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Come to Bali, Help Us Build a Library & Travel With Us!

If you guys have been following me since my journey to every country in the world, you’ll have seen one of my best buddies, Josh, and I became obsessed with using social media for good. Less bragging, less making people feel bad about themselves and more constructive, ethical, but still epic travel. So we created the Give Back GiveAway, where we run awesome trips around the world, building charitable projects like playgrounds, dormitories, primary schools for rural communities.

So far, our projects have been run in Senegal, Gambia, Cambodia, Northern Thailand, India, Philippines, Tanzania and now next up is Nepal (SOLD OUT!) and then we’re off to BALI, to build a library in the rural north, followed by 10 days gallivanting through monkey forests, rice paddies and volcanoes until a big goodbye party in Canggu.  And we want you to come and join us!

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May 4th – May 16th, 2019


16 travelers. Our trips sell out each time now, so we’ve had to limit the spots to 16 tickets. We have a return rate of almost 80%, so 4 out of every 5 travelers come back within 12 months for another trip, so we must be doing something right! That means that before we even release the next trips, 5-10 spots are already taken by our friends who we chat with before we officially release. For Bali, we have 10 spots left. First come, first served – hope to see you in Bali!


The full itinerary is available on our charity website here, but the basic gist is that we meet in Denpasar on May 4th (Bali’s international airport), then we head north to our project along with our other travellers. Normally there is about 16 of us, ranging in age between 24-44, but a few younger and older peeps are always welcome. We spend 3 full days finishing the hard work at the library, painting, shifting bricks, entertaining the kids followed by an opening ceremony to draw a line under 6 months of planning, construction, donations, and work.

Now it’s time to travel! We head east to Ubud, get lost in the monkey forests, hike through rice paddies, dive into waterfalls and drink cheap beers through Ubud. After that, it’s time to ascend Bali’s active volcano, Mount Batur, for sunrise. We make you earn those travel pics on GBGA trips! We’re already 11 days into the trip, so it’s time for one last hurrah. We head to Bali’s eastern coast for temples at sunset, inflatables at the pool and one last goodbye dinner before your teary goodbyes at the airport. Unless of course, you want to join Josh and me for an extra 3 or 4 days in Lombok (think Bali 20 years ago)!

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Our partner community is based in Northern Bali, away from the tourist, and unfortunately the tourist dollars. The community has been struggling for years and we’ve promised to deliver their first-ever library. So with the help of your donations, your time, and your hardwork, we will indeed come good on that promise. The bulk of the work will be carried out by local engineers, but we’ll be there as it’s getting finished to add those finishing touches and make sure we get down within schedule, something that’s quite rare in these parts. Also, the final TLC we can apply in terms of furnishings, paintings, and cleaning up is the kind of work which understandably doesn’t get done normally, due to restricted budgets. So we can make sure they have a library to be proud of before we explore Bali.

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$1799USD tour price + $300 donation


Building projects across the globe is beautiful but funding them is tough. Along with the trip donations from our volunteers, we crowd fund the money to build the projects BUT there’s a pretty cool catch. Every donation adds you into a raffle, then we draw a winner out of a hat and someone comes on every trip FOR FREE. All you have to do is book your flights to Bali, and the rest of the $2100 trip is completely free! So please help us, donate, share, and hopefully you’ll win a free spot!


What’s included and what’s not included:

Accommodation: All accommodation in comfortable hotels usually with wifi, air-con and hot water as a minimum.

Breakfast:  All breakfast included on tour.

Day Trips & Excursions: All group day trips, group excursions and Bali highlights.

Transportation: All group in-country transportation.

Project Donation: 100% of your donation goes directly to the project.

Experienced Guides: Two experienced western guides that will be there for you 24/7.

International Flights: International flights to Bali are not included. Naturally, people come from all over the world to join our GBGA trips, so it would be impossible to price a trip including flights, when people come from 1 hour or 36 hours away!

bali gbga


So if you’re ready to…..

1) Change your life
2) Travel the world
3) Get paid to travel
4) Create a positive influence on others
5) Be free of offices and ‘real world’ rubbish

Then Sign Up Below and Let’s Get Started!


Got a question? Wanna comment? I'd love to hear from you

4 thoughts on “Come to Bali and Build a Library with us!

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  2. I think Bali’s sights draw a number human beings, from backpackers and expats, to households and honeymooners. This once sleepy tropical island has come to be international well-known for its fantastic seashores, rolling mountains and specific cultural, religious and creative aptitude bali may be very reasonably-priced or reasonably high priced, relying on your desires. Stay in a resort or resort and e-book a excursion, rent a non-public manual, leap in a taxi or bus, or hire a bicycle, motorbike or car to get round

  3. This is my love at first sight and for the rest of my life, the first time I went there when I was a student … For me, Bali was originally associated with an island of complete relaxation along with the favorable jungle to the tune of a swirling river somewhere near the gorge, birds in the background, yoga, meditation. Therefore, after consulting with those who were already on the island, I and my university friend went to update the body and soul in the area of Bali-Ubud. I wrote about my trip on the

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