How To Pick A Blog Niche That Makes You Money in 2023

Being a Digital Nomad myself, I have been getting a lot of DMs and questions asking about the right blog niche to choose that will bring you money for real. To be honest, it totally depends on you and your interests. Picking a niche when starting a blog niche can be diverse, ranging from lifestyle blogs to travel blogs to fitness blogs, and the list goes on. 

So, how will you know which one to pick for the best results?

With that in mind, I have compiled a few steps to help you in selecting the right blog niche that will hopefully aid you in making six figures or even beyond that. Let’s move on to find what titles are for you.

Identify Your Expertise and Interest

When working out How to pick a blog niche, first of all, you will have to get rid of all the distractions. You can’t find your deeper feelings when you are distracted by questions like What is dinner tonight? Or How to win at online blackjack? Or simply Will your blog succeed? All such distractions are for later concerns. 

The digital market is filled to the brim with blogs addressing precisely everything you can think of. Search them through and cozy yourself on a chair to reflect on where your passion and expertise lie. 

The key to starting your blog is to know what you want to do, and it should be something you love. 

What suits you the best? 

Ask yourself this question and see what your heart replies. 

Choosing a blog where your expertise lies is important since it will help you stay motivated. Deciding on a niche on a whim will become a burden for you in the long run. 

Start by questioning your area of expertise, what you love talking about, and your hobbies. List them all and narrow it down to a single pick. 

Diversify Your Research 

The next step is to find out if your niche of interest has a high demand and search volume. Everything boils down to if people are actively searching for that particular niche you are considering. 

Let me simplify it for you. Let’s say you are a fan of casino games and a pro at strategizing your poker gameplays. A blog on casinos would be the best option for your blog, but is it profitable? Here comes the research part, find the keywords like online casino strategies, Interac online casinos, Bitcoin online casinos or anything related to casinos to see what sort of blogs pop up on the SERPs and what are their search volumes.

Remember that thorough research is crucial to turning your blog into a profitable business. 

Analyze Competition

Competition is another factor that plays a big role in the success or demise of your blog. A saturated market has tough competition making it hard for you to build your awareness among targeted audiences. Highly competitive niches already have high-performing websites with loyal traffic, and catching up to such behemoths will be a very difficult task.

I won’t say it will be impossible since nothing is impossible as long as you are passionate enough to achieve it. But considering the ease, low-competition niches are more likely to bring your success. Set your goal towards picking a niche with low market competition yet considerably high search volume.

High search volume and low competition indicate the potential of that particular niche to grow over time, and the earlier you start your blog, the more upper hand you have over other competitors. 

Know Your Target Audience

Perhaps the most important part of all this blogging and deciding on the niche is knowing who your audience is going to be. After learning that, it’s time to see what their interests are and how they can provide you with the profit. You might wonder why that is important. Let me tell you why.

Your audience, aka traffic or readers, are your potential clients and customers, especially if you are also working as an affiliate marketer. So creating a buyer persona with the essential behaviors and characteristics will definitely help you. 

Check Monetizing Potential 

Before locking down the niche after checking everything as we have discussed earlier, don’t forget to check the most vital aspect, aka monetizing potential of your selected niche. I have seen so many instances where beginner bloggers start a blog about their passion but fail to earn profits since their selected niche has low advertiser demands. 

Yes, you can use or Google AdSense to monetize your niche, but the higher monetization levels to generate more revenue can’t be met. An easy way to check the profitability potential of your niche is by analyzing similar niche websites to run the competitor analysis. 

Checking out their strategies to monetize blogs in your niche can also provide you insights into what works and what doesn’t.

You can also run a search to promote the sponsored products and become an affiliate marketer. The possibilities are countless; you only need to stay focused. 


In the essence of what I laid out for you earlier, everything boils down to your true passion and your research about your passion. Don’t give up midway through since things take time. Enjoy the process and just be yourself. Things will roll out smoothly once you are confident in yourself. 

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