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Things to Consider Before Making a Trip to the UAE

When most people think of the UAE, they think of Dubai and its world-famous Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Marina. But what people sometimes are mistaken by is that Dubai is not a country, but rather one of seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, or the UAE.

But the UAE certainly has more to see than just Dubai. The largest Emirate of Abu Dhabi has places and amenities than can certainly hold its own against anything Dubai has to offer. The same can be said for the smaller Emirates of the UAE, all of which have a charm about them that makes each one unique.

There are many attractions in the UAE besides the exotic food and bazaars so unique to that art of the world, but what many Western tourists might not be prepared for are the decency laws and laws surrounding what is permissible online. This might catch some people off-guard who take the customs and norms of the West as a universal given.

While local laws are to be recognized and respected, there exist some tools that can help ease this transition. This is especially important and helpful for the many expatriates that have settled or gone to do business in the UAE, particularly Dubai, over the past few years. In fact, there have been many outfits that have sprung up to cater to this niche market. Check out this VPN guide for accessing websites from UAE, which recommends the best VPN’s specializing in safety and security for using the internet and doing business in Dubai and other UAE states. These services help expatriates, tourists, and business people alike to acclimate and make their stay more comfortable and less of a shock.

In the Burj Khailfa

What Using a VPN Can do

A VPN can afford the user the ability to circumvent any surveillance apparatus that might be monitoring internet traffic by encrypting every exchange going in and out of the user’s electronic device. Anyone can still pick up on the exchanges and see the contents, only the contents are now encrypted in a language that leaves the contents completely unusable for the purposes of information gathering.

In the case of the UAE, this can come in handy when wanting to browse sites that are frowned upon by the authorities. If expatriates employ the encryption services of a good VPN, they will be able to access sites without risking being found out by the authorities as well as having their personal information safe from hackers.

Another layer of security provided by VPNs comes in the form of alternate IP addresses. What they do is allow users to choose from any one of the locations around the world that the VPN has servers in and use that server to serve as their apparent IP address. That way, third parties are thrown off because it looks as if you are from a completely different part of the world than you actually are.

This tool is very helpful because the authorities might not even look at your exchanges let alone try to break the encryption seeing as it appears to come from outside the country.


What to Look for in a VPN

What to look for in a VPN largely depends on your needs. Tourists, businesspeople setting up shop, and even locals all have a different VPN needs.  With a market as young and as big as the VPN market, there are dozens of VPNs that specialize in all sorts of different things. Obviously, the basics of reliable network encryption and such need to be covered by all, but beyond that there are so many niches that are just waiting to be filled.

Some VPNs specialize in bandwidth which appeals to the streaming junkie who just cannot get enough movies, some VPNs specialize in extra, military grade encryption for the security obsessed professional, whereas others seek to be the jack of all trades but the master of none.

But in this case specifically, you will want to look for a VPN that has very good security as well as a wide server network that you can pick from. By having a wide server network, you will be able to use different IP addresses for different activities in order to further conceal your true location and identity. Add that with military grade encryption, and you will be safe and secure.

Once you have all of this at your fingertips, the only other consideration would be an ethical one. If you come into a country and are well aware of its laws as well as customs, traditions and social norms, would you be the type that would feel noticeably guilty if you violated them, especially knowingly? 

The main reason to bring this up is that some people have the sort of personality where they would feel really bad in those situations, which is why the decision to do this is entirely up to each individual based on their own values and beliefs.


Knowing More is Always Better

Unfortunately, many people who do not know any better visit the UAE and get in trouble with the authorities. These sorts of problems can be completely avoided if people did their homework and researched the places they are going to visit. 

So, regardless of your opinion of telecommunication laws in the UAE, it is important to brush up on them before going so as to avoid causing a potentially international incident. The story of the foreigner getting into trouble in another country is a favorite of the 24-hour news cycle. So, please do yourself a massive favor and prepare yourself properly instead of regretting it later on.


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