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Moving house is always difficult, usually people are moving to the other side of the city so the costs are clear and usually very manageable. If you’re moving to the other side of the world the task can seem a lot more difficult and even more complicated, it can also be very expensive unless you do your research first. There are many decisions to make and a lot to consider, sites such as can make the process easier by giving you a comparison of the prices from different companies. Moving to the other side of the world is never going to be stress free, but you can try to make the process as pain free as possible by following a couple of simple tips.

Here are some 2 top tips to consider before moving abroad:

1) Choosing the right removal company

Even though usually it can be very expensive, it is very much worth your while to use a professional company. If you’re moving overseas because of your job you are probably lucky enough to have the costs covered by your company. Whether or not your costs are being covered, you will still want to use the best service which comes at the best price. The most cost effective way to move your property is to ship by sea in containers. Even thought it usually takes longer, on average 8-12 weeks, it will certainly save you money.

There are many international firms that say they can move you to any country in the world. These companies are usually working with companies in the country you are moving to which means that the cost can be lower and more competitive. Don’t hesitate to check out the quotes from these companies on


2) How many containers so I need?

When shipping overseas using containers you are charged by bulk and not the weight. It is important to note that your items all have to fit in to the standard shipping containers (20’or40′). You only pay for the space that you need, it can be the whole of the container or part of it.

It is often more time efficient if you have your own container. This way the container will usually come to your home, on the back of a lorry, to be packed and then prepared for shipping. When it arrives in the country you are heading to, the container will go straight to your new address. Booking your own container will save you a lot of time and hassle.


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