When people visit Israel, they often flock to the historical sights, check out all the things to do in Jerusalem, and follow in the Religious historical footprints. It’s understandable, but you really shouldn’t miss out on Tel Aviv! Tel Aviv is the most modern city in Israel. This bustling metropolis has everything you need for a top trip in Israel; beautiful beaches, hip boutique shops, seriously good food and historical sites. There are so many things to do here you could easily spend a week or more exploring. Let’s look at 10 THINGS TO DO IN TEL AVIV.

Things to do in Tel Aviv
Top 10 Things to do in Tel Aviv

1) Frishman Beach & Aviv Beach

Due to its coastal location, Tel Aviv is blessed with awesome stretches of golden sand. I would recommend going during the week because at the weekend they’re full of people looking to relax, take pictures and enjoy the sun. There are 4 beaches that locals recommend; Gordon Beach, Banana Beach, Frishman Beach and Aviv. So take your pick, they’re all similar.  There’s everything you need to have a good day out such as showers, sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. When the sun goes down there are lots of places along the promenade to enjoy food and a drink too, and the Israelis now how to drink!

Things to do in Tel Aviv
Things to do in Tel Aviv; Hit the beach!

2) Old Jaffa & Jaffa Port

Old Jaffra is perhaps the main sight in all of Tel Aviv, it’s where Jonah boarded his ship before being swallowed by the huge fish. One of the oldest ports in the world too. Make sure you check out the nearby Flea Market too, it’s super famous, with plenty of bargains to be had – I picked up Star of David necklace as a souvenir. The walk alone on the promenade makes visiting Jaffa worthwhile, so from Old Jaffra take yourself down to the Port and take advantage of happy hour at sunset at the various bars there too.

HOW TO VISIT OLD JAFFA? There are no tickets as such, so go for a wander. For the Flea Market and food though, you can book an awesome 2 hour guided food tour, showing you the real Old Jaffra food highlights

Things to see in Tel Aviv
Things to see in Tel Aviv; Old Jaffa

3) Walk from Levinski Street to Neve Tzedek, via Nahalt Binyamin

Take a google-map-guided mini walking tour (just 17 minutes walking time!) from Levinski Street to Neve Tzedek, via Nahalt Binyamin. Levinski Street.

Start at the uber cool Levinski Market on Levinski Street and do some shopping, before making your way to Nahalt Binyamin. This is the spot to pick up some great handicrafts, memories of your trip in Tel Aviv, or gifts for the family. Arts and crafts lovers will have a field day at the Nachalat Binyamin market. It is one of the largest of its kind in Israel and a great place for you to pick up some unique souvenirs. Everything you see is handmade and the people bargaining with you will be the creator. Its right next door to the Carmel Market (mentioned below), so spend hours perusing what’s on offer. Keep your eyes peeled for the perfect Shofar to remind you of your Tel Aviv days.

You’ll end up in Neve Tzedek, this neighbourhood is famous for being the prettiest in Tel Aviv. People love to come here to stroll through the narrow streets, taking pics with the interesting architecture as the background and also do a spot of shopping. There are loads of nice little shops as well as some quaint little cafes to have lunch. Great for getting an Insta-worthy profile pic.

What to do in Tel Aviv

4) Haggle At The Carmel Market

If you don’t mix it up in a local market then you really are missing out. Head down to the Carmel market to get a taste of local life and give your haggling a practice. The place is a sensory overload, there’s loads of colour, smell and noise. This was one of the most fun places we went to in Tel Aviv, and it begs the question, does Israel have the best food in the whole world? Very possible, and I’d say yes if you’re a veggie like me!

TOP-TIP: Take a food tour around Carmel Market to get the best of everything!

What to do in Tel Aviv
What to do in Tel Aviv

5) Tel Aviv Museum Of Art

Whenever I visit a new city I make a real effort to learn about the culture and arts, there’s no better place than this museum. Housed within its walls is the largest Israeli art collection anywhere on the planet. Not only do they have pieces created by famous Israeli artists but also work from the likes of Van Gogh and Monet. If you’re travelling with the kids then this is a great place to take them, there are loads of activities to keep them occupied for the whole day.

TOP-TIP: On a budget? This is free entry!

Things to do in Tel Aviv
Things to do in Tel Aviv

6) Azrieli Observatory

I can’t visit a city without getting a bird’s eye view. If you’re the same as me, then the 360-degree views of Tel Aviv from the top floor of the landmark Azrieli Center Circular Tower is a must-see. It’s the highest observatory in all of the middle east!

TOP-TIP: Entrance to the observatory is via the 3rd floor inside the Azrieli Mall, and it’s only $7 all the way to the deck on the 49th floor!

What to see in Tel Aviv
What to see in Tel Aviv; The Azrieli Observatory

7) Sarona

This complex is the place to go if you’re a foodie and shopping addict. Its ideally located in the heart of the city. There are lots of hip restaurants and chic boutiques. The main draw these days in the Sarona Complex is the food market, it’s one of the newest addition to this local hotspot and is something you shouldn’t miss out on. What’s different about the food market here in comparison to the ones mentioned above are the prices. You’ll know as soon as you enter that prices are going to match your surroundings.

TOP-TIP: A self-guided food tour is the best way to ‘independently’ check out Sarona without missing the best bits!


8) BauHaus Buildings

Where ever you go in Tel Aviv you’ll notice that the architecture really stands out. The city is also known as ‘the white city’ and that’s down to the white Bauhaus buildings that are found throughout Tel Aviv. So the best thing to do is head out for a stroll around the famous streets (Rothschild and Dizengoff), look up and check out the famous white architecture.

Things to do in Tel Aviv
Things to do in Tel Aviv


9) Chilling By The Port/The Clock Tower

Within Old Jaffa is the iconic clock tower, showcasing the Ottomon Period of Palestine. The tower commemorates the Israelis killed in the battle during the 1948 Arab-Israel War, so it’s steeped in history. Grab a coffee and watch the world go by.

Nearby is the port, and in the not so distant past, the port area used to be a shabby part of town with abandoned buildings occupying some prime real estate. Thankfully there’s been a major transformation recently, now the port is awash with culture, shops, restaurants and plenty of places to keep you entertained. It’s a huge hit with the foreigners and locals, you’ll see at the weekend it’s packed out. Families take full advantage of the area by day and at night its taken over by those looking to party the night away.

Things to see in Tel Aviv
Things to see in Tel Aviv; Jaffa clock tower

10) Yarkon Park and River

Tel Aviv is busy. A city that showcases the Middle East meeting the West, so after filling your boots with the other things to do in Tel Aviv, it’s time to slow the pace down. In the north of the city, Yarkon Park and Yarkon River are the perfect spots to bring your book, a bottle of wine, and kickback. The park has a botanical garden, an aviary, even a waterpark if that’s your thing! 

TOP-TIP: Do the park last. You earned your break. It’s also a great place to go for a run!

Things to do in Tel Aviv
Things to do in Tel Aviv

How Long Should I Spend in Tel Aviv?

2 days and 2 nights is ideal, and make it the weekend. The nightlife in Tel Aviv is AMAZING!

What’s the Best Time to Vist Tel Aviv?

The best times to visit Tel Aviv are April through May and October through November. Although, all year-round is honestly fine though.

Thoughts on the Top 10 Things to Do in Tel Aviv?

Spend 2 days here, and you’ll fall in love it. It’s an energetic, youthful city, with start-ups, and bohemian bars. There are a lot of things to do in Tel Aviv to keep tourists occupied fo a couple of days, but it’s also a great city to spend weeks, months and years in. It would be an easy place to live. 

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