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3 Day Murcia Itinerary

Planning a 3 day Murcia Itinerary is a little trickier than people think. One reason is that both the Capital city AND the region are both called Murcia, secondly, the autonomous region isn’t visited by too many tourists (or bloggers), so there isn’t as much info available as usual. I’m here to help you guys out there!  So if you find yourself with thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of tourists finding free things to do in Barcelona, Alicante, Benidorm, or anywhere across Andalucia, hop in your rental car and explore the real Spain. There are so many things to do in Murcia, with over 300 sunny days a year, and without the hordes of tourists.

And when you find yourself there, I hope my 3 day Murcia Itinerary will help you fall in love with this place just like me. 

Murcia itinerary
Murcia itinerary

Where Is Murcia in Spain?

The Murcia region is in an area in the Southeast of Spain. The capital of the region (confusingly!) is also called Murcia. It’s about 80km south of Alicante and borders Andalucia to the West.

The Perfect Murcia Itinerary (3 days)

You could easily spend a week or 2 exploring the region of Murcia, but I know we don’t always have that much time off work. So if you only have 3 days in Murcia, the best way to spend them would be to base yourself in Murcia (city) for the 3 nights. From there you can spend the first 2 days exploring Murcia city, the castles and culture of that, and then on Day 3 make your way to beautiful Cartegena, the beaches and the Roman ruins. Perfection. So here is your perfect 3 day Murcia Itinerary:

DAY 1: Murcia (City)

You made it! Congrats on making a choice to visit one of Spain’s lesser-visited regions. Let’s start with something impressive, and that is a walk to Murcia Cathedral. over 600 years old the baroque architecture is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s the icon of the city. If you’re up to the challenge, hit the 300 foot tower. The views are worth it.

After finishing up with the cathedral, just a short step away is the Segura Riverside. Wander towards the Paseo del Malecón, you’ll see plenty of people watching the world go by. Grab a coffee and join them.

After your lazy morning, hop in a taxi (or a 6km walk!) to Monteagudo Castle. At over 1000 years old (yup!). it’s a STEEP climb, so bring water! The views of the city are unmatched anywhere around. You can’t officially enter the castle these days, but you can get right up to the fence.

You should be up for lunch in Plaza Cardenal Belluga Square, right by the historical centre of Murcia. Beautiful architecture while you tuck into so Murcian tapas. Then think coffee, wine, and a break. Then check out Floridablanca Gardens to watch how the locals wile away their days. You need this change of pace because your heart will be racing as you finish your late afternoon in somewhere a little more of a hectic. past

The Real Casino de Murcia. Originally a gentleman’s club, even if you can’t gamble here anymore, just wander around the Moorish-style courtyard and imagine the shenanigans that went on here a few decades ago.

And that, my friends, is Day 1 done and dusted. If you want a local restaurant for dinner, check the Restaurante Via Apostolo. Outdoor seating, great wine, reasonable prices. And you’re done!

Murcia Itinerary
Murcia Itinerary

DAY 2 Murcia City:

I hope you didn’t sink too much of the wine last night because we have a full day ahead today. If you skip your hotel breakfast, some of the Murcia Markets are a brilliant place to catch up on the local delicacies. There are plenty to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with Veronicas Market. If you take any guided tours, they invariably include Veronica’s Market, where despite the new building, the stalls have been run by local families for generations.

After you’ve eaten your fill, dabble in a little bit of culture at the Palacio del Almudi. It’s rarely crowded, so you’ll have the vast majority of the paintings and sculptures to yourself. Then one more quick stop at the beautiful Iglesia de San Esteban should fill your last desire of cultural sights and sounds. 

Hop in a taxi one last time for 8km to climb the hills and check out Santuario de Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta, a top of the local mountains. If you can time it right for sunset, you’re in for a treat.

Finish your day at the buzzing Plaza De Las Flores. Located slap bang in the middle of Murcia’s beautiful old quarter it has Tapas and wine until your heart, belly and liver are full.

3 days in Murcia
3 days in Murcia

DAY 3: Cartagena Day Trip

Day trip time. You can get a nice little local train (50 minutes) from Murcia to nearby Cartagena on the coast. Once there, the first thing to wow you should be the Cartagena Old Town. borrowing a lot of its attractive architecture from neighboroughing Andalusia, the streets are alive with Spanish life. A particular highlight is the Plaza Ayuntamiento. This is what Cartagena is all about!

The main attraction in Cartagena, and arguably all of the Murcia region, is the Roman ruins of Cartegena. Particularly the Roman Theatre. Dating way back to the 5th century BC, the Roman theatres have recently been carefully restored. Allowing visitors to truly feel the majesty of the events that have carried on here over the millennia. 

You’re last cultural stop is Palacio Consistorial. Cartagena’s beautiful City Hall, aka the ‘Palacio Consistorial’. It’s gorgeous 24/7, but when they light it up at night, it’s something really special. You can enter the city hall between 10.30 to 8pm each evening (1.30pm on Saturdays). 

If you have time, enjoy the rest of the afternoon at Cartegena’s top beach. Cala Cortina. It’s also Cartegena’s ONLY beach, so it doesn’t have much competition. The cove is beautiful, and not only is the sand fine, and the water clear. There are tapas, and wine bars overlooking it. So even if you don’t want to get wet, it’s the perfect place to chill.

3 days in Murcia
3 days in Murcia

Final thoughts on Your 3 Day Murcia Itinerary

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. But people generally only visit a handful of spots. And that’s almost criminal! Murcia, with its world class beaches, 300+ days of sun, and the history and culture of the reason is just waiting to explode onto Spain’s tourist map. This is our chance to visit before the rest of the world joins us. Enjoy!

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