The is now!

So the big day has finally come. It’s time to freshen things up, and increase our impact. The GiveBackGiveAway is no longer, we are now Mudita Adventures. Since 2015, we’ve been running social development projects across the globe, donating almost $200,000USD to our partner NGOs in countries such as Senegal, Tanzania, Myanmar, Ethiopia and beyond.

Mudita Adventures is here!

The history of the GiveBack GiveAway Name

The concept for GiveBackGiveAway was created as our co-founders Johnny and Josh traversed West Africa overland. The trip was supposed to be a one-off, and so the name was created over a local beer in Liberia, with no thoughts of building a social-conscious adventure travel company, let alone a social enterprise or a brand. The lofty dream of changing the way people travel, for good, had yet to truly take hold. And so they proceeded with GiveBackGiveAway. 1 trip became 2. 2 became 4. 4 became 8. Suddenly we realised people really do want to truly give back. The new generation of travelers wanted more than an empty 2 week trip to Thailand or Nicaragua. They wanted real adventure, but they want to leave a positive impact where they’ve traveled.

So GiveBackGiveAway was building a name for itself. But it was confusing. GiveBack Get Away, GBGA, Giveaway? We could see google searches confusing our name, even the GBGA team made mistakes with the naming in the first 24 months. Sure, the premise was beautiful. Give away a free trip to donors, and give back. But the name, the logo, the branding weren’t giving the GiveBackGiveAway the platform they needed to make a bigger impact. The confusion continued, with media interviews, with business cards. It was time to rethink.

So around the summer of 2018, rebranding was brought to the table. But the GBGA was our baby, it was a painful discussion to have. Could we really let it go. But no risk, no reward. And so the decision was confirmed. Then followed a period of brainstorming, followed by 8 more GiveBackGiveAway projects, which held matters up. Then one evening in Bangkok, Thailand. Inspiration struck Josh. Mudita.
So long GBGA, it’s been emotional….

But We LOVE the GBGA! Why Are You ReBranding?

We love it too! It’s difficult to say goodbye but to grow, but to have the impact on the world, and on the travel industry, that we dream of, we need to move with the times. So while we lose our old name, we gain the opportunity to be something bigger.

Ok, We Get It. But What Does ‘Mudita’ Mean?

In simple terms, Mudita means that you get your happiness by giving others happiness. It’s has no translation to English, but stems from a Buddhist concept (& comes from Pali, an ancient Indian language) where one can find happiness in the good fortune of others.

For an adventure travel company where the cornerstone of the model is sustainable development projects in the countries we explore, no word could represent how we feel, and how we hope our travelers feel, any better. So Mudita it would be.

And although other companies like to call their trips ‘adventures’, how many other companies are traveling through Kashmir and crossing Himalayans borders into China? Or climbing lava lakes in the Congo? When you travel with Mudita, it’s a real adventure! So Mudita Adventures was born.

What does Mudita Mean
What does Mudita Mean?

Is Anything Going to Change?

Don’t worry! Our trips are still going to be epic. They’re still going to give back. You’re still going to be riding on the pack of pick-up trucks, taking local ferries across the Ganges, and riding hot-air balloons through Turkey. Our trips will be exactly the same, but the payment processes, the email contact, the follow-ups and visibility of our projects, they’re all going to improve. And of course the t-shirts are even nicer. Oh, and for those of you who nearly got GBGA tattoos as a memory of our trips, a Mudita tattoo is much, much cooler!

Volunteer Bali
Our recent library build in Bali, expect even MORE of this in 2020 and beyond!

So what’s next?!

Good question. Well, first and foremost we have the coolest trips we’ve ever run coming up, check out ‘our trips’ here. And if you want a story to tell the grandkids about one day, take an extra special look at the Sri Lanka Trip (driving your OWN tuktuk from place to place!), the Pakistan Trip (Kashmir, Himalayas, highest border crossing in the world to China. That’s all!), the Turkey Trip (did someone say hot-air balloons in Cappadocia!?) and the Uganda/Rwanda/Congo (trekking with mountain gorillas, and climbing a lava lake in the Congo) trip. Those are something special. Of course for those of you lucky enough to not yet visit Thailand, Philippines, Bali, Ethiopia, Nepal etc, then we’ve got you covered. Join us, give back, and see why 75% of our travelers come back time and time again.

Volunteering in Turkey

And with that folks, our rebrand is complete. We hope you understand, and we hope to see you on the road in 2020. It’s going be one heck of a (Mudita) adventure!

Johnny @ Mudita Adventures Team

Oh and One Last Thing, Our Social Media….

Oh, and don’t worry. Our social channels have been forwarded on from our GBGA accounts to the following:

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