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Boat canal holidays are perfect if you want to go on a vacation but you have limited time. Unlike a cruise, the timeframe is usually shorter, but it does not run short in terms of fun. Depending on the destination, it is not only relaxing, but offers the perfect opportunity to see different places in a new light.


Canale Grande, also known as Grand Canal, is one of the top attractions in Venice. It is also one of the most popular canals in the world. It has a length of only two miles, but boats and gondolas that can give tourists a one-of-a-kind way of seeing the city.

The canal has an inverted S-curve shape. Throughout the cruise, you will see a handful of ornate bridges and beautiful palaces. These gorgeous palaces have been once home to a number of personalities who have been significant in the history of Venice. They are reflective of Byzantine, Romanesque, and Renaissance design philosophies. Most people prefer to explore the canals through riding a gondola. Price, however, should not be an issue. After all, this is something that you do not get to experience all the time, which makes it worth the splurge.

United Kingdom

In the past, canals have been used in UK to facilitate trade. However, with the popularity of railways as an alternative, the waterways became obsolete. Instead, they have been converted for tourism purposes, and canal boats are now a used for exploring the country.

Whether you only have a day or a couple of weeks, there are many destinations that you might want to consider. For a weekend break, Bath and Oxford are two of the most common picks. The charming countryside will surely make the trip worth it. The Cotswolds is another destination that is worth seeing, which has a rustic beauty that will take you back in time. If you have a couple of weeks, you can hire your private boat to take you to several points depending on what you personally find to be interesting.


A lot of people may know Amsterdam because of its infamous red light district. More than sex and drugs, the city also has a natural beauty, which can be best explored through its waterways. Taking a canal cruise is a good way to see the top attractions while still being relaxed.

The city has 165 canals that have been around for centuries. The canal ring in Amsterdam is UNESCO-protected. In the case of most cruises, it will take only an hour for you to go around. There are also hop-on hop-off boats, which offers convenience if you want to discover more places at your own pace. Some operators also offer romantic candlelit cruises. Seeing Amsterdam from the water is a totally different kind of experience, making it a must-try for every tourist. Recently, Amsterdam has hosted light installation artists from around the world and their works have been displayed along the routes where canal tours pass through. If you’re flying to Amsterdam, why not arrange for a private transfer to take you from the airport to your hotel in style?



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