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5 Personalised plates myths

When it comes to buying a personalised number plate, you still have to abide by the DVLA’s strict regulations on the design of number plates. You may not be aware of the factors that contribute to a number plate being illegal such as the font used, spacing between characters and any emblems inserted onto the plate. When you are buying a private number plate from, there will only be legal number plates for sale, therefore you do not need to worry about being caught with an illegal one.

However, there are common myths that a lot of us believe about private number plates and we are here to unravel them and explain why they are just myths…


‘The characters can be spaced however I want’

A lot of people assume that because they have bought a private number plate, they don’t have to abide by the rules, however you must still follow the DVLA’s guidelines. The number plate must have the correct spacing between characters otherwise it is deemed illegal. This means that there has to be an 11mm gap between each of the characters and an 11mm margin between the characters and border.

If you want to get rid of the gap in-between the characters in order to spell a word, this is also classed as an illegal number plate. There must be a 33mm gap in the middle of the plate.


‘I can use my own images on the plate’

Unfortunately, you cannot customise your number plate with an image or badge of your own choice, it must be a flag or the EU symbol if you are driving in Europe. There are certain badges you are allowed to place on the plate, such as:

-Euro Flag (GB)

-Union Jack (UK)

-Cross of St Andrew (SCO)

-Cross of St George (ENG)

-Red Dragon of Wales (WALES, CYM)

Any symbols different from this are illegal, including your own personal branding badge and football logos.


‘I can add any slogan to the bottom of the plate’

You’ll notice when buying a car that there is a small slogan at the bottom of the plate with the dealerships name on. This is not to advertise the dealership but is instead part of the DVLA’s legal requirements.

Whether you buy a car with a number plate already attached or choose to buy a personal one, you cannot add your own slogan to the bottom of the plate. It must have written where the number plate came from. This is so that the supplier of the plate can be held accountable if the plate doesn’t meet the legal requirements. Every number plate should be marked with:

-The British Standard Number

-The name, or trademark or the supplier

-The name and postcode of the supplier


‘I can have any size and colour on a private plate’

The DVLA have set standards in terms of the font and the font size on a British number plate. The number plate must also be made of a specific material in specific colours, this means it has to be made of reflective acrylic with a white background on the front plate and yellow background on the back.

It is also essential to note that you cannot add anything to the background of the plate. It must remain the colours stated above and is not allowed to have any form of image or pattern.


‘The font on the plate can be changed’

Whether your plate is personalised or not, you must use the DVLA’s only approved font which is ‘Charles Wright’, any font variation from this, (apart from the 3D version) is illegal.  Each character (except 1/I) must be 50mmx79mm and the stroke 14mm thick. This is to ensure that the font is clear and easy to read from a distance.


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