Mum and I at Machu Picchu, we made it!
Mum and I at Machu Picchu, we made it!

Making friends in Peru!

Thank you Peru. Travel is all about creating memories and unforgettable experiences, a holiday to Peru guarantees both of these things, especially when you’re challenging yourself. It’s an amazing country that has such a diverse culture, landscape and cuisine. Wealthier nations have taught me that being rich doesn’t mean you need to have mountains of cash; the experiences you have in Peru are simply priceless.

My mum

Peru will always hold special memories for me. It’s the country that I took my mum after she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, so after overlanding on back-to-back nighy buses, we arrived in Cusco and my mum and I took on the amazing Machu Picchu. And for that, I’ll always love Peru. But what’s so amazing about Peru? Why did we love it so much?

Peruvian culture reaches out to you through Peruvian cuisine, history and colours. This is exactly how the local people express their gratefulness for the simple things in life. Once you take in the mind-blowing mountains and beautiful wilderness, it’s difficult to grasp how the people can be so humble, when they are blessed with so much. They treated my mum and I with respect, but not without fun, it was perfect. 

I have been lucky enough to visit Peru on several occasions, each time I return I fall more in love with the place. I simply cannot recommend a holiday to Peru enough, I am constantly waxing lyrical to anyone that will listen just why they need to book their flight now!

Us at the gorgeous oasis at Huacachina
Us at the gorgeous oasis at Huacachina

Here are 3 reasons why, for me, Peru is the richest country in the world and the ideal destination for once in a lifetime experiences.

Meeting the natives

My mum having fun at the market, ermmm this one doesn't suit you mum!
My mum having fun at the market, ermmm this one doesn’t suit you mum!

When you travel through some of Peru you feel like you are stepping back in time. You get to discover the lives of various indigenous people such as Inkas, Wari, Chancas, Aymara, Quechua and also Chachapoyas. Studies state that there are over 90 groups of Peruvian ‘Indians‘ (a term still used there), some of these groups are so small you probably won’t encounter them.

Whichever group of indigenous people you meet I am sure that you’ll get to learn about their culture, art, tasty feasts and also experience their kindness. The warmth, energy and generosity of the Peruvian people will blow you away. The local people are the main reason I love going back to Peru. And it’s so easy to wander off the tourist track, to back alleys, and share teas and coffees with people. They’re so welcoming, with a huge smile, and the communication barriers barely seem to exist. In a world where mass tourism can remove the human element, I find Peru has retained it wonderfully.


Feasting on Peruvian cuisine

The best advice I can give you is to leave any diet you are on at home! It would be a crime to go all the way to Peru and not eat as much as you can. I guarantee that as soon as you get back on the plane home you’ll already be missing the food!

Peruvian food is a combination of Incan, Asian, Spanish and also African cuisine. The best thing to do is find a busy local restaurant and ask for the traditional dishes. You’ll be treated to lots of fresh fish, meats, quinoa, herbs, potatoes, corn and without doubt, a lot of chillies. The food is different around the country, so try everything you see. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you’ll love strolling along the streets eating the street food. I was here before turning vegetarian/vegan and it was a feast, but looking back I think the veggie options are also amazing, so any dietary requirements and you’re still in for a treat. Just maybe leave the Guinea Pig roast if you’re plant-powered these days. Ouch!


The amazing history

On the way to Machu Picchu!
Mum before we hike to Machu Picchu!

The most famous group of people in Peru are the Incas that occupied the Andes (you know the guys who created Machu Picchu!).

They are known for their structured society, technical architecture and their amazing relation with nature and the land. The Inca Trail is an absolute must, it’s the most famous of all Inca sights, the final stop on the trail is Machu Picchu – also known as the lost city of the Inkas, a trip to Peru wouldn’t be complete without taking in the breathtaking sights of Machu Pichu. Now I dare you to drag your 60-something mum up there too!


The rich country of Peru is waiting for you to discover everything it has to offer. So book your trip asap, discover, explore and find out why you don’t need money to be rich!

Discovering Peru
Discovering Peru…


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