Interesting Facts about Turkey

If you want to experience cultural fusion, there is no better place than Turkey. Connecting two continents, it has been ruled by various kingship empires and influenced by various religions.

Also, it is home to significant world history, giving you a taste of everything. So, if you want to learn fascinating things about Turkey, make sure to read on!

7 Most Interesting Facts about Turkey

1. Turkey uses an e-Visa system

The traditional way to get a visa to Turkey is to visit the Turkish Embassy located in your neighbourhood. As an alternative, Turkey uses a system of electronic visas for all short-term trips. Travelers can now visit Turkey for tourism, business, or transit purposes without visiting an Embassy once. You can apply for e-Visa Turkey online with only a 3-step application and receive the entry permit ready for a trip to Turkey!

Eligible travellers will need a digital face photo, a credit/ debit card for payment, and a valid passport. Travelers from certain countries need to prepare a few other documents to apply, but still the requirements are minimal.

2. World’s largest and oldest mall is in Turkey

If you are chasing after the world’s relics that provide you with a glimpse of the past, start with the Grand Bazaar. It’s the world’s largest and oldest mall.

According to historical records, it’s from 1455 and is still active with thousands of businesses.

The mall covers over 30 000 square meters, has over 3000 shops and 61 streets you can use to navigate around. Likely, you may not explore every street and shop, but it’s a chance to explore a historical marvel.

Also, there are local restaurants where you can try the extraordinary Turkey cuisine and local drinks.

3. Istanbul spans over two continents

Have the opportunity to cross two continents in Istanbul without worrying about customs. This capital lies in both Europe and Asia. In the middle, it’s split by the Bosporus strait, a stretch of water.

But it’s not the only one. In another section, the capital is divided by Golden Horn; this waterway splits the European end of the city in two.

In Istanbul, there are over 30 districts to explore. Each district has a unique atmosphere and character to unravel. For a taste of the city’s history and best sites, they are mostly located in the old town (Sultanahmet).

4. There are over 82 000 mosques in the whole country

With over 82 000 mosques, it’s impossible to decide which one is the best to visit. Comprising both the ancient and modern mosques, there are more than enough to explore. Even if you choose to visit the ones in Istanbul, the list doesn’t get shorter. There are over 3000 mosques in this region.

With thousands of mosques in one country, each of them has unique merit. This makes it overwhelming to decide the mosques you will explore. Nevertheless, the Blue Mosque is a sight to see with enchanting architectural beauty and design.

On the other hand, the magnificent Suleiman Mosque, an imperial mosque, contributes to the stunning skyline of Istanbul.

For a taste of the Byzantine Empire, the 16th century mosque, Hagia Sophia has that to offer. Besides the rich history, there’s a breath-taking view of the sea to take in as well!

5. The main breeding ground for turtles is in Turkey

As a nature tourist, Iztuzu beach in Turkey will mesmerize you. It’s an opportunity to be at Loggerhead Sea Turtle’s major breeding ground in the region. For a sightly experience, visit the place from May to October. It’s this time that the adult turtles arrive at the site to lay their eggs.

All of the turtles you will see were hatched in this place and are back to deliver the next generation. Since they are categorized as endangered species, the government regulates visits for conservation purposes. Annually, about 300 nests are dug, giving rise to thousands of turtle’s hatchlings.

6. Over 130 peaks in Turkey raise above 3 000 meters

While the warm coastal climate is worth noting, Turkey is also home to magnificent mountain ranges. There are over 130 peaks available for hiking, and each of them is above 3000 meters.

If you are a winter person, then you can try skiing on one of the slopes. It’s a thrilling experience for sure! Also, Turkey claims to be home to Europe’s longest ski run that starts at 3100 meters.

7. Istanbul flies to more countries than anywhere else on earth

There is more to Turkey than its unique attractions, culture, and fantastic cuisine. From Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, you can visit over 260 destinations, making Istanbul the world centre point.

Bottom Line

The 7 most interesting facts about Turkey are just the start to a great Turkish adventure! Apply for your Turkey e-Visa just 3 business days prior to the planned trip and explore this vast and beautiful country!

Take a ride on a hot-air balloon above Cappadocia, snorkel in the sea, relax on the mesmerizing coasts, and discover as much as you can!

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