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Sandcastles always remind me of summer holidays as a child. It’s hard not to like sandcastles. Over the years, sand art has progressed beyond simple sandcastles with sand sculpture pros from all over the world creating masterpieces in the sand. These artists’ attention to detail in crafting beautiful sand sculptures is nothing less than mind-blowing. Sculptures compete all over the world, from Turkey to China, transforming ordinary sand into art and imagination! 

Before you and your family make your way to the beach to build your own castle masterpiece, know that preparation is your key to success. You’ll need more than just sand and water. In the below infographic we found online created by, you’ll find information on what tools the pros use, right along with helpful hints to get you on your way to modelling sand like the pros!

Get inspiring tips that everyone in your family, of all ages, can use to compete against one another. Those summer visits to the beach will set the stage that will create a lifetime of memories, as well as bring out the natural creative genius that is present in all of us.

You’ll also be amazed by some little known and interesting facts! Who would guess that the tallest sand sculpture ever built was the height of almost 3 double-decker buses? One thing is for certain, time flies super fast when you’re having summer fun. So before winter comes, grab your children, some buckets and spades and go get creative!











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