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It’s always a huge dilemma – you’ve got all the stuff you want to bring placed on your bed at home, you stare at it then glance at your tiny rucksack, then back at your bed and back at your rucksack once more…. Nope, it’s just not gonna fit!

traveling backpack

This is the scenario every first-time traveler finds themselves in as they prepare to embark on their intrepid journey. In fact, this is the scenario I continue to find myself in every time I get ready to set off on another jaunt across the globe (you never learn!). So, in an attempt to refine the arduous task of packing your backpack – here is a list of things that you absolutely, categorically, unconditionally should bring with you as you leave – everything is can be sorted out at a later date:

1)  Tiger balm: The answer to most minor medical needs actually (those ancient Chinese peeps really knew there stuff), and certainly the most effective remedy to mosquito bites. Small, compact and cheap – stock up before you leave.

2) Flash drive/USB pen: The bigger the better, (16GB, 32GB) Either way, they are a great way to back up your priceless travel pics not to mention all the music and movies you can, and will, ‘borrow’ from your fellow travelers

3) Tablets: Echinacea and Multivitamins – absolutely. Echinacea to keep all the standard traveling ailments at bay (read common cold etc) and multivitamins to supplement your diet of foreign beer and local food

4) Padlock: you often can use hostel lockers for free but you will need your own lock. Also, it stops opportunistic straying hands from entering the depths of your rucksack

5)  Money:

Cards: Bring at least 2 cards, preferably one Visa and one Mastercard as both aren’t accepted everywhere. Keep them separate so you’re not entirely screwed when you get pick pocketed by the local rapscallion. If you have to take only one, take visa – it’s generally more widely accepted.

$200 Cash: Don’t shout it from the rooftops but this is a real necessity, just keep in hidden somewhere obscure (who’s going to want to rummage around your dirty underwear on the off chance of finding some cash). This will be a godsend when the one cash machine in the town your in doesn’t work, you have no way to contact anyone, it’s raining and you really, really need somewhere to sleep!

6) Havianas: These have to be the most comfortable, robust, durable and effortlessly cool flipflops on the market. Buy the originals and they’ll last you the whole trip – a much better investment than the 8 cheap copies you will continually buy as you wander around Asia!

7)  Documents: This includes photocopies of your passport, driving license and travel insurance. Also, bring at least 6 passport photos too – true it might be cheaper to get them done in another country but when you’re at a border, and you can’t get through without a couple, you’ll be delighted at yourself for having the foresight to have a few wedged somewhere in your wallet.

8 ) A journal, a pen and a bag of motivation: Keeping a journal can seem like a real chore and no doubt  it is hard work but when you get home you’ll have wished you were more diligent with it. So maximize your chances of writing regularly and bring all the things you need to stay up to date.

9) Mini medi-kit: I really mean mini – all you ‘really’ need is a box of plasters/band-aids, a pair of small scissors, a bottle of iodine and some decent painkillers. My recommendation? Red Bali Kratom capsules, or really any strain, as long as its from a reliable vendor like Kona Kratom or Star Kratom. Anything that requires more probably also requires a trip to the doctors where they will invariably have a much bigger array of materials at their disposal.

10) Condoms: As the traveling mantra so wisely states “Take only memories and leave only footprints”, so pay heed to this, relish the memories and don’t feel the need to take back a nice bout of syphilis to remind you of the great time you had overseas!

And a few things not to bring…

Sunglasses – you’ll be able to buy a pair of Raybans (of dubious originality) for a dollar or two on every street corner

Any white clothing – they might look fresh and clean now but after a week or two of traveling, some dodgy handwashing and getting whacked back in your bag every day, fresh and clean they won’t be for long!

A good phone – if you feel the need to stay connected (as I do) then avoid the temptation to bring your iphone or blackberry. Ask your sister for her crap hand-me-down, make sure it’s unlocked for all networks and your good to go, without the fear of getting mugged!

Toploading rucksack/backpack. This deserves a special mention to be honest – try your utmost to get a rucksack that opens along a side zip. I have watched countless people struggle with getting their favourite Tshirt from the bottom of their toploading bag, having to remove everything! Don’t be one of them! 😛

Ok, so I think that about wraps up the bag packing session. Try not to take too much, even for a long trip anything over 15kgs is excessive and realistically 10-12kg is perfect. Good luck and safe travels…

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23 thoughts on “10 Things to Pack When You Travel

  1. Last summer, my husband and I visited the Pont du Gard in Provence. If anyone is not familiar, the is a beautiful, impressive, Roman Aqueduct. Anyway, there is also a river that runs under the aqueduct. In the summer lots of people go to sit beside the aqueduct and swim in the wonderfully refreshing river. We wanted to do that too; but what to do about all your valuables? Well, the best I could do was to pile the up and put a bright towel over them and then I watched them every minute while in the water. I was prepared to run out of the river and chase after anyone who tried to lift my belongings. Not a great plan, but a plan! Fortunately, no one touched them!

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  4. its a great post.

    Recently i traveled to INDIA. I followed this checklist for backpacking. Packed within the travel limits.
    But there was one important think that i missed, and it was Headphones. Headphones helped me to sleep well and enjoy my music making my travel experience better. Ofcourse, it blocked engine noise as well. 🙂

    So i googled it, bought one pair of Noise Cancelling headphones from
    Except it, everything was great.

    Thanks for the list

  5. Hi Johnny,

    This is great, I am off on a 12mth adventure to Europe stopping off in Bali before I head to get some rays. This is really great info, it is so hard to do! Anyway Thanks again. Steph

  6. hey dude …do u really think condoms r necessary .
    ..hahaha… it’ll be great if you share your condom story …lol

  7. I used to travel like you when I was much younger. I’m just starting over in my mid-fifties. My iPhone serves as my camera/video etc. I generally pack very light, but I want to take this along, how much of a problem will this be? Happy trails!

  8. Hi Johnny, long time reader, first-time poster. As I prepare for my trip to Thailand (Bangkok firstly) I wonder what to bring with me and what I can pick up there for much cheaper. Is Tiger Balm readily available?

    1. absolutely it is mate, it’s everywhere in thailand and a fraction of the price that it is in the west too 🙂 i’d say don’t stress too much about packing, do your best but be safe in the knowledge that anything you’re missing, you can pick up in BKK for cheap

      1. Awesome, I am just beginning to reduce my packing list once I found out BKK is a shopping central. Lol going with one outfit and some canadian products to give away 🙂 Challenging myself to take a 32L over there (for 2 mos), but may be checking some baggage in on my return flight…!

        1. good work sam – 32L is a challenge but def doable, keep me posted with that one! i’m in bangkok for a bit so feel free to drop me an email when you’re here 🙂

    1. hey john – to be honest, not too sure :S i wasn’t trying to endorse any specific company lol! Good luck with your hunt

  9. So true. I am on a 12 month jolly through Africa and Asia and started with a 19 kilo bag. It is slowly getting lighter as I dump odd bits of clothes where I find people who could use them although my netbook and odd bits of electronic stuff do bulk it all up a bit. I hope to continue handing out bits and bobs on my way and the bag will get more manageable as I go. My main incentive is those moments when you arrive in a strange city loaded down and feeling vulnerable until you manage to dump it all at a campsite or hostel 😀

    1. hey Bryan,

      yeah tell me about it. when i first left the ireland in 2006 i had over 20 Kgs i think!! crazy!! now i try to stay around the 10 kgs, you can always buy stuff on the road if your stuck. Carrying a laptop is a bit of a stress but there’s not a lot we can do about that :S and travel insurance for them is a killer! Thanks for the comment =)

  10. at last 🙂 i was looking for this for so long, thanks for posting and ill heed your advice. it sounds like you have done heaps of traveling


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