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Financial institutions are b*stards, simple as that. I own my money, it’s mine, I earned it and all I want is access to it, how simple is that? Not simple at all apparently.

Evil banks

“You’ll be charged 100 ‘insert generic currency’ for this withdrawal, do you wish to proceed?” I don’t really WISH to proceed. If I had an ability to make a small wish right now, it would probably be for this stupid ATM to stop charging me money to access my own bloody cash! BUT alas I have no choose, so go on then, proceed, steal my money, you b’*stards.


2 days later, still angry at that $5+ ATM charge I jump onto internet banking. By my reckoning, thanks to using the ACTUAL exchange rate I withdrew $250 dollars so why then is my account missing $270?? OOOOH, I see so the $5+ charge is just the local bank being a b*stard, my actual bank didn’t apply their ‘b*astard tax’ yet so they whack that on in the form of a shitty exchange rate, cheers bank, thanks a lot. It’s not as if you’re constantly using my money to make money without my approval anyway, oh wait a minute…. Assholes.


Can we please live in a world where if I earn $100, and I want that $100, I don’t actually get charged around $110 or even $115? No? Ok then Mr Financial Institution you can just f*ck right off. Thanks for nothing. With the financial rules screwing us at every situation and financial institutions pretty much allowed to make their own rules, mark my words, if we continue like this there could be a huge financial crises on the horizon… hmmmm! D*cks.

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12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travel Rant: Losing Money in Currency Exchanges

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  2. worst when there is a fee and a percentae charge. i withdrew 300 euros here in spain on my australian card. commonwealth bank charged me 17 dollars AND gave me a crap exchange rate!

  3. Hi Johnny,
    I think you should say the banks should get a fair percentage from you. After all setting up ATMs and establishing the contracts and networks between the banks internationally is not for free! And also the security measures. …
    Something that is easily forgotten, because we nowadays take if for granted that we can get cash anywhere all the time.
    But I agree, that 15% is too much. And some money exchangers have very bad rates. And I also agree, that the exchange rate sometimes is very unfair. And it’s difficult to find out which bank hast the best rate. For my country, Switzerland, I found out that the post bank offers the best exchange rates for withdrawals on foreign ATMs.
    Cheers, Charles

    1. charles charles charles who’s side are you on?! 😛 haha, a very rationale comment my friend however i dont think so rationally when i’m constantly getting over charged! Thanks for the balanced opinion mate 🙂

  4. Hey! Just had a thought – what about a prepaid travel card? I used to have one with Escape and im sure lots of other companies have the same system. Normally if you upload money to it, its free and only 50p to draw money off it. It does take 5 days to transfer normally tho x

    1. same problem with that i’m afraid Emma :S The foreign ATMS will still charge you $5 AND the British bank will still give you a horrible exchange rate when you withdraw in the local currency!

  5. Yep! I felt your pain on this topic myself today – I even got charged for looking at my bank balance … in Spain if you don’t use your own bank’s ATM you get charged. It’s so frustrating .. spanish bank account .. i’m in Spain … but still I get charged on top! I always swear at the machine when I press ‘continue to withdraw money’! x

      1. wow! that’s enough to book a return flight to Ireland – and punch the bank manager’s face. 😛 tough luck, bro!

  6. Yeah, I hate this! I probably lost around 200€ in total for bank charges for withdrawals from my Belgian bank account. Here in the PH too, they have a limit of 200€ max withdrawal so if you want to get 500€ you have to pay the fee 3 times, seriously annoying!

    1. i wish i had only lost 200 euros mate! Every withdrawal here in Bangkok is costing me $5, and since 2006 i’ve probably lost well over $1000!!! aaaaagh lol

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