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Get More Creative with Your Travel Photos

Every modern traveler takes a lot of photos. Now that we have all got smartphones the moment we see something interesting we instinctively take a snap.

The other day I was looking at photo collages from Hello Canvas and realized that a lot of my best shots are still going to waste. There are only so many photos I can on my blog or have turned into prints. This means that most of my photos are sitting on my hard drive. So, I’ve been working to come up with ways to let them see the light of day again.

I wanted to go beyond the suggestions I have already made in the post I wrote a while back. In that article I covered ideas like creating a scrapbook, memory jars, sharing them online and using them as screensavers. But, after a bit of research, I have been able to come up with four more suggestions.

Make money from them

My first suggestion is that you consider trying to make money from them. There are dozens of ways you could potentially do so. Everything from listing them on stock photo sites to selling them as print or printed on t-shirts can all work. Naturally, you will have to do your research and work out which approaches are likely to work the best for you.

If you have photos you are never going to want to publish yourself there is no harm in seeing if you can sell them to a stock photo agency. You are not likely to make a fortune, but what you do make can go towards your next trip. It is relatively easy to explore this option online via photography forums and travel blog websites.

Use them to promote your blog

Travel magazines and blogs are always looking for stories that are accompanied by good photos. So, potentially you could earn money that way or use your articles to get some publicity and maybe a backlink for your travel blog.

Use them to create personalized gifts

When you travel a lot it is almost impossible to be there for every family wedding, birthday or another important event. It is one of the downsides of living a nomadic life.

What you can do is to send a special gift to let everyone know that you are thinking of them at these times. There are lots of print firms out there that can take your most stunning shots and turn them into unique gifts.

It is now possible to have images you own printed onto a long list of items. The list includes quilt covers, blinds, crockery, mugs, placemats, and cushion covers. Some firms can even personalize items of jewelry using photos and engraved messages.

Create an interactive photo map

If you have a website, it is now possible to add an interactive photo map too it. You can set things up so that when someone clicks on a place with a pin on it some of your photos are displayed on the screen. There are now several providers out there selling this service.

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2 thoughts on “Get More Creative with Your Travel Photos

  1. I agree with you, we should go away with travel only with beautiful photographs The image must be in high quality. And if you don’t like the size, you can increase it with the help of modern online services. I always do that.

  2. Posting nature photos to stock sites??

    I’m looking for ways to get my images out there and make a name for myself. To do so, I’m considering putting my landscape and nature photos on stock photography sites (among other marketing type activities).

    I’ve never used a stock site before, so I’m wondering if anyone has guidance regarding the best site to get started with. Specifically, if anyone has insights regarding the sites that pay the most per image, that would be great!

    I’ve done a little research on the topic, having read several reviews of individual sites (like Dreamstime:, but honestly all these sites sound and look the same to me.

    I’ve also spent some time perusing the libraries on several sites (Dreamstime, 123rf, Istock) and I’m pretty shocked at the poor quality of many of the photos. Have they set the bar low or am I just expecting too much out of photos they accept?!

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