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7 Best Cities in Europe Every Art Lover Should Visit

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful and spectacular art that anyone has ever seen. Not every one of us can just hop on a plane and visit the places and cities without knowing what the cities are famous for. 

Similarly, when it comes to art, there could be a number of cities you already have in mind like Paris, Amsterdam, or even Rome that you’d want to visit. However, there are other cities, which hold more unique and marvelous art by equally marvelous artists. 

To help you get to know which of the cities you should visit to quench your thirst for art, we’ve shortened the list to 7 cities that are a must-visit. 

We know these cities will keep you preoccupied for a while, so let’s get right to it! 

1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna has a lot to offer for art lovers. Containing a mixture of both old and new, from contemporary art to traditional masterpieces, this city will make sure you’re never bored. 

Let’s start with The Museums quartier, which is located in the seventh district and covers an area that’s 60,000 square meters. Not only is it home to several great art institutions, it also houses the largest collection of art by the infamous Gustav Klimt in the Belvedere Museum. 

Another museum worth going for a visit is the majestic Kunsthistorisches Museum. It’s known that the paintings, sculptures, and decorative pieces which are collected by the currently ruling Habsburg family dates back to ancient Egypt! 

If that piece of information isn’t worth a visit to Vienna, then we don’t know what else is. You’ll even find beauty and art in some of the best hotels in Vienna as well. 

2. Paris, The City of Art!

The capital of France is filled with art. Whether it’s Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, the Orangerie, or the Marmottan-Claude Monet Museum, every art lover in the world will be over the moon after they visit Paris. 

From medieval monuments, tapestries, and altarpieces to avant-garde art installations, Paris offers visitors with beautiful and majestic art. You can visit Orsay, which used to be a former train station, the Pompidou Centre, which packs a punch in and of itself, or marvel at the impressionist masterpieces at the Musée D’Orsay.  

It’s safe to say that you’ll have the most wonderful time in Paris. There’s far too much to see, and even if we list down the best ones, it’s still not enough! Make sure to include this city if you want to experience what it’s like to stand and wonder at the regal sculptures at the National Rodin Museum. 

3. When in Rome

Witness the absolute marvellous feat of Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling. It’s even understandable if you shed a few tears. Who wouldn’t? The home of gladiators and one of the fearless and greatest military leaders known to mankind – Julius Caesar, will make you travel back in time.  

Visit and marvel at the archeological wonders of the famous Colosseum or palatial Trevi Fountain and bask in the majestic architectural paradise that is Rome. 

Filled with breathtaking art and sculptures from famous artists such as Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne, Michaelangelo’s Moses, and Raphael’s Frescoes, Rome offers some of the world’s beautiful masterpieces by the greatest artists themselves. 

The Gallery of Mirrors at the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj should also be included in your list of places to visit in Rome as well. There’s no way for you to miss the beauty of this gallery. 

4. A Starry Night in Amsterdam

A haven for those who love Vincent Van Gogh, Amsterdam is full of art by the world-renowned painter. 

The Van Gogh Museum itself has over 200 of his paintings available for all art lovers to see and get some idea about the kind of sad life the famous painter lived for most of his life. 

The Dutch city is a gem for art lovers. Some of the must-see paintings by Franz Hals, Vermeer, Steen, and Rembrant are housed in the Rijksmuseum. 

Over 2.4 million visitors come to see their works from all over the world. Similarly, other museums such as the Stedelijk, Willet-Holthusen and the Van Loon are filled with fascinating treasures and some impressive modern works. 

Another city that is worth a visit and is guaranteed to give you emotions you’ve never experienced before. Make sure you add this spectacular city to your list.

5. Renaissance Firenze

Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance art, offers marvels like Michelangelo’s epic David sculpture and the Birth of Venus by Botticelli at the famous Uffizi gallery. 

This maze of a city is also home to the Florence Duomo, the first domed building since ancient times, and is a reminder of what the people of Firenze have achieved throughout the years. 

Head over to The Museo di San Marco, which is known for being the home of Fra Angelico’s iconic painting, The Annunciation. If you want to look at lifelike sculptures or the Medici treasures, then the Bargello or the Palazzo Vecchio is the place for you to get lost in. 

Every piece is made with care and unwavering talent. For those who are huge fans of Giotto, the Santa Maria Novella or Santa Croce is where his works are exhibited. 

6. Unique Berlin

This city is another one on our list that’s a must for art lovers to take a look into. The East Side Gallery, where art has become a symbol of freedom for many, is well worth the visit. 

For those who love every sort of art, head over to the Museum Island. From Islamic art in the Pergamon, sculptures in the Bode Museum to the Egyptian treasures in the Neues Museum, this place is like a dream come true. 

There is also a former rail station called the Hamburger Bahnhof, where Warhols and Lichtenstein are housed, along with some superb photography and video art. 

Another gem of a place you should visit is the World War II concrete bunker that showcases contemporary art and where the Sammlung Boros collection are showcased. 

7. With Love from Venice

Last but not least, Venice. When we think of Venice, we picture gondolas and canals. However, that’s not all this city holds. 

Venice is a great place for contemporary art lovers. If you time your visit right, you might just get to witness the Venice Art Biennale, which brings together all sorts of talent from all over the world. But, if you’re in the mood for some eighteenth century art, you can take a stroll through the Doge’s Palace. This palace has paintings by Tintoretto. 

The Accademia is where Bellini, Veronese, and Titian show you their masterpieces. Let’s not forget the treasure of Venice that are the churches or the Grand Canal palaces. 

The city of Venice has a romantic atmosphere to it, and romance and art go hand in hand (literally) in this city. Take a chance, and you’ll fall in love with this beautiful city, too. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, we’d like to say that you probably need to start getting your passports ready if you haven’t already. 

We also hope that this article helps you to see some of the greatest pieces of work created by the greatest influential artists. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a fan of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo – as an art lover, you should definitely add these cities to your list asap!

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