out from your competitors. 

How to Get More YouTube Views 

The number of views that a video has is the first thing that new viewers notice first. A YouTube video with about a million views is considered more popular. As such, most people consider it worth watching. 

In most cases, views count is what casual viewers need to decide to watch a YouTube video. The subject or topic of a video may not interest a casual viewer when it comes to deciding to watch a video. Thus, a casual YouTube user is sometimes swayed into viewing a viral video just because they consider it accessible. Nevertheless, several tactics can increase YouTube views when appropriately implemented. 

They include the following: 

  • Adhere to the YouTube basics- Make sure that you have taken care of all YouTube fundamentals. Some of the basics of YouTube housekeeping include maintaining a visual identity consistently, creating an informative and complete about section, and providing the latest contact information. 
  • Select a specific niche- Identify your target niche and focus on creating and publishing videos that interest the audience.  
  • Optimize your videos for organic searches- Include keyword-rich and descriptive titles in your videos. Additionally, include keyword-rich and quality video descriptions. Your thumbnail image and tags should also be optimized for search results. Also, create optimized transcripts of all videos. Such tactics will make your video rank well and become more visible to the target audience. 
  • Use end screens and cards to get direct traffic for your videos- end screens and cards can be used to bypass the YouTube algorithm and influence the next choice of the audience directly. Cards are interactive, clickable areas that show up during the video play. The audience can use them to select the next video to watch. Cards are simple pop-ups that add value and can be used to suggest the following video for viewers. 
  • Create playlists- Creating and organizing YouTube video playlists can minimize the chances of having a viewer move on to the next channel. When you have a playlist, the next video will begin once the one a user is watching. Thus, a playlist can be used to somehow guide viewers on the content to consume. 

In addition to these tactics, you can increase your YouTube views by establishing relationships with the audience. Do this by engaging and interacting with the existing audience. Be realistic, sustainable, and organic in your videos. What’s more, promote your videos on other social media platforms and ask more people to subscribe. 

In a nutshell, both YouTube subscribers and YouTube views are important. But, getting more YouTube subscribers can translate to more targeted traffic, exposure, and views. 

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