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I’ve been going crazy for beaches in recent weeks, must be all the time I’m spending pent up in my apartment sorting out my new ventures. Anyways, continuing in the same vein let’s look at a region famed for the white sands beaches, honeymooners up to no good and rum & cokes. Here are the top 7 beaches in the Caribbean (note: this is pronounced British style my American friends, that’s car – ra – bee – an NOT carrib – bean)

Crane Beach, Barbados: Found in the bottom bay region, on the south coast of the Island by the parish of St Philip, about 25 minutes from Bridgetown.  Access is through the ridiculously expensive Crane hotel, but the beach is free for everyone. The sand has a pink tinge, thanks to the coral, similar in colour to my irish complexion after 30 seconds in the sun but not as beautiful. Thanks, I’m here all week.

Crane Beach Barbados

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas: Get’s it colour from the red plankton, this beach may literally be the most photographed beach in the world. Not a lot I can add to what people have already written about it, just check out the picture!

Pink Sand Beach Bahamas

Shoal Bay, Anguilla: An awesome snorkeling destination, shoal bay is full of iridescent (that’s ‘fluorescent’ to normal people) fish glowing when you disturb them. This beach is the reason is Anguilla is famous. And if it’s not that famous, it should be!

Shoal Bay Anguilla

Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands: Get ready for this awesome description… a pure white sand beach with an underwater snorkeling trail along a coral reef, very cool. National Geographic gave these guys the nod for officially the best beach in the world so if National Geographic and – two of the most famous publications in the world – say it, it must be true 😛

Trunk Bay Virgin Islands

Negril Beach, Jamaica: I gave Jamaica some love last week here so I thought I’d keep it up. On the far west of the island, there’s a town with about 3000 people guarding seven-mile beach and Negril beach. This area has a bit of a party atmosphere too, complete with a nudist section so be careful where you plant your towel peeps or when someone ask you to apply some sunscreen you might get more than you bargained for.

Seven Mile Beach Jamaica

Eagle beach, Aruba: Often listed as one of the top ten beaches in the world, Eagle beach makes my top 7. Powdery sand and 365 days of perfect weather, this place guarantees paradise on your trip. Compared to a lot of the Caribbean islands was relatively, sort-of untouched but after a bit of research I see there are 4 malls and a host of resorts planned for the next 5-10 years so get there quick guys :S

Eagle Beach Aruba

Sandy Lane Beach: Home to the starts, Rihanna, Jennifer Anniston and Tiger Woods (not together, or at least not publically, eh Tiger) all pop over hear for a dip now and again, so why not join them. It might get a little busy during high season but only because it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Fair enough if you ask me. This is the sort of place that gets you dreaming about a Barbados holiday.  

Sandy Lane Barbados

7 beaches waiting for you folks, just be careful with your credit card – these places love to squeeze you for every dime! Happy travels! If you are looking to experience the Caribbean’s best beaches, check out the best hotels in Antigua from Best At Travel to find the perfect accommodation.




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