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Living Without a Phone? No Chance!

Whilst I do certainly understand the need for being aware of the power which our mobile phones can have over us, I am not one of those who wishes to completely cut it out of my life, on the contrary in fact. Since the dawn of the smartphone, my life personally has greatly improved and thanks to the wide range of apps and features which these phones offer, I have seen an improvement in my personal, professional and even love life! 

The use of smartphones is a pretty hot topic right now, and to be fair they are being blamed for all kinds of issues amongst users, which I put down to the users rather than the phones. This is why Three mobile are doing an awesome campaign called #PhonesAreGood, to remind us all just how vital phones are in our lives, the crazy capabilities that phones have these days, and how lost we would be without them! Managing the amount of time you spend on your smartphone is important, but here is why I would never do without it completely. 

Staying in Touch 

I can remember when I first started traveling and staying in touch with family and friends back home was pretty tough. Back then I’d have to use internet cafes for Skype and landline calls, and even though my early smartphone had some capability, there wasn’t the connectivity that we have these days in so many countries around the world, and wi-fi was nothing like what it is now. A company like Three for example have the awesome GoRoam package which allows you to stay connected in 71 countries! I’d love to have had a service like that when I hit the road. These days I can send instant messages in a heartbeat to my family and pals back home. Video call from just about anywhere in the world and ultimately maintain closer relationships as a result. As much as I love travel I also miss my family and friends, and mobile helps to close that gap. 


Running an online business requires me me to be connected a lot of the time, ready to respond to clients and employees as quickly as I can. I really pride myself on being available to my clients around the world, who of course all operate on different time zones. Sitting at a laptop all day just isn’t my bag which is why I depend heavily on my phone to manage emails, respond to questions and close deals. 


Whenever I’m training for a challenge or simply looking to shed some timber I rely pretty heavily on the fitness and calorie management apps on my phone to help keep me on track. Using my phone I can monitor my progress I can set challenges, store information about how much weight I’m lifting or how far I’m running, as well as using it as a motivating tool on those days where  I’m not feeling it. In terms of what I eat, this is also something which I’ll monitor on my phone to ensure that I’m consuming enough nutrients during the day so that I can deliver peak performance. 


I love music and try to listen as much as I can, no matter where I am and of course my phone massively helps me with this. I loved my old iPod but the truth is that carrying around a phone and an mp3 player just makes no sense at all. Thankfully phones have huge amounts of memory now which means that you get mp3 and phone in one, and I would say that listening to music is the thing that I do most on my mobile. I love how easily I can get music from apps and through uploading it, helping me to stay in touch with new releases and golden oldies. 

Killing Time

Something which I am guilty of is playing games on my phone when there is time to kill, and the advancement of the graphics in some of these games is incredible. There are always moments to kill, waiting for a bus, waiting for someone to arrive, hanging around waiting for an appointment. In the past I’d lead through some magazine which I had no interest in, but these days I just get my phone out and I have access to thousands of awesome games to keep me busy. 

Taking Snaps

When I first started traveling I would take my camera with me everywhere but to be completely honest it was something of a burden. Not only was it heavy, it was also something that could be easily stolen, and carry it around for months on end became pretty tiresome. Back then the quality of cameras on phones was really poor, so there was no other option. Naturally the technology has now evolved greatly and smartphones have cameras which are incredibly high quality. I take so many shots from my phone now, and like may I don’t even own a camera anymore. Photos are important to me as I use them a lot for business such as social media and of course to store for my own memories, and having a camera in my pocket which can deliver this is an incredible bonus and something which I love. 

The point with the phone for me is that it is like a Swiss Army Knife, a multi-purpose tool which I can use for everything that I need. My phone entertains me, it helps me to stay close to the people who I love and it is my instant access point to staying on top of my business, the ultimate gadget. This is why Three are doing a great thing in my view by launching the #PhonesAreGood campaign, serving as a timely reminder that we all benefit from having what is essentially a powerful computer right there in our pockets. 

This is a paid partnership article with Three, a mobile phone supplier in the UK as part of their Phones Are Good Campaign. Three believe that phones have been getting too hard a time recently. Far from bringing the end to humanity, they think they bring people together. Think about it. These pocket rockets help us plan our social life, find love, build relations, run businesses and make memories. They also keep us connected on the go, including 71 destinations worldwide with Three’s Go Roam proposition. As part of the paid article, Three asked me to share my personal experiences on why phones are good. These opinions, stories and images are my own.


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