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What to do in Egypt: Top 8 Must-See Tours

If you are scheduled to travel to the land of the Pharaohs and have not yet decided what to do in Egypt, this article is what you need to close your itinerary and decide which sights to prioritize! In this list, you will find the 8 must-see tours in Egypt including Nile cruises, those that cannot be left out of your plans alongside who will be your travel companion, a more than excellent place to start planning your trip to Egypt is Memphis Tours, a local tour operator providing quality Nile Cruises and Egypt tours since 1955 assuring you an unforgettable and complete experience!


  1. Nile River Cruise

Have you ever thought about seeing southern Egypt strolling the waters of one of the most famous rivers in the world? I spent four days aboard a cruise to Luxor. In addition to this route, it is also possible to hire the opposite route to Aswan. In this case, the duration is a little longer: five days sailing upstream. Along the way, the cruise will stop at the main sights of the region, those that certainly make the list of unmissable tours in Egypt. It’s recommended to join Nile Cruises 2020.


  1. Pyramids of Giza

How about we start with the most traditional place of postcards in Egypt? The oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – and the only one that still exists – is a true spectacle of both history and beauty. The size of the pyramids is really indescribable! They are in the Giza complex near Cairo. In total there are three pyramids. They were built in 2700 BC. In the complex, besides them, you also find the famous Sphinx, some tombs and temples. Serving as “luxury tombs,” the pyramids are located west of the Nile, where the sunsets.


  1. Khan el Khalili

Amidst the many attractions, you can explore around Cairo, make sure to include a tour of the Khan el Khalili market in your plans. It is an old shopping area that is a real maze with several narrow streets and tents with incredible merchandise. It’s great for shopping and carrying souvenirs to give away. There you will find a little of everything: fabrics, clothing, crafts, decoration, teas, spices… You can spend a lot of time exploring the region! I suggest at least one whole afternoon dedicated to the bazaar.


  1. Alexandria Library

About 200 kilometers from Cairo is Alexandria, which you certainly knew from the history books when you were still in school. Seeing such a place up close is quite an experience! I didn’t have time to go there, but if your travel schedule has a longer break, it’s definitely worth including in the plans.


  1. Karnak Temple

If you’re planning what to do in Egypt, Karnak Temple is definitely a place you can’t miss out on! Located about 700 kilometers from Cairo in the city of Luxor, Karnak Temple is one of the largest temple complexes in the world! To get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the monument, its construction took almost 2,000 years! And they say it was never finalized.


  1. Hot air ballooning in Luxor

If you want to live some of the best experiences in Egypt, make sure to take the balloon ride in Luxor! Ballooning is, by itself, a super different ride, and the look from above is truly amazing! The balloon leaves the banks of the Nile River on the western side. As the balloon floats above Luxor, you see the sunrise illuminating the entire city with its nearby monuments and mountains. So, as the tour is very early, it is good to go prepared to wake up around 3 am. Even so, I highly recommend it: just put the alarm clock on and go, because it will be worth it!


  1. Nubian Village (Aswan)

Once in Aswan, don’t miss Nubian Village. The cool thing there is being able to see how the culture and traditions of the Nubian people, one of the oldest civilizations in history, still remain super strong. In addition, the streets are cute, with colorful houses full of designs and geometric shapes. For those who like shopping and taking a souvenir of the places they go, at Nubian Village you will find many different and original craft options. A curiosity of this village is the presence of crocodiles, which were once used as a protection, and today are domestic animals.


  1. Resorts in Hurghada

If you are looking for things to do in Egypt, you should include the Red Sea in your planning! The marine life is very rich there, not to mention the wonderful turquoise beaches! Hurghada is one of the Red Sea cities with the best structure for tourism. It is an excellent destination in Egypt for relaxing by the sea because, in addition to the paradise beaches, there are many options for shopping, restaurants, clubs, and resorts.

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