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Mighty Travel Premium Where The Mighty Deals Can Be Found

I am often asked by readers and friends the best way to find the flight deals. It is at this point I have to be completely honest with them, let them know I am not the one doing all the leg work and that is because I use Might Travels Premium (MTP) to get the latest deals.

Since I was introduced to the site a few months ago I haven’t looked back and I must have saved thousands of dollars so far. The best thing about it is not only saving the money but also time because they will get in contact with you when a deal comes up on one of your selected routes. If you can be a bit flexible with your travel dates then I can guarantee that you will find the best deals on this site.

Recently the guys at MTP have upgraded their search engine to make it even better! The new user interface is so easy to use and you can search any route/date in just a couple of seconds – you can’t book anywhere else without checking out MTP first. The second awesome addition to the platform is that you can now book hotels with them, there are now 127,000 hotels alongside the one million airline routes. So now you can pretty much get everything you need at knockdown rates, be flexible guys and you’ll save a small fortune! At only $4.81 a month you can’t go wrong, I’d guess that after your first booking that’ll pay for at least a year.

Now, time to talk about something I only used to here about and thought that people were just getting super lucky.

Mistake Fares

MTP has this awesome feature where they will send you notifications, that you can find in your dashboard, when mistake fares come up on your selected routes. You have to be quick to snap these up because they will only be available for a day or two.

Have you ever read a story in the paper about people realising the airline made a mistake with their pricing and then traveled business class for 10% or less of the usual price? Well, that’s a mistake fare and that’s a huge reason to sign up to MTP! What usually happens is that the mistake is made and then usually correct in less than ten minutes – they will also only be possible to book on some selected websites. MTP has it all sorted for you because they provide the link you need to click that will take you to exactly where you need to be to pick up the discounted flight.

Just imagine flying in one of the first class cabins for a hundred buck on Emirates on to the USA with BA? I know we’d all love that. One thing to note is that, by law the airlines don’t have to honour their mistake fare and on the whole it takes them a week to let you know. From research I can tell you that the airlines usually do honour the fare especially if it’s not an overbooked flight. So don’t book your hotels instantly, wait until you get your confirmation before planning all the other details.

Have you used MTP before? Please do tell us all about your experiences and why you would recommend the site. Just pop your thoughts down in the comment section below – thanks for sharing guys!

Remember, never travel without travel insurance! And never overpay for travel insurance!

I use HeyMondo. You get INSTANT quotes. Super cheap, they actually pay out, AND they cover almost everywhere, where most insurance companies don't (even places like Central African Republic etc!). You can sign-up here. PS You even get 5% off if you use MY LINK! You can even sign up if you're already overseas and traveling, pretty cool.

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Do you work remotely? Are you a digital nomad/blogger etc? You need to be insured too.

I use SafetyWing for my digital nomad insurance. It covers me while I live overseas. It's just $10 a week, and it's amazing! No upfront fees, you just pay week by week, and you can sign up just for a week if you want, then switch it off and on whenever. You can read my review here, and you can sign-up here!


So if you’re ready to…..

1) Change your life
2) Travel the world
3) Get paid to travel
4) Create a positive influence on others
5) Be free of offices and ‘real world’ rubbish

Then Sign Up Below and Let’s Get Started!


Got a question? Wanna comment? I'd love to hear from you

18 thoughts on “Mighty Travel Premium Where The Mighty Deals Can Be Found

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  2. Always before a flight, whether it’s just a flight, a trip or a business trip, always look at the weather at both points – departure and landing. This is very important, including for your life. If you neglect this, troubles can happen and even worse. Carefully monitor, a fairly accurate site, with these features, I advise.

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